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Norwegian curling pants worthy of a fashion violation more than an Olympic medal

Sun Feb 14, 10:24 PM

By Bill Graveland, The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER, B.C. - Completely Shagadelic.

The pants being worn by Norwegian skip Thomas Ulsrud and his team at the Vancouver Olympics would have fit in an Austin Powers movie. And they're hard to miss on the curling ice.

Featuring red, white and blue diamonds, the pants are made by Loudmouth Golf - the same brand made famous by pro golfer John Daly.

The company website refers to the brand this way: "Papayas, hibiscus, girls, and woodies. Remember the plaid striped, and brightly coloured pants of years past? Men's golf pants have turned to mud. Where did all the fun fashions go? Loudmouth Golf is bringing them back. Pants that go from the fairway to the party. Let the good times roll!

The Loudmouth Golf Dixie Pants retail for US$89.95.

"Actually the story is our second was supposed to hook us up with some new pants. We said, 'Yeah sure, just find them' and he turned up with these ones. We went, 'no, no, no,"' Ulsrud said with a laugh after practice at the Vancouver Olympic Centre.

"They are Norwegian colours so we'll see what happens. As one of the guys on the team said - the fall could be a big one but you could have really good fun on the way down."

"I will not call myself a flashy dresser but my second is a really flashy dresser. Some of the guys are starting to like them - that's the problem," Ulsrud added.

The Norwegians have a second pair that's a little more subdued - red and white without the blue.

Norwegian second Christoffer Svae, the team's self-appointed fashion adviser, came up with pink belts for his teammates at the 2009 world curling championship in Moncton.

He makes no apologies for his latest creation, saying he has clothes in his own wardrobe flashier than this.

"It's just that it's Norwegian colours and our shirts weren't that bright so we just figured we would spice it up a little bit with some colours. It's really nice fabric," Svae offered.

"If it can draw a little bit of attention to curling in our country that would be good too."

Canada's Kevin Martin meets Ulsrud in the first game of the Olympic competition, which begins Tuesday.

Curling officials confirm there is nothing to prevent the Norwegians from wearing the eye-popping pants during Olympic competition as long as they are team colours.

"There's actually no rules against (the) pants but it probably will be after this," admitted Svae.