Thank you for your interest in the Infant Swimming Resource Instructor Certification Program.

ISR is the safest provider of self-rescue swimming lessons for babies and toddlers.

Our nationwide network of certified instructors are trained to teach young children self-rescue skills in tandem with basic swimming skills giving them the competence required to save their own lives in a drowning scenario.

If you’re passionate about children safety, and want to make a difference in your community, consider joining a team that is just as passionately striving for a world in which not one more child drowns.

Once trained, ISR instructors are recognized nationally as highly skilled precise aquatic behavior specialists who understand a young child’s unique cognitive, intellectual and physical development dynamics. By understanding the behaviors of their students in the water, ISR instructors are able to respond with a proprietary technique that has a 100 percent safety record and the highest levels of learning and retention in the swim industry.

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