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Robin Christopher Returns to <i>General Hospital</i>
Nelson Machin/ABC

Robin Christopher Returns to General Hospital
by Michael Logan  February 17, 2010 04:16 PM EST

It looks like General Hospital is trying hard to up its Q rating. Last week the ABC soap announced the addition of a new Quartermaine relation—African-American med student Maya Ward (Annie Ilonzeh)—and now comes word that the show is bringing back Skye Quartermaine, the lusciously wicked divorcee played by Robin Christopher. The character, last seen in 2008, will hit the air March 31.

“It’s hard to write GH without the Qs,” says the soap’s multi Emmy-winning head writer Bob Guza. “Every time we drift away from the family, even though we’ve diluted them a bit over the years, it just feels wrong. So we’re looking to build them up again.” Who will Skye sink her well-mannied claws into this time? Teases Guza: “Luke [Anthony Geary] clearly has some needs right now. We’ll be doing some really fun stuff with Luke, Skye and Luke’s wife Tracy [Jane Elliott]. And Alice [Bergen Williams], the Q’s maid, is going to play a big part in this, as well.”

Guza also gives us more details about Maya (arriving March 31). “When you’re a member of the Ward family in Port Charles, it comes with a whole s--tload of expectations,” the scribe says. “This is an extremely high-achieving family, so Maya’s hitting the ground with a lot of pressure on her. Her drive is to be a doctor, so anything—or anybody—who gets in her way is going to be a problem.” That said, Maya will at some point be romantically linked with a Spencer, but Guza shrugs off Internet speculation that it’ll for sure be Ethan (Nathan Parsons). Instead, he hints that it could easily be Lucky [Jonathan Jackson], noting that the heartbroken cop “will be romantically unentangled very soon.”

Also look for Maya’s younger half-sister, Zoe Richardson, to show up in Port Charles in April (the role is not yet cast). “She’s a bored, 17-year-old wild child who doesn’t care about the Ward legacy, because she’s technically not a Ward,” Guza explains. “She sees that Maya has a good thing going living with the Quartermaines. She shows up to get her piece, too.” Expect Zoe to eventually be paired with wannabe mobster Michael Corinthos (Drew Garrett).

Though Guza is busy expanding the Quartermaines, he has no immediate plans to do the same with the Cassadines, despite recent reports that the much-discussed villain, Valentin, will turn up soon. “We have a lot of other fish to fry right now,” says Guza. “Valentin’s arrival is not imminent. This is right up there with those rumors that Genie Francis and Vanessa Marcil are coming.” Besides, the evil Cassadine matriarch Helena (Constance Towers) has other family matters in mind. Says Guza: “Liz [Rebecca Herbst] is pregnant and Helena is going to be sniffing around. Wait until you see her get her teeth into the idea of having a new heir. It’s raging lunacy!”
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