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Posted on February 12, 2010 5:55 AM by Joel Comm

Whenever I teach people about making money with AdSense, I make sure to let them know how easy it is to get started.

Once they understand that their original content can translate to a revenue stream, they usually want to know what to do.

For someone who has never blogged before, I recommend they set up a Blogger account.

Not only is it easy to use, but it is also free. And since Google owns Blogger, they have made AdSense integration a snap.

I decided to visit some random Blogger sites today to see what kind of blogs people are creating. And more importantly, to see if users are using AdSense or monetizing their sites in any way.

Granted, many people have no interest in making money with their blog. I have no problem with that.

But from my experience, once they discover what is possible, the majority of people would be willing to place ads on their blog in order to make some extra cash.

If you visit an blog (that's Blogger), you will see a toolbar at the top of the page.

On the toolbar is a link that says "next blog." This is the key playing Blogspot Roulette. A random blog will appear each time.

And so began my journey...

The first stop was The Caldwell Crib.


Tastefully designed and updated one to three times per month, this is a family blog. It appears the mom (Crystal) does the blogging. She is a Mary Kay Cosmetics representative and a photo enthusiast. She takes some nice photos.

With small children in tow, it seems like mom's side business exists to help out with the bills. I'm guessing photography is a hobby.

So what if she took her photography more seriously and began writing about it? More regular blogging could potentially attract an audience with like interests.

Next blog...

One Photo a Day for a Year (2010)


This appears to be the second year of blogging daily photos for Sara G. I love the concept. It's a very targeted blog with a purpose.

She likes to take photos of outdoors and cute, furry creatures. And the images are quite nice. There is very little text.

Again, there is no monetization.

Next blog...

Coming Up Rosemary - One Girls Journey to Becoming an Expert Crafty Person.


Kate is a former schoolteacher and technical writer who has become a stay-at-home mom. (Good for you, Kate!)

Seeking a creative outlet, she has started this blog. And you can tell she likes to write!

She writes about crafting, cleaning, her children, holidays and whatever else is on her mind. It's very personal and informative. She links to interesting places and posts photos to accompany her writing.

Once again, no monetization on this blog.

Next blog...

Musings by Mugwhump


I smiled when I saw this title and the picture of what I could only discern to be Mugwhump.

The writer is LJ, and she seems to really enjoy her blogging escapades. She's a little nutty and isn't afraid to share that part of herself with her readers.

LJ writes fairly regularly and would undoubtedly amuse many who stumble upon her site.

Are we surprised to discover that there is no attempt to monetize this blog?

I think not.

Next blog...

The Continuation - The Conclusion


I'm not a fan of black-background blogs. It's very difficult to read them. There is a reason that newpaper isn't white ink on black paper.

Regardless, Lenina Crowne enjoys speaking her mind about a number of topics and likens her writing to the "anything goes" style of South Park.

She is also very transparent about her struggle with Bulimia. I find that kind of honesty to endearing. If you can identify with Lenina, maybe stop by her site and encourage her.

And do I need to say it? Ok. No monetization. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Next, and final blog for this round...

Of Brown Sugar and Skinless Fingertips


Um. Ok. Interesting name. Even more interesting when you visit the site and see photo montages of who I can assume are Fei and Jinn, owners of this blog.

These two are performance artists and you'll find a bunch of interesting photos and videos on the site.

Why isn't anyone monetizing their blog?

I continued clicking next blog, next blog, next blog... again and again. I didn't come upon a SINGLE blog that had AdSense on it. Not one.

The "Monetize" tab is VERY clear on Blogger, so why aren't people using it?

I think many don't really understand the whole AdSense model. Perhaps they are confused and think they have to pay.

I'm not sure what it is, but if Google would let me email their entire Blogger list, I could educate their members and help everyone make money!

Ok, so that's not going to happen. But I will try to win people over one-by-one if needed.

Have you ever played Blogger Roulette?

Give it a try and see where you end up.

Comments? Thoughts? Ready to click "next blog"?

53 Comments For This Post

  1. Says:

    You are right, (checked few blogs)
    lots of people don't thing about opportunities,
    They just happy to have something "up and running",
    if they knew most likely they will be using it.

  2. Adsense Tips Says:

    I agree with you - Adsense is an absolute gem & it generates a really good passive income for me, not without quite a bit of work mind you.

    So I, like you, am amazed that people who have gone to the trouble of putting up a blog without taking advantage of monetizing it with Adsense - it may not make them rich but it could certainly make a bit of extra cash for them.

  3. Paul Says:

    Hi Joel,

    I tried out "Blogger Roulette" with 10 blogs. The first 2 blogs were not in English. Then I stumbled across a blog with adsense. Then a few family blogs. Another blog with adsense,and then some photo blogs.

    The two blogs with adsense both used very small units that were sort of "tucked away" in corners of their pages.

    Something that I noticed about the blogs is they are very personal. The owners of the blogs are writing and sharing photos as if they were telling their best friend a story. I don't think their primary goal is to monetize the blogs. However, I am sure they would be ecstatic to hear that they could!

    I kind of liked taking a few minutes to go through those blogs, you will always find interesting gems and life lessons when learning about other people.

    Great post,


  4. Jess Says:

    Very interesting... I also tried and I´m surprised to see that many blogs without adsense... these days everyone is looking for other ways to make extra money and I though most people with blogs were using something to monetize them.

    Thanks for the Post

  5. Loz Says:

    Joel, although that's a good way to get started, it's not very a profitable IMO.


    Blogger take 50% of your profits when you place your Adsense code on the blogger sites.

    I think if anyone is going to get started with Blogger, to take the profits and run with it and move over to say, hostgator (I think you have a link here to hostgator somewhere?) and get set up for as little as a few dollars per month, and $6.99 for the first year and $8.99 thereafter for domain hosting at

    And while they are at it, to add some clickbank and paydotcom links to their blogroll area.

    All the best

    your infomediainc dot com mail ALWAYS goes to my spam inbox :(
    But one of your others don't. are you on different hosting services? maybe you should change hosting?.

  6. Nasif Says:

    Where can I plau Blogger Roulette ?! :s Please help...

  7. Doug Champigny Says:

    Sounds like it's time for you to offer a JV with Google on teaching Blogger clients to monetize their blogs - maybe video training and a copy of The Adsense Code? Google benefits twice - the happier Blogger clients praising their name and greater AdSense exposure/revenue potential.

    One caveat though - many personal blogs are on topics of no interest to paying advertisers, and more savvy bloggers have probably moved beyond AdSense into CPA & affiliate promotions...

    See you in Philly...


  8. Kay Zahn Says:

    I monetized my blog. . . . that the first thing I did. Now I'm working on content and readers.

    I'm painting and blogging my way thru the world of Bob Ross (the late great Bob Ross) Very few folks have seen my blog, but they will.

    I've posted video to YouTube and get at least a hundred views a day. My next video will more CLEARLY list my blog address . . we'll see . .

  9. Ashley Says:

    You're spot on Joel, although your roulette swing was much better than any I've ever experienced! But I think one thing you're forgetting is that for many people a blog on Blogger is an outlet for something personal, and not for monetization. I remember when I had a blog on Blogger, I thought adding Adsense would cheapen the blog somehow. Though with a quite popular (in its day) PR5 I'm beginning to regret that these days...

  10. rachimuddin dot com Says:

    Hi Joe,

    It is nice to review some bloggers. Have a look at my blog I have monitize it with adsense. I got some fellow bloggers that they do not want to put adsense in it due to not that they do not know adsense but they keep their blog as natural as it and not for monitizing it specialy for their personal blog.

    I think it is fair enough.

  11. USDA Loans Says:

    Hey Joel -

    This is a very interesting post and I am not shocked at all by your findings. I've read you books and really enjoyed them, but I also fall into the group of not putting adsense on the blog. I have several blogs, all in the mortgage world, which is where I earn my professional living.

    As a mortgage professional I do get the majority of my customers from my blogs. I have not put adsense into any of them yet for two reasons: 1) my competition would show up on my site and I would retain fewer leads, and 2) it would make my visitors feel like the site was not owned or run by a "professional".

    Am I wrong?

    Paul Dunn

  12. Gary Says:

    I think a lot of people have a blog for different reasons than you (or I). Monetizing is not something they consider important and in fact, may consider this to be selling out. I read blogs all the time that are proud they don't have ads or affiliate links.

    To each his own.

  13. Jim Says:

    I am new to this. I am not sure but, I think I am doing it right. I just have to get my blog traffic. I hear about stories and see some checks with a lot of zeros. Just imagine within a month or so getting just 1% of the population to your site. I should hope that many people I would have made a very comfortable profit. Then I would be able to start creating funds to help others.

  14. nalts Says:

    A wise blogger (whose different opinion means that two wise people can share opposing views) told me blogs aren't place for making money. They're for free idea exchange, and that money comes from consulting. I make money from my videos, which are seen millions of time each month and are monetized via Google/YouTube. But my blog traffic is small, and ads seem to cheapen it... make it desperate. Should I sell white papers? Sure. Merchandise? Not yet significant. But the tiny revenue that comes from adsense (or affiliate links) seems offset by a blog that just wants to help and not "capture" the reader or sell them anything. Reaction?

  15. John Says:

    I was wondering why you recommend Blogger over Wordpress? Simply because it integrates with AdSense more smoothly? By the way, my new blog doesn't have any monetization yet either, but that's because I'm using this particular one to get Ebay approval.


  16. Pakistan Jobs Says:

    I think its strange, i have seen many blogs with ads but yes there are still many with no ads. Nice article though

  17. mortgage guidelines Says:

    I play roulette on occasion. I really enjoy and learn neat stuff from the blogs. You are right Joel. There are a lot of talented people there that could be using adsence. I have a few blogs and I do have adsence on them.

    My blogs are not beautiful but they have good content and I make good money. Wish I were as gifted or talented as some of the people with those blogs.

    Thanks for all the good stuff.

  18. Russ Says:

    Dumb question: Would you set up a blog with Blogger rather than WordPress?

  19. Sinead at Breastfeeding Mums Says:

    Great post (as ususal!), Joel. I must confess I have an old blogger blog ( and even though I spent quite a bit of time on it initially and did incorporate Adsense into it, I don't think anyone has ever clicked a single ad on it! I basically left it on the backburner after a while to concentrate on my other blog and websites which, thanks to some of your great tips over the past few years, do make me a decent amount of income every month and allow me to work from home whilst still being able to do the school runs etc...

  20. D S Says:

    I think you're probably right when you say that people don't have it on their sites because they don't understand the adsense model but I must say that after running it on 2 of 4 sites in what I would consider a fairly correct manor for the past 4 years...

    ...I must honestly say that I've only generated a measly $48 u.s And these are fairly high ranked topic sites, but they aren't blogs.

    Since I started blogging, over a year ago, I have noticed the blogging sites I've created, three to date, have done much better with the adsense but still not breaking any records for passive income.

    I figured that based on what revenue they bring in with adsense in order to make $2000 us dollars a month, I would need 400 blog sites, at this stage of the game anyway. It's hard enough to keep 3 blog sites going and post regularly let alone 400.

    So in retrospect, maybe the thought of needing many sites running adsense keeps many folks from running it on their sites. Just my 2 adsense worth Joel.

    Maybe my blogs and sites need picked on to see what causes them to not really generate much adsense income?

    Best regards,


  21. John W. Abert Says:

    Hi Joel,
    I've noticed that when I mention the word "monetize" most people have to ask "What's that?". Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to some of those people that Jay Leno used to interview on the street! But the truth is, that the "non-marketing" people of the world don't understand the terms that we use. Maybe Blogger needs to change the link to "Make Money" to pull some of those kinds of people out of the intellectual vacuum that they live in! We use a combination of things on our sites, from putting links in the text, to Adsense, to comparison shopping from "The river", to auction links. They all work. But as always, 95% of people will never "get it" when it comes to making money on the web because they aren't interested in learning. Cynical? No, just factual.

  22. Jim Hansen Says:

    Hi Joel,

    So what can someone make off of a blog? What is the low and high end? What is the average income that could be made off of a blog that is just using adsense to monetize it?

    Thanks for your post they are great reads,


  23. Debra Matthews Says:

    You are SO right!

    I just sold an AdSense site for a client - generated $30k in 2009, sold for 2x net income and went under offer in 3 hours. Closed and transferred in 10 days! Not bad for a once a month post to a site that has been around for 3 years.

    Paul's comment above is absolutely right though, personal blogs will not make as much AdSense income [less traffic = less AdSense income] nor will it be as saleable. But if your subject matter interests others and brings in traffic, not monetizing is simply the same as throwing $$$ into the wind.

    All that is needed is an interest common to others, photography, writing, prom dresses, golf, and your AdSense Premiere system and anyone can have an income generating blog, done right they would be able to sell it in 2-3 years for some serious money.

  24. Greg Says:

    Google monetization is easy to implement. Most people just outright do not get it. I have explained bloging like this. How would you like to work for one hour and get paid day after day week after week for that one hour of work.

    The is a real life example I set up adsence on my site one time. I have not changed it in three years and I continue to make money form that one hour of work.

    For most people overcoming the learning curve is the hardest part of Google adsence monetization.

  25. SkiWithMarty Says:

    Not every blog needs to have AdSense, clickbank or any other kind of direct money generator on it to be "monetized." A blog that is simply a services lead generator can be a money generator too. For a few services blogs I run, I actually removed my AdSense ads because I kept getting emails from people saying "Why the hell do you have these links on your site taking me to this crap!"

    Readers that trust a source expect information that can be trusted. And, not all AdSense ads bring the visitor to trustworthy content.

    Other blogs I run that are not these lead gen types of sites, sure, AdSense all over the place. But, I think that's just the point. AdSense has its place.

  26. claire campbell Says:


    i have only opened up my blog, my first one and have incorporated adsense in with it and i hear about people making a lot of money but unfortunately i haven't made any money yet though i have only had it up and running about a week, but i went to your blog adsense tips and read some of the articles there and it makes sense so i am making amends to the website. but i dont know how to get a high rank in the organic search engines. by the way is this classified as a back link?? any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    I am meaning to buy your book joel, the adsense code but i read on amazon that its not coming out until june. any chance off a pre-release from your website?? lol

  27. yournetbizdotcom Says:

    Hi five Joel - thanks good buddy for this latest email when you "spun the wheel" on Blogger its something I've never thought about - not so much the AdSense info as I'm set up for Amazon ads - more the visiting some random Blogger sites I have never really buzzed through other sites before - and I found this really informative and enlightening a real eye opener to what folks are buzzing about - I looked through a dozen or so sites and realized folks really take these free blog sites serious and share whats going on in there lives - it was great to see all these different site designs and cool content - you've made me realize I work to much on my own web content and promotions to take anytime out to explore what's going on all around my online world I suppose that's the one downer with being a marketing groupie I'm always on a learning curve and seek out only my kind of marketing information - so this was very refreshing to look at the web through other folks eyes - cool

    Phillip Skinner

  28. Crystal Hammonl Says:

    Joel, love your book, Twitter Power.

    Reasons that people like me may not monetize...haven't built a following yet. I've been posting on my blog once a week, but only have so much time and haven't really done all the things necessary to build a following. That pretty much makes the idea of adsense seem like a low priority. I guess I feel that I need to build the following FIRST. Does that make sense?

  29. Living in Rome Says:

    i keep the large add blocks OFF the home page and have them set them to appear only on single post pages...that way i still get good CTR without the homepage being swamped with adsense...

  30. Sharon Says:

    Great post, Joel! I'm surprised you haven't received more comments on this topic. I, too, have never had as good a response as you when doing blogger roulette, but I know there are great sites out there because I've seen them in search engine results. One experience we had with Adsense is that it was a little challenging to get relevant ads to show up. I agree that if a person is not monetizing their blog with their own products or making money with affiliates, then by all means add the Adsense. Even if they take the commission for every other ad, it is hard to get those odds with most sales. Blogger has many positive things going for it to get traffic that don't happen as easily if you pay for a hosting company.

  31. Zarul Rahiman Says:

    SkiWithMarty got a point, not all readers will appreciate ads from one's blog and especially if the ad is of an affilate link to a not-so-good product. But I don't see any wrong of using google adsense to monetize a blog.

    If I received emails saying, "Why the hell do you have these links on your site taking me to this crap!", My next action is to reply to those emails and give them some simple explanation about Adsense.

    How can anyone be mad at me when I;-
    1. Reply to their emails with a good explanation.
    2. Truthfully tell them that I'm monetizing my blog with Adsense.
    3. Exposing a way for them to monetize their blog too.

    Joel, are you using Adsense to monetize this blog?

  32. Nic Coventry Says:


    You have some great points here, but I am one of those people has a blog, just to learn some basic website stuff, and I don't know anything about how to monetize it... Are you planning on filling us in?

    - Nic Coventry

  33. MinSin Says:

    Dear Joel,

    Thanks for sharing , Please also visit my blog and give some comment to me . my blog is about the clinic information , is name 24 clinic :

    best regards,

  34. Patrick Says:

    I've just tried this myself and im surprised to see that your correct.
    Perhaps a lot of people are building up their blog first before putting adsense on it.

  35. akuchey Says:

    It is not an easy decision to arrive at, but monetizing your blog can be a great financial relief. Now, seeing five-figure profits take a lot of time and commitment, but it can be done if that is your goal. Very few people get to make money doing something that truly interests them. Usually you have to quit your job to do that.As a blogger, you are making a difference in the lives of others one post at a time. Maybe you were just expressing thoughts to friends at first, but since then, you have found another purpose that involves monetizing your blog.Monetizing your blog is not a sin or a hypocritical move. It makes perfect sense if you spend a lot of time blogging and have gained a following.

  36. Deb Says:

    Hi Joel,

    It's great to "hear" you talking about Adsense again. Would love much more on the topic. Is it still as potentially profitable as it was in the past... fedex club, etc?


  37. Elizabeth Says:

    QUOTE FROM ABOVE: Blogger take 50% of your profits when you place your Adsense code on the blogger sites.

    WHAT????????? Thanks like on Squidoo. Is that TRUE???? If it is, I'm going to WP.

  38. Mike Says:

    I got my Google Adsense account disqualified about 3 years ago, for not reading the TOS close enough. If I can remember correctly it was in the first month that I had it. As you can see I didn't even bother including one of my web sites because I'm not making any money with them anyway.

    Do you know of anyone that has ever got their Google Adsense account reinstated?


  39. Carlos Says:

    As a Christian with what I consider to be a very successful blog hosted at city-data (a forum that is very, very popular) I don't think I would ever monetize it with Adsense on moving it to an independently hosted blog (something I hope to do when I can find the time).


    First off I don't like the lack of control over what ads are shown. I write about all kinds of things and it would not surprise me if Google picks up some of my words and starts showing ads for things I or my readers would disapprove of.

    Secondly and perhaps more importantly for me personally I do not want to advertise for companies that make money off the Bible. I don't believe in that and believe rather that God's thoughts as expressed in the Bible were meant to be shared freely. Not kept locked up until someone comes along and pays some money to get them.

    So again the ads that would be shown would go against the grain of my philosophy of free expression and sharing if you will in line with the topic of my blog.

    Now that's not to say that I will not try and monetize it through Hostgator affiliate sales or some other such thing. Only that Adsense just doesn't fit with my blog.


  40. lefa Says:

    Hi Joel

    I appreciate everything you are doing .

    I confess I know nothing about blogging and I have looking at ways to make money from the internet. I am sure your knowledge is treasure and I am willing to learn from you.

    I am 38yrs old and II live in Paarl about 120km form Cape Town .I am married with 4 kids age between 1yr and 8 yrs and I want to take good care of them . I am really struggling at the moment . I am sharing this with you because I think you care and I am just telling you about myself so that you can have an idea who I am.i live for my family and there is not a day that passes by without picturing myself and my family in our own home. I am looking forward to your lessons .

    Lefa Lebajoa

  41. Linkvana Discount Says:

    I think most of these people have no idea about it and how easy it is or they probably would try. Doug had a point about some topic may not have advertisers and Paul Dunn has a point about having your competition on the same page and looking sort of unprofessional.

    I have an additional comment and tip for some, and that is that it is good to have "feeder" blogs with links to your "money" site that do not have monetization on them. Well that's what I'm told from Dave Kelley anyway, and some one else (guru) said so too. It makes sense.


  42. ken Says:

    In three years I've made about $40 from adsense on my 12 websites.
    Not exactly brilliant compared to other advertising sources, but at least it's $40 that I wouldn't have otherwise.
    I need to think about creating my first blog, but which is the better format Blogger or Wordpress?


  43. Dusan Says:

    I don't have my personal blog, but after this post, think I"m gonna make it :)! ... I think majority of people don't even know what AdSense is. They saw many times some kind of links on the side of a blog, or a website, but when I was talking to most of my friends, they didn't know that's AdSense actually. Second, I think that many people are satisfied with an awearness that they have a page on internet, so they actually forget about monetizing the same page. I AM an amateur on blogging and AdSense, but after reading your AdSense Secrets I realized how powerful AdSense could be. So, it is almost certain that I'll make a website or a blog at least just to try that AdSense possibilities.



  44. Mylinda Elliott Says:

    Hmm. Weeeell I do have Adsense on my blog. I also read alot of information about the importance of having a blog other than blogger. It seems, or as close as I understand, some people have had their blog shut down after alot of hard work. Of course maybe I didn't understand. :)

  45. Fredzup Says:

    We just started with blogger and wordpress. We didn't know that blogger keeps 50% and we didn't have success getting the adsense code to work in wordpress. It is all free! and that is the point. Later on change to hosting or whatever. The point I think Joel is making is get started.

  46. Darren P Says:

    Interesting post Joel.

    I do make quite a lot from AdSense ads, but I do it using XSitePro sites. I find it far quicker and easier than blogging and in my tests the web sites have ranked FAR higher than the blogs. I can understand that as there are now so many spammy Wordpress sites around.

  47. dave Says:

    Why build a site or blog to get paid a couple of cents when you can build a site with affiliate products on it and make dollars?

  48. Janine Says:

    Hi Joel,

    I have put Adsense on both of my sites. I also put adds from Clickbank and C.J. I have not made any money from any of the adds. What do you suggest I do to change that. My other site is

  49. Tom Harvey Says:


    Liking the concept of roulette, interesting to see what other people are up to and also missing out on. Its amazing to see the lack of simple monetisation techniques such as adsense (even if Blogger takes a cut).
    I havent yet fully monetised my blog as Im focusing on building a following but its definately on the agenda to do soon.


  50. John Sammers Says:

    Hi Joel,

    I agree with one of the previous posts. Where's your adsense? For some reason Google have been very slow processing my adsense account request. Very frustrating when I have 20 sites that are all needing adsense!

    If they refuse an application, does anyone know if a person can appeal?


  51. steve taite Says:

    I think the reason that so many people don't use adsense on their blogs is them worrying about frightening off readers. When you are only getting a handful of readers a day adsense seems not to make any sense. I added adsense to my blog a while ago but have yet to pass the $1 income seemingly a waste of time.
    I would love to hear your opionions on what I'm doing wrong
    My blog is a humor blog called The Taite Gallery

  52. Mark Edward Brown Says:

    Hi Joel,

    What is the next step? I have a blogger blog with a specific niche,
    it is adsense enabled so how do I drive traffic to it that will
    create those profits you spoke of?


    Mark Edward Brown

  53. Luis Says:


    Im reading your book... Thought that you would like to know that your tips are being used by someone (me) in Europe, Portugal!

    Im sorry about my English...
    Just want to ask you a question (and sorry if this isn't the right place for it) but at this moment, I want to apply all that I've been reading in your book and I can't have any good idea about a site content.
    Thought about cars (I'm a BMW fan) but there is so much thing about that subject.
    Any suggestion?!

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