Jessica Tuck
Jessica Tuck has appeared on HBO's True Blood since 2008.

Amongst Salem's cache of teenagers on Days of our Lives is one Chad Woods (played by Casey Deidrick) -- father of Mia's dearly-departed baby, Java Café employee, Gabi's new love interest, general raconteur. And if you've watched the show at all in these last few months (we know you have!), you know that Chad's father is none other than the town's District Attorney (portrayed by David "Joe Isuzu" Leisure). What we DON'T know is ... where has Chad's mother been this whole time?


Well, wonder no more: Soap Opera Digest is reporting that daytime veteran Jessica Tuck -- who most recently costarred as Megan Gordon Harrison on One Live to Live from 1988 until 1992 (plus more recent visits in "spirit form") -- has been cast as Chad's mother. Little is known about Mama Woods (is she even still married to the DA?), except that she'll first appear in Salem on April 7th.


Jessica has been very busy in TV since leaving OLTL; among her credits are stints on Judging Amy, Cold Case, and Boston Legal -- and, most recently, recurring roles on TNT's Saving Grace and HBO's True Blood.


Watch for Jessica to hit the Salem canvas on April 7th -- and keep checking for more info on her character as it develops!


What do you think brings Chad's mom to Salem?



Fri, Feb 19 - 3:19 am

I absolutely love chad! so i am very excited to see what his mother is going to offer! :) but i agree with the person that commented b4 me. the sydney storyline is gettting out of hand. it needs to come to an end! but i disagree on getting bo and hope back together. i never like them as a couple. i absolutely love bo and carly!

Thu, Feb 18 - 9:09 am

I hope Chads mom brings some real excitement to the show because this show is soooo boring. I am REALLY tired of this baby storyline...get it over with. Get Hope & Bo back together where they belong.

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