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The KaChing Button iPhone Application Gives Away up to $1000 each day in Sweepstakes
Loveland, CO
Monday, February 15, 2010
Win up to $1000 with The KaChing Button
Win up to $1000 with The KaChing Button
Due to changes in Apple's iPhone Developer policy, iPhone and iPod Touch owners may now enter sweepstakes and contests presented in downloaded applications. It is expected that hundreds of apps offering prizes will soon appear in the iTunes AppStore.

The first of these applications is a novelty app called The KaChing Button. Digital Future, Inc., the creator of The KaChing Button, is inviting people to press the button (which makes a cash-register KaChing sound) to automatically enter themselves into the sweepstakes. Participants may enter once each hour or twenty-four times per day via postcard. No purchase is necessary. At the end of each day, one winner is randomly selected to receive up to $1000 in the form of a Paypal payment or a bank check.

"The KaChing Button is a fun app because the sound reminds people of making money. From February 15 - March 16, 2010, we'll be giving away a daily cash prize to a lucky winner who pushes the button to enter" said Digital Future, Inc.'s CEO Joel Comm. Comm continued, "This is the world's first iPhone app with a daily sweepstakes prize and we are giving away anywhere from $100 to $1000 everyday. You could call this app a kind of iPhone stimulus package!"

The KaChing Button can be downloaded from the iTunes AppStore at http://bit.ly/4FgWKc

The official site for The KaChing Button is at http://KaChingButton.com Rules for the sweepstakes appear on the site and no purchase is necessary.

Other applications by the creators of The KaChing Button include the world-famous iFart Mobile, iVote Mobile, HammerTime, FleetMaster, Blast4, GameDock and more

Digital Future, Inc. is Loveland, Colorado-based new media and marketing company focused on exploring technology for business and consumers. Providing a fifteen-year track record of building profitable Internet sites and software, Digital Future leads the way in innovative, entertaining and educational uses of the Internet and new technologies. For more information or interviews, contact Joel Comm at 970-278-0011.

Joel Comm
Digital Future, Inc.
Loveland, CO
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