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Hearing / Tinnitus Test

This hearing test will allow you to establish which frequency your tinnitus noise is ringing. We will then be able to supply you with certain self selected therapies for the noise in your ear.



1) The hearing test (below) is a 'flash movie' and MAY take upto a minute to load. Please be patient.
2) Not all computer loudspeakers are capable of playing back the entire frequency range. For a detailed hearing test, contact us

When clicking the buttons within the test please note that it will make a sound.
TO TURN IT OFF: Click the button again, this will toggle the sound to off.



How to complete the Test

  1. Listen to the various pitch levels by pressing the various frequency buttons
    (100 Hz11000 Hz).

  2. Note the frequency that is closest to the sound in your ear.
  3. Now you know your frequency you can choose the best cause of action to help yourself:
    1. Select the CD best suited to your masking need
    2. Call us about having a detailed test with one of our national team
    3. Stop your tinnitus getting worse - buy some good earplugs / ear defenders

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