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#8 - The Truman Show

Posted on February 1, 2005

Who would have thought that the rubber faced wildman from In Living Color would become an accomplished actor? While not crazy about Ace Ventura, I thoroughly enjoyed Jim Carrey in... Continue Reading

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#9 - Brazil

Posted on March 20, 2004

I am WAY overdue on this entry in my 15 Best Movies Ever series. Sorry about that, but I wanted to watch the film again before writing about it and... Continue Reading

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#10 - Groundhog Day

Posted on February 2, 2004

Not be confused with my groundhog day rant a couple weeks back, this entry concerns itself with the title of the Bill Murray film from 1993. Caddyshack was funny. Ghostbusters... Continue Reading

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#11 - Magnolia

Posted on January 10, 2004

I have love. I just don't know where to put it. What can we forgive? It's been a couple weeks since my last review in the series titled, The 15... Continue Reading

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#12 - The Sixth Sense

Posted on December 18, 2003

M. Night Shyamlan is a modern day Alfred Hitchcock. To date, he has made several films, including Unbreakable (with Bruce Willis) and Signs (with Mel Gibson). I thoroughly enjoyed both... Continue Reading

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#13 - The Princess Bride

Posted on December 10, 2003

Hello. My name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. By most standards, The Princess Bride should have been no more than a mere blip in the... Continue Reading

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#14 - Memento

Posted on November 27, 2003

What is the nature of memory? How accurate is your memory? Is it possible that your memories didn't really happen as you remember them? These are just some of the... Continue Reading

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#15 - That Thing You Do

Posted on November 19, 2003

We start my list of the Best Movies Ever (from my personal DVD collection) with an unlikely candidate. That Thing You Do (1996) makes the cut at #15 because, well... Continue Reading

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Best Movies of All Time: Setting the Stage

Posted on November 18, 2003

Tomorrow, I begin a series titled "The Best Movies of All Time". First of all, you should know that I am only counting movies that are presently in my DVD... Continue Reading

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