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HELP Trucks & *999

Need H.E.L.P. on the Illinois Tollway—Dial *999
Motorists on the Illinois Tollway in need of assistance can receive help from a number of sources including H.E.L.P. (Highway Emergency Lane Patrol), Tollway Maintenance employees, State Police District 15 and authorized tow operators.

Calling for H.E.L.P.

  • Dial *999 on your cell phone to report incidents on the Illinois Tollway
    • Alternate Number: 630.241.6800x5028 (Illinois State Police Dist. 15)
  • A dispatcher will receive your call and send the appropriate responders to the scene.
  • When calling have the following information available:
    • Name of Roadway and Direction of Travel
    • Closest Mile Post
    • Number of Cars Involved
    • Description of Vehicles Involved (Type & Color)
  • If you are involved in a roadway incident, please try to pull your car to safety on the shoulder of the road and turn on your emergency flashers. If it is safe, you should remain in your vehicle until assistance arrives.

H.E.L.P Operations

  • 16 H.E.L.P. Truck patrols operate across the entire Tollway system
  • H.E.L.P. Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 5 AM to 8 PM
    • Tollway roads are patrolled 24 hours a day by Illinois State Police Dist. 15
  • Truck operators provide roadway assistance to stranded Tollway customers and traffic control at accident sites.
  • *999 is funded by the Illinois Tollway and Illinois Department of Transportation

H.E.L.P. Services

H.E.L.P. Truck driver assists a stranded Tollway motorist
In one year, H.E.L.P. Truck Operators drive enough miles to circle the earth 24 times.
  • H.E.L.P. Operators provide an array of services:
    • Changing Tires
    • Battery Boosts
    • Adding Coolant*
    • Dispensing Fuel*
    • Transporting Customers
    • Moving Vehicles Away from Traffic
    • Calling for a Tow
    Gratuities are strictly prohibited.
    *Small fee charged for this service.

  • H.E.L.P. Truck Statistics

    January 1 - December 31, 2009
    H.E.L.P. Truck operators have assisted 35,190 motorists while logging more than 1.5 million patrol miles. The services more frequently rendered included:

    • Accident assists
    • Tire changes
    • Attending to abandoned vehicles
    • Dispensing fuel
    • Calling for tows
    • Well-being checks

Towing on the Tollway

  • If you need a tow, the Tollway will dispatch the appropriate company upon request or by order of the State Police. Motorists have the option to call any tow company and are not required to use Tollway-authorized companies.
  • Motorists are responsible to pay charges for services rendered.
    • Maximum permissible rates have been established with Tollway-authorized companies.
    • All authorized tow vehicles display an orange and green Tollway seal on the side of the truck.
    • The Illinois Tollway does not profit from the use of Tollway-authorized companies. The Tollway monitors authorized companies to ensure rates are appropriate.