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2011 WC Qualication (Men)
The 2011 Men’s Handball World Championship will be hosted by Sweden in January, 2011. This qualification page will be updated as more information becomes available and assumes that the IHF and Continental Federations will follow the same basic format that was used for 2009 World Championship qualification.

Using the 2009 format, the 24 spots will be awarded as follows:

1) Host: Sweden
1) Defending World Champion: France
3) Europe: Croatia, Iceland, Poland
3) Asia: South Korea, Bahrain, Japan
3) Africa:
3) Pan America:
1) Oceania:
9) Performance places from the 2009 World Championships. Each continent is awarded 1 spot for each nation that places 1st through 9th. Europe secured all 9 performance places.

European Qualification (12 Nations)

European Championships (Austria, 19 -31 January, 2010)
Direct tickets will be awarded to the top 3 placing teams. As Sweden (host) and France (defending champion) have already qualified their placing will not count for these spots. The remaining 11 teams will participate in a home and away 2 game playoff in June 2010.
The 16 nations that have qualified for the European Championships are:
Host (1): Austria
Defending Champion (1): Denmark
Nations that qualifed via Group Play (14): Sweden, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Iceland, Norway, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, France, Czech Republic, Spain, and Ukraine
Qualification Results: -link-

Final Ranking
1) France (Already qualified as defending World Champion)
2) Croatia
3) Iceland
4) Poland
5) Denmark
6) Spain
7) Norway
8 ) Czech Republic
9) Austria
10) Germany
11) Slovenia
12) Russia
13-16) Hungary, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine

European Qualification Group Play (11-17 January, 2010)
Following the format from 2008, 7 Groups, consisting of teams that did not qualify for the European Championships will play a double round robing. The winner of each group will qualify for the home and away 2 game playoffs in June 2010. 23 nations were drawn into 7 groups on 6 August, 2009 -link-

Group 1: Belarus, Switzerland, Cyprus, Faroe Islands
Group 2: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Finland, Great Britain
Group 3: Slovakia, Israel, Bulgaria
Group 4: Netherlands, Estonia, Belgium
Group 5: Montenegro, Greece, Italy
Group 6: Portugal, Latvia, Luxembourg
Group 7: Macedonia, Lithuania, Turkey
Results: -link-

Playoffs (12/13 June and 19/20 June 2010):
The bottom 11 teams (not counting Sweden and France) from the European Championships and the 7 group winners were drawn into 9 pairings. These nations will play a home and away 2 game playoff with the winner of each pairing qualifying for the World Championships.
Draw Procedure: -link-

Austria vs Netherlands
Norway vs Lithuania
Slovenia vs Hungary
Germany vs Greece
Slovakia vs Ukraine
Serbia vs Czech Republic
Romania vs Russia
Denmark vs Switzerland
Portuga vs Spain

Pan American Qualification (3 Nations)

1st Division Championships (Dominican Republic, 3-7 November 2009)
Final Results: -link-
1) Dominican Republic
2) Canada
3) Puerto Rico
4) Mexico
5) Venezuela
6) Colombia
7) Guatemala
Note: The U.S. declined to participate: -link-

The Dominican Republic and Canada advanced to the Pan American Championship

Pan American Championships (Chile, 22-26 June, 2010)
Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Greenland, Uruguay and the top two nations from the 1st Division Championships (Dominican Republic and Canada) will participate in this tournament. Nations will be drawn into two groups of four. The top two teams advance to the semifinals. The finalists and the 3rd place match winner will qualify for the World Championships.

Africa Qualification (3 Nations)

19th African Nations Championships, Cairo, Egypt (10-21 Feb 2010) The top 3 teams will qualify for the World Championships.
Schedule: -link-

Preliminary Round
Draw: -link-
Group A: Tunisia, Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Libya
Group B: Egypt, Angola, Cameroon, Gabon
Group C: Algeria, Congo, Morocco, Ivory Coast
- Two teams advance from each Group

Main Round
Group I: Tunisia, Angola, Algeria (1A, 2B, 1C)
Group II: Republic of Congo, Egypt, Morocco (2A, 1B, 2C)
- Two teams advance from each Group to semifinals

Tunisia vs Republic of Congo
Egypt vs Algeria

Asia Qualification (3 Nations)

14th Asian Men's Championships, Lebanon, 6-18 Feb 2010 . The top 3 teams will qualify for the World Championships.
Note: Kuwait was excluded from the tournament by the IHF due to their noncompliance with IOC rules

Group A: Saudi Arabia, Syria, China
Group B: Bahrain, Japan, Iraq
Group C: South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Qatar
Group D: Iran, Lebanon, Jordan
- Two teams advance from each Group

Group I: Syria, Bahrain, South Korea, Lebanon (A1, B2, C1, D2)
Group II: Saudi Arabia, Japan, Qatar, Iran (A2, B1, C2, D1)
- Two teams advance from each group to semifinals

South Korea vs. Japan
Saudi Arabia vs. Bahrain

South Korea vs Bahrain (for 1st)
Saudi Arabia vs Japan (for 3rd)

Final Ranking
1) Korea
2) Bahrain
3) Japan
4) Saudi Arabia
5) Qatar
6) Syria
7) Iran
8 ) Lebanon
9) China
10) Iraq
11) U.A.E.
12) Jordan

Results from AHF webpage: -link-

Oceania Qualification (1 Nation):

If Oceania follows their 2008 format a qualification tournament will be held in the spring of 2010. The tournament winner will qualify for the World Championships.

2009 WC Qualification: -link-

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