10 Ways to NOT Be My Facebook Friend

Posted on February 4, 2010 10:46 AM by Joel Comm

How did Facebook ever get to be so big?

Honestly, the site is chock full 'o so much garbage that it has become the new MySpace.

But beyond all the stupid vampire and zombie games, there is a solid social media site that can be useful for businesses.

For over a year, I have peaked at my 5000 friend limit.

However, people close their accounts or unfriend me from time to time. So I've always got just a few slots open.

Now as of this writing, I've got over 4600 people in my friend queue. They are waiting to be accepted or ignored as friends.

Obviously, with Facebook's 5000 friend hard limit, there is no way I can approve everyone. So I have to be selective.

But there's just no way to friend everyone, even if I wanted to.

So how exactly do I select which requests to accept?

To begin with, I'm going to show you what NOT to do. I hope you find it instructive for more than how to friend me, but also as a primer for properly using social media.

Here are ten ways to NOT have me accept your Facebook friend request.

1) The empy profile picture. What are you, the invisible man? Having a photo of yourself is one of the absolute basics of social media. If you don't make an effort to show me who you are, I'm not letting you in.


2) The Spamvertiser. I'm not sure what this clever individual was attempting to sell me and I don't care. Ignore.


3) The mutual friend pitch. I don't care if you know what my whole family has for breakfast. If you use this impersonal approach obviously generated by a silly Facebook app, we just aren't going to hit it off.


4) The walking, talking ad profile. Apparently this person is an ATM. I'm already friends with an ATM and it charges me fees every time I want to have a conversation. Not gonna happen.


5) The "You've got the wrong guy" invitation. Man that cruise WAS something awesome. Remember the ports... the weather... the food. Uh, no I don't. Because I wasn't on a cruise with you.


6) The Dustin Hoffman profile. Unless you are Dustin Hoffman, and clearly you aren't, don't use his profile pic. Be yourself, please. If I wanted to connect with Dustin Hoffman I'd watch Tootsie... again.


7) The Put a Shirt on It profile pic. Dude. Seriously. Do you really think I want to see the gun show? Three words. K-Mart. $11.99. Cotton.


8) The Scary Dude profile pic. This guy's picture is mild compared to some of the ones I see. If I friend them I'm afraid they are going to want to beat me up. Try smiling. It changes everything.


9) The "death becomes her" profile pic. Someone call the morgue. I think they missed this one.


10) The "Ok, but who ARE you?" profile pic. This type accounts for the majority of invites I receive. I see a person's name and their photo. That's it. Unless I already know you, I don't have any reason to accept your invite. I don't know you. I don't know why you want to friend me. I'm totally in the dark. I won't IGNORE you, but I won't ACCEPT you either. You will sit in the queue until Facebook raises their friend limit. And that's not going to happen until the global warming nuts admit they were wrong all along.


So how DO you friend me on Facebook?

Assuming you haven't broken any of the cardinal rules stated above, how about just being yourself?

Since I have already accepted friend requests from those who did it right, I didn't have a live example to show you.

I asked Dan Nickerson, my VP of Ideas, to create a fake profile and request to demonstrate.


Let me be clear. You don't become my friend on Facebook by kissing up to me. This was just an example of one way to get my attention.

Social media is all about how we engage others.

If we are sloppy about it or seem that we don't really care, it's foolish to expect anything in return.

But if we establish a point of connection and appear interested we are more likely to receive reciprocation.

An invite to me may not have anything to do with my work. It may be to comment on another type of connection such as a place I have lived or visited. Someone may connect with me due to a hobby I have. It could be any number of the reasons.

The point is that the person requesting the friend connection is attempting to connect with me in a meaningful way.

When I initially used Facebook I accepted every friend request that came my way. If I could turn back the clock I would have been more selective. That's one reason I purged my Twitter follows a few months back.

Remember that social media needs to conform to your usage and not the other way around. Use it the way you want to and you'll not only receive the greatest benefit, but you'll also provide the greatest value.

What are your thoughts? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. Nimit Kashyap Says:

    awesome post, I didn't know that people could use such ways to be friend with some one.

  2. Jason Moffatt Says:

    Cmon Joel, you know you like the pics of shaved chested dudes with oily six packs while sitting on their muscle car.

  3. Deb Christiansen Says:

    Thanks so much, Joel. This was hilarious. Sent you a friend invite, hope I did OK. :)

  4. Lynn Harrison Says:

    Great insights Joel. I am a software developer working to get into the on-line content world. Top One report and Elevate have been helping work out the best way for me and I appreciate these insights from someone who has "been there and done that".

  5. annalaura brown Says:

    this is great. I love the pics to illustrate your points. Some people just do not get how to properly use social media.

  6. Phyllis Says:

    Why are you still using a personal page? You should have a FanPage for 90% of the people you have on your personal page. Then clean out your personal page. but make it really clear to people who search for you -

  7. Stacy Nelson Says:

    Brilliant - perfect and relevant. So many of those rules apply to social networks across the board and while I may not quite be as popular as you with over 9500 people wanting to befriend me, I do feel that authenticity goes a long way in who I choose to share my cyber air with. As one additional note, I do drop 'friends' from time to time for spammy behavior, excessive mob wars and farmville posts, and putting stupid gifts on my wall repeatedly.

  8. Jennifer Wilke Says:

    Perfect post, Joel & couldn't agree more! While I'm pretty sure you get a wee bit more friend requests that I do, I've also gotten the Spamvertiser & Mutual Friend Pitch... and instinctively hit ignore.

  9. Violet Says:

    Hi Joel,
    Thank you so much for these tips. I am just starting my FB friends and I am now in 400 but sometimes I wonder do I really want anybody just for the sake of numbers.
    Now with your tips, it will be more meaningful for me.


  10. Carlota Says:

    You got me started at "Never Work Again". Thank You. Now I just need to stay focused!

  11. David Reynolds Says:

    "The point is that the person requesting the friend connection is attempting to connect with me in a meaningful way."

    That comment says it all. Facebook is about connecting--and communicating--with people you know now or knew once upon a time.

    One key to beginning meaningful relationships, including business relationships and personal friendships, is starting with common interests.

    I have two common interests with Mr. Comm: I reviewed Twitter Power for a Sacramento publication and I am very interested in using social media as a communications tool.

    Those two common interests may allow me to connect with him. Then again, they may not be sufficient for his needs.
    >>Dave Reynolds

  12. Chris Says:

    LOL I'm stuck in that queue! "Awaiting Friend Confirmation." I will wait for you, Joel, I will wait! At least we're Twitter buds

  13. Brad Says:

    I thought about sending you a friend request after I watched the replay of the Facebook webinar yesterday. However, you said that you had already reached the 5000 limit and I figured I'd be number 5001 so why try. Good point about who to be friends with. I get requests from people I don't know but since I don't have that many friends I usually accept. Who knows, they may visit my website when they see my profile.

  14. Eileen Says:

    I appreciate all the points you made regarding what not to do on social media. For me, the jury is still out on all the great benefits of it, because I have heard so many pros and cons. One of my concerns is the time element devoted to these efforts. I have checked out some of the social networks and yikes! What planet are some of these people from?

    Do I even want to spend hours to wade through the jetsam and flotsam to get to a place where I can make a contribution and then start making it work for me to some degree? I have to think about that one.

  15. Mike Stenger Says:

    Very funny Joel but very good advice at the same time. Can't get enough of them spamvertisers & empty profile pic people ;-)

  16. Steve Markowski Says:


    It's obvious why lesser mortals would want to be in a friend relationship with you.

    But, what's in it for you on Facebook?

    One new face/voice in thousands isn't going to make much of an impression. You can have any number of fans. You've got plenty of people on your list.

    Why does one more Facebook friend matter? Just playing the numbers?


    Steve Markowski

  17. d for ppv Says:

    hi joel
    what about the pouty lips kissing the webcam pics!!! (even from the guys)

    always looks more risky than scary.

    I like to know that you really know some of my friends before i add.
    good post
    better than thnormal 'use this app to add 100 jerks a day!!


  18. Kathy Keefe Says:

    Joel, you nailed it with this one. I don't have a huge friend list on Facebook because I am particular with who I friend. Games, I'm sure they're fun, but if I want to play, I'll find my way and my personal pets are the only "farm animals" I care to take care of. Thanks for putting it out there, these are definitely high on my list of "not to do's". I totally agree with Stacy, these rules should apply to Social Networks across the board.

  19. Ken Montville Says:

    Love it! I'm no where near my 5000 friend limit but I ignore people all the time who "just show up". They're either people in my business (real estate) or people that want to sell me something (like real estate marketing things that cost gobs of money). Occasionally, someone will write a little note. How refreshing.

  20. Peter Koning Says:

    Joel, you forgot this one:

    The "friend" who plasters your wall with love/smileys/gifts, desserts, asks you to adopt some poor sick seal, announces their latest hitman job on your feed, and toots their latest farmville'ing triumph.

  21. Mayakanon Says:

    Thank you so much for these tips.I love the pics to illustrate your points. Some people just do not get how to properly use social media.
    I don't have a huge friend list on Facebook because I am particular with who I friend.

  22. Robin Taney Says:


    This is so right on target that I'm tweeting it and sharing it with my clients.

    Did you know that you could have a fan page on Facebook? With no limit to the number of followers there, all these nuts could get in!

    Thanks again for the great (and hilarious) insight!


  23. Wes Wyatt Says:

    So if you're the Dustin Hoffman Impersonator with huge guns that met Joel on that cruise and thought it would be funny to use the picture of yourself shirtless playing dead and looking mean - hold off on the Friend Request for now!

  24. Wendy Leal Says:

    Love this post! How funny! I am one of your fb buddies and you have inspired me to clean house! ;)

  25. Edward G. Beagles Says:

    Joel, you give alot of very useful information. It seems most people on FB are not real serious about anything except playing silly games and sending "gifts". I like your approach.

  26. Nickolove Lovemore Says:

    Hi Joel,

    Loved this post. You've articulated what I've wanted to express for some time. And alas, though I'm not quite as popular as you are, I've also got a bunch of "friend" requests from individuals who don't understand how to connect. I keep promising to go through them all but...

  27. Phil Henderson Says:


    I guess I got that wrong...

    Still lesson learned, if you're reading this, take note of my mistake, easy as it was to make it just proves how people feel about adding others to their facebook friends

    Onwards and upwards

    To your success

    Phil Henderson

  28. Ken Davis Says:


    I couldn't agree with you more. The silly aps and millions of making 100K by tonight get old. I have begun ignoring most.

    Enjoy your blog and emails. Maybe I'll finally get going strong and give you advise.

    To your health

    Ken Davis

  29. Dusan Bordjoski Says:

    Hey Joel :),
    Nice post. Although I sent you a regular friend request few weeks ago, with a comment that I have read your AdSense secrets book, and a question about it in a request, now I know that I'm actually waiting in a 4600 friends queue. So, I'll be patient :)... Anyway, this "How to become my FB friend" guide should be posted on a Facebook homepage, as a FB manner :)! Thanks for the post :)!
    Greetings from Serbia :)!

    Dusan Bordjoski

  30. Chris Endres Says:

    LOL... It's hard to be famous i guess...

    Your points are practical at any level of social media usage but become a little comical when your laying it out the way you have here. If it wasn't such a dangerous game to accept new friends...

  31. alex alaska p Says:

    hey yo,

    youse got sumptin' 'gainst big brawny 'guns'?

    yo's truly,

    sylvester stallone's right bicep

  32. Goals Coach Says:

    I have reached my 5000 friend limit and have 2000 pending requests and have created my fan page. I agree with most of your criteria except one... I have approved friend requests from people with whom I have many mutual friends in common. Your peer group says a lot about you and when I look at the list of mutual friends, I know if it's a fit or not. Have made some amazing real world friends this way :)

    Live Your Dreams,

    Jill Koenig
    America's Top Goals Coach

  33. Glad Says:

    I'm glad I was accepted early on last year as one of your connectoins. I don't have as many connections to worry about my limit but I do follow most of your advice...I love the way your personality comes through your blog. I met you at Never Work Again workshop two years ago and you are just a great guy to know. I took my kids and of all the speakers there, you were the only one that inspired them to build websites and read your book, the AdSense code.

  34. Craig Stark Says:

    Joel- why not create your own community? Facebook is a great place to find and aggregate friends and fans- but with a 5k limit, you are essentially bottlenecked for long lasting returns.

    Set up a community site with Social Engine with your own domain and own the entire flow- ads, downloads, membership fees etc. It's a sweet platform.

    The pre-req to be accepted to your community could be- having read one or more books, fill out a Social Media quiz with weighted questions to see if people actually have more than a superficial interest with you and your know-how and perhaps a forum for ideas and suggestions- some of which may make it into some form of recognized IP for your next project.

    Heck, I know where to find you so I am not even asking to be your friend on FB!

    Keep up the good work- it is being noticed.




  35. Sally Witzky Says:

    OMG, I'm so in love with this post. LOL! Unfortunately, this is so true! My fave is #8 -- I've definitely had a few of those. got to be kidding me if they think I'm accepting those friend requests!! Thanks, Joel. Maybe I'll get to see you at a Peaks event this year.

  36. Joel Christopher Says:

    Your blog post cracked me up so hard Joel!
    especially the "morgue" profile...

    Joel Christopher "the other JC"

  37. Blaine Parker Says:

    Dead on--every single one of them. Despite being the furthest thing from a Facebook power user, I already employ many of these criteria. Thank you for putting it all down in a succinct and coherent form.

  38. Titilayo Says:

    I kind of agree with some of them, i have actually accepted some friend reqeusts without their profile pictures and i only did that because i knew them personally.

  39. Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso Says:


    I totally agree with most of your 'rules' although I have accepted myself a few people who weren't fully complying, lol... but I knew them before.

    The worst thing, IMHO, is the faceless/picless profile.

    As for myself, I always take the time to communicate first. Even when I get invites from others, I better appreciate the ones telling me something that I can relate to. I go study their profile and info, hobbies, etc...
    If we're a good match, I usually accept.

    When I am sending invites, I usually do the same, up to the best of the knowledge I have or can get about the person.
    The Internet is full of profiles (not only on FaceBook) where to look for..

    However, when I started, I reckon I was taking the "We've got 47 common friends already.." approach. I see now it was dumb.

    I recommend a better one... "We still have no common friends yet, what about starting now?"

    Anyway, on a different line of thought... I'm just wondering... why aren't people using FAN pages more (no FANs limits) instead of personal profile ones? Keep that for family, close friends and such...

    Just my 2 cents..

    Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso

  40. Neil Dhawan Says:

    Great post, Joel!

    I admit to be guilty of a few of these in the past, however, I have changed my "behavior" and agree with these. Thank you for shedding light on this subject ...

  41. Corena Golliver Says:

    I use some of the same things to choose my friends on Facebook. And BTW thank you for re-following me on Twitter :)~ Corena

  42. Ria Says:


    If you could see me now, not only would you be watching me laugh (with you not against you), but you would also see me clapping my hands.

    I loved your post regarding twitter and I must say, it made me think. But then again, you always do.

    By the way, I am one of the lucky ones that is one of your Facebook friends and have been for a very long time.

    Great post!

  43. Eatmore Toadstools Says:

    I think you'd find me a bit too strange to be your FB friend, with my interest in mushrooms, herbalism, and Pagan and Burning Man communities. I friend almost anyone who asks, because I can. And because they probably have some interest in the same things I do. On occasion I post, "still not doing FB apps" for the farmers and such.

  44. Ray Says:


    I really needed a good laugh, and you just gave it to me. This post was very funny.


  45. spikey fidz Says:

    ahha! nice blog.. I love the way you write very fun to read. Ignore all of that ten hahaha

  46. Lewis Fulkerson (CowboyTech) Says:

    I think your post and policies are great. Right now, I'm not sure what I want out of facebook, so I'm not sending a friend request. I've approved too many, and need to clean mine out too - so I think I will between work bouts tomorrow.

    This is my first response to your posts, so here's some info. I've worked on computers for 42 years, own my own business since 1984, do some affiliate work and also am getting into Adsense. Also, believe it or not, I'm a professional gambler, and usually win about $1500 to $4500 a month just playing around.

    Just thought you'd like to know. For a picture of me, look me up on facebook under my real name above. Drop me a line any time... I'll reply.

  47. Jeffrey Says:

    Sir, I was laughing! while looking at your blog. I didn't even tought about putting myself on face book.

    Come to think of it I rather stand with my relatives dressing up in our native traditional costume in my village while am holding onto a labtop computer with an Internet connected USB and post it to the world to see.

  48. Nancy Hall Says:


    I had several very good laughs - very funny!!! :P
    The Saskatoon library has a copy of Twitter Power, btw. Isn't that cool!

    Enjoying your blogposts!

    Nancy :-)

  49. Kumuda Gururao Says:

    Good ideas to really prod on!

  50. Alaia Says:

    Love this post!

    I'm a little tired of Facebook right now....the apps drive me crazy! It'f definitely giving me the Myspace vibe.

    #10 is a big one for me. WHO ARE YOU? I don't know you, you don't personalize the message, but you want to be friends? Take a second and tell me why. And if our mutual friends are people I don't know well, that doesn't help your case and makes me think you'll friend anyone. And if we have NO mutual friends and you didn't come across me via "friend finder" I'm wondering what it is you want from me exactly. Given that my profile is private, you clearly didn't SEE any INFORMATION about me that made you want to friend me...so what's up?

    I've stopped friending who I don't know if they don't bother to write a message. If we met last night at a networking event, that's different.

    The first thing that happens after I friend someone like this is that I get an onslaught of "be my fan" and webinar invitations. Great thanks - I don't know you! Let's chat a bit, online or off, let me get to know you, and then yes, I'll be a REAL fan.

    I don't have 4,600 invites awaiting me, but I do have several dozen that are just sitting there. My brain got tired of trying to guess if I knew any of these people or not.

  51. kathyalice Says:

    I think Joel, you have verbalized what many are thinking about "uncool" facebook behavior. I don't have anywhere close to 5000 friends, and yet there are double digits of ignored friend invites sitting in my queue. I don't know who they are or I already know to avoid them. I'm a little more personal on facebook than on linkedin and twitter so perhaps I'm a little pickier (but the follows with 0 tweets always get my thumbs down).

    I do have a couple of facebook friends I'm thinking of dropping. it's all about what they are constantly promoting. I don't mind links to people's blogs or their latest campaign .. but is that all there is to you? Mix it up.

    Just one more thing that I think is very telling. I have two twitter accounts, one personal, one business. The business one is struggling the personal is growing. That says it all doesn't it.

    BTW, if you haven't checked out the oatmeal "how to suck at facebook" comic you should... it's hilarious.

  52. Kristin Says:

    Don't you delegate all of this stuff anyways? Someone wrote your blog, twitter and facebook? You might review from time to time. That's what I keep hearing at these business seminars I attend..... Which, then makes social media very impersonal because you have no idea if you or someone in another country is responding to your message..... :) Unless, it's all done by video!

  53. Debra Morrison Says:


    I had a smile while chuckling on each comment.
    You hit the nail on the head with this one 10 for 10.
    I couldn't agree with you more!

    Thanks for the post and I hope the masses read this :-)

    Debra :-)

  54. Amy Says:

    LOL, definitely good to know what lies ahead as I get close to 5,000 friends.

  55. Shamim Says:

    Hmm......the "things" you have mentioned above is really essential to consider in case of popular social media like facebook & twitter. But would you tell me that how can i increase the follower of friend who are in my field but i don't know there?

  56. Cindy Battye Says:

    Man! Is it just me - or is this all going too far.

    You tell people to NOT just send an invite, without
    personalising it - then you pick the people who have
    actually tried to make contact with you - for actually

    You made some good points, but.. really?

    Hey, I think it would be cool to connect with you, but,
    after reading this - I would be worried that I would
    be the next one you turn into a joke... no thanks!

  57. Dori Says:

    Good list. Here are 2 more that get the Ignore button from me. #11 The 3rd Person: If your profile or friend request appears to be written about you and not by you (i.e. Dori is a very important person)...creepy! Dori does not want to be friends with The 3rd Person. #12 The Ego: cause it's all about you. Their request usually ends with something like, "...thanks for joining my circle of friends". Not.

  58. David Says:

    Hi Joel, I am actually on that wait list :-)
    I figure you'll decide when you get around to it, or not. Until then I read your emails and leave messages here. Either way, I learn a lot from you, so I'm not complaining.

    Do people really do the, "Remember the cruise" line?


  59. Ross Lambert Says:

    > Remember that social media needs to conform to your usage and not the
    > other way around. Use it the way you want to and you'll not only receive
    > the greatest benefit, but you'll also provide the greatest value.

    THAT is the most profound thing I've read about social media and business in ages. Everybody else is saying you've got to do this and that and the other thing, too. Look, I'm working a 65-hour a week job AND building my business on the side. I just don't have time to tweet 15 times a day or follow other people's every move.

    But I DO have time to tweet about neat things I run into that are related to my niche a couple times a week. That much is still fun.

    So thank you, Joel, for helping me to feel just a little less guilty. :-)

  60. Barbie Says:

    I got this today, It really pissed me off. I'm sure it's the first of many to come. (I deleted their "cause" because I don't want to promote a company that does this, very sneaky!I thought it was interesting that they used YOUR name. Wondering if they got your "fans" mailing list....or did you sell us down the river??? Barbie

    Hey there,

    It was so great to hear from you today!! I can't believe it has been six years since we talked last! Gotta love Facebook for getting us back in touch! :) I am dying to meet your kids, and I hope you can come out soon.... Although, I'd wait until summer if I were you. It's COLD! :) We should definitely not go this long without talking EVER again!

    Here is the link to that DELETED Network site that I was telling you about. Remember to tell the people you invite that they can get paid on the purchases of anyone in their network. I do all of my shopping on DELETED now because it's so much faster, and the discounts are insane. (Not to mention I don't have to fight crowds and they deliver right to my door...yes, I'm lazy! LOL) Just from the people in my network, I have made $363 this month... I can not even believe it. Joel about fell over when I showed him how much the check was. I also don't know if I remembered to tell you (because I was so excited to be talking to you) that it doesn't cost anything to sign up or buy online. A lot of people thought that was the case when I first got them to sign up, but it really is totally free... When I first showed Joel the site, he was like, "yeah..whatever".. Now he's like, "This is awesome".. Uh yeah, ya THINK! Silly men... :0)


    I don't know why, but sometimes the link doesn't work when I send it through hotmail. If it doesn't, just copy and paste it into your browser to make sure you get to the right invitation page.

    Can't WAIT to see the Cabo pictures, and let's talk again SOON!

    Love you guys!!


  61. Eric S. Mueller Says:

    After I read this post, I sent you a friend request from Facebook for iPhone. I didn't realize until it was too late that you can't add any text to the friend request. I don't think I've broken any of your other rules though.

  62. Lonnie Says:

    Hey Joel, when I opened your email that lead me here I almost closed it because frankly I spend very little time reading stuff that isn't educational. But, I thought about it and decided if it's from you then there should be a lesson in it, so I went ahead and read it.

    Facebook is fielded with people that have nothing better to do than play those silly games. Maybe I shouldn't say silly because I guess they could be therapeutic for some.

    I use to spend an hour or so connecting with people from my past, but then the farm-town, pet-ville, fish-world and many other gifts practically took over the facebook so I only login if I have something useful to share.

    What those games have shown to me is everyone ran out of things to talk about so people replaced conversation with gifts thats worth nothing.

    While writing this I checked to see how many pending gifts I have, and what I seen is it would take me hours I don't have to waste viewing them all.

    If one plans to make it big like you Joel, then they need to focus on what's important.

    Thanks for the read it did make me smile, and if you send me a friend request I'm 99% positive I'll accept it. But, please don't send a facebook gift along with the friend request.. :)


  63. Mummy Whisperer Says:

    Perfect, I had a BIG grump on FB the other day about a pile of friend requests I had received: your description is much clearer than mine!

  64. Emmanuel Emecheta Says:

    Thanks again Joel for this insight on facebook. I'm about creating a social profile there and this post has brightened my understanding of the DOs and DONTs. Nothing is as cool as being yourself. But wait a minute: why would someone want to be another person? Inferiority complex I think!


  65. Harsh Athalye Says:

    Hi Joel,

    It seems like you base your judgement a lot on the profile pic. Ofcourse, its reasonable too when you get so many friend requests. But for me, I visit the profile of the sender to know what kind of person he/she is. That gives a lot of information on which I can base my judgment even if profile pic is missing or not real.

  66. Joan Friedlander Says:

    Joel, I'm with you on a couple of these.
    1. Don't even have a Facebook page if you won't put a photo up.
    2. Don't invite me without telling me why you're inviting me if I don't know you.

    Finally, yes, make it yours. Decide how you want to use it (business and/or personal), and have a plan. It's still not the end all and be all of business or personal relationships. It's just one avenue of communication.


  67. bob woolery Says:

    J.C.,Your rite about the friend approach many use to become a "friend".As to me i just don't want a lot of friends.When your name popped up in my inbox i thought oh great what the heck is this guy (or company using your or somebodies face) selling!and to tell you the truth i still kinda think that but your attack is not enough to just totaly piss me off to spam you.personaly i signed up for all these face/space base placesfor two reasons.#1 is because i am a musican clawing my way back into the loop after 12-13 years of hiates due to marriage kids mortages etc. The musican personel adds are inside these sites and they are a good source of information for locating musicans with similar styles/genres and you HAVE to have an account.#2 is my kids have accounts with them also and with both being out of the nest is a good way to stay in contact and if nobody ever noticed,people will"loosen up",especialy younger people and will not feel like there at an inquisition when communicating with mom or dad eh?.So in a nutshell,THERE YOU HAVE IT.P.S. I have friends,i just don't feel the need to have 3 or 5 or whatever thousands of friends nor do i need to solicite strangers to "won't you be my friend". Thanks man,I'M OUT!

  68. Marialle Says:

    Hi Joel...you made me really laugh out loud. I just re-opened a facebook account and what you've written here comes just in time. I intend to keep my friends list within my family who are scattered around the globe. Oh by the way, I'm one of your newsletter subscriber.

  69. Karen Says:

    Joel - I always enjoy your posts. Informational AND entertaining, two very important qualities, in my book. Keep up the good work!

  70. Michael Roach Says:

    "...that's not going to happen until the global warming nuts admit they were wrong all along."
    Ha! Love it :)

  71. Laura Livengood Schaub Says:

    Great post Joel! My FB has expanded to my professional network as I get to know people on Twitter, etc and I try to keep my content there interesting, just as I do on my Fan pages, blog etc.

    To everyone complaining about games, you DO know you can hide ANY game or app on FB that you don't want to see, don't you?

  72. Phil Henderson Says:

    Hi Joel

    Phil #10 here... Thanks for accepting my friend request today.

    As it was pointed out above; care needs to be taken when adding friends using the facebook app on an iPhone as it sends the request without being able to add a personal message.

    Anyway, thanks again for the add...

    Hope you are well

    Phil Henderson
    the stupidly simple seo guy

    Phil Henderson
    The stupidly simple seo guy

  73. narasimhanrevathi Says:

    Very good tips. I hate people putting unreal profile pics. If they dont wish to put their own pic, let them to put some funny stuffs like icons, cartoon images and so.

  74. Doug Champigny Says:

    Gee - I think I felt better when I thought you were just ignoring my friend request... LOL

  75. Sally Landau Says:

    Very entertaining. Glad I made the cut many moons ago. I remember meeting you at a Peak Potentials event where you stripped down in front of us. I think I'll just let that remain and invite readers to imagine what that means.

    Regarding posting a photo, it is sooo essential. I'm a dating coach and before I got married, I had my share of online dating adventures. Guys without photos.....huh? They need to look up the definition of "social media."

    And as for the advertisers, you know the ones (although you've obviously been more discerning and NOT friended them) who remind, nudge, hard sell every coupla days, crowding my inbox --- just begging me to hit delete? THOSE people drive me nuts.

    And, that said, there is fine line, which I'm trying to find between being THAT person that inspires a delete on the other side and really, truly providing useful information. It's a process....

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