Skittles - Taste the Psychedelic Rainbow

Posted on February 7, 2010 8:02 AM by Joel Comm

I'm not a big candy eater.

I used to eat a lot as a kid, but my sweet tooth has changed with my age.

If I am going to eat candy, it's usually a Three Musketeers bar.

Anyhow, you are probably familiar with Skittles candy.

I include them in my Twitter presentation because of an innovative, but ill-fated website approach they attempted last year.

Essentialy, was their Twitter home page.

They set the site up so that anytime someone used the term "skittles" in their tweet, it would display that tweet on the Skittles home page.

It didn't take long for people to realize that they could completely deface by tweeting some incredibly vulgar things.

Needless to say, the innovative design didn't stick around for long.

It was a clever approach, but lacking in wisdom. You just can't give the keys to the asylum to the patients!

I am pleased to say that the creative folks behind Skittles online campaigns have come up with a fascinating new approach.

The page appears to be a sugar induced hallucinogenic experience.


As you scroll down the page, it fills with odd sayings, bizarre videos, weird photos and interludes which could only come from a mind that is heavily influenced by too much of a strange substance. We can only assume it is a sugar rush on steroids.





Take a look at the official site and see what you think.

Does this campaign work? Does it pull you in? Does it repell you? Are you just confused and want to go lie down?

Please leave your comments below!

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12 Comments For This Post

  1. Tia Wood Says:

    I like how the page just keeps scrolling and scrolling. The presentation is kind of weird. I think more could have been done to it. For instance, instead of images with witty captions how about "easter eggs" for people to click on and explore?

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Some witty and amusing virals in there, but speaking as a lazy member of the one-click generation, the perpetual scrolling down becomes really boring, really quickly. I looked because you asked us to, but I couldnt be bothered to click play on any of the youtube bits, by the time I found them. It all seemed so longwinded.

    So to answer you, your article pulled me in. The site began with my highest expectations and then slowly repelled me until I felt like all they had done was reel me in to waste my time. They've managed to convey not just disassociation but rejection. Its almost hostile, for example the statement that is 'all true' but is too small to be read - the distancing is deliberate - it reminds me of card-crusher man. I'd love to be amused but I don't have the time.

    I think the page desperately needs a little link to a site index so consumers have the power to select which virals are of most interest to them - say a page of all the videos or a page of all the new uploads. If I ever wanted to share something I saw on that site as it is, I wouldn't have the enthusiasm to scroll through the rest just to find it.

    Thumbs down from me. Too arty, too self-involved.

  3. Abdul Matn Says:

    I studied this content, one thing still i do not understand how I get
    money outside USA

  4. Wil Says:

    I viewed "skittles" early this morning. Wow what a lame site. There is hope for my web creative
    abilities after all, if this is the best they can do. They should have studied your Website 5 Day book Joel. -Wil

  5. Nimit Kashyap Says:


  6. Dusan Says:

    Hi Joel,

    For me this campaign won't work. Firstly, if someone is not familiar with Skittles they would not have any idea what it is all about. So this web site doesn't show any clarity. Well, I'm an amateur on advertising, but looking with the eyes of a customer, I'll run away from this site ASAP. Very confusing content!



  7. SEO Gnome Says:

    Hey Joel,

    This reminds me of the very ill fated advertising campaign for the University of Oregon Ducks Athletics inviting the world to "Join Gang Green!".

    Needless to say, the campaign didn't last long, but it's affect was most memorable.

    SEO Gnome

  8. Debra Matthews Says:

    I would wager that most of this site's views are coming from your Twitter followers. Skittles should thank you for that...seriously!

    I have never tried Skittles. Being a [legal] immigrant from the UK, I have made a point not to try American candy. Alas a so called "friend" told me that Three Musketeers is what I know in the UK as a Milk Way bar. But other than that, I have proven for many years, that if you don't try a candy then they just don't 'call' to you in that danger zone the supermarket checkout line. I have to say the Skittles site did not succeed in persuading me to risk addiction by trying them.

  9. Colin G Says:

    I also like how the page keeps scrolling but i think the website is too busy (too much going on)!! too bright and its fails the readability Test! "Newpapers are black and white for a reason" lol ;-)

  10. SkiWithMarty Says:

    I'm torn. I mean, I'm fine with a site promoting something like skittles having an entertainment component. But I'm not quite convinced the entertainment angle they chose was in alignment with the skittles brand. And, if they really wanted to get me to take action with running to my local 7-11 to get a bag of skittles spontaneously, well, I'm still sitting here in my recliner watching the super bowl pre-game.

  11. Jeffrey Says:

    Ha Ha!

    Might be a Three year old made that site, just joking.


    I think its meant to make people attracted to it in a way because if you are now talking about it in your blog hey!!! its something to think about.


  12. Doria Says:

    I'd never seen or tasted Skittles before. But it's clear that Skittles is a version of M&Ms;, with the "S" in the middle instead of the "M".
    Website looks great. Seriously. Although the scrolling is a pain. There's too much scrolling -- and I thought the two-scrolls rule per page applies to all websites.
    Maybe Skittles can change the presentation a little bit -- e.g. putting the different colours as slides on a flash animation and letting it flash through on the website.
    Too bad the side rectangle (the white box with Facebook, Twitter etc) is stopping me from doing screen captures -- the vibrant colours would make great desktop background.

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