Now Is The Time To Invest In Your Business

Posted on January 26, 2010 8:00 AM by Joel Comm

This is a fantastic time. I know it might not feel that way. If you're stuck in a job you hate, if you're scared you'll get a call from a boss holding a pink slip, if you're worried about your pension, college fees, or even paying the mortgage on a house that's now worth only a fraction of what you paid for it three years ago, this doesn't feel like a fantastic time.

But it really is.

It's a fantastic time because for the first time, we all have the power to change our lives.

We've been told this a thousand times before. Motivational speaker after motivational speaker has taken to the stage and told audiences that they can take their lives in their hands and do whatever they want. All they have to do is believe.

JUST believe?

I don't think so.

Yes, believing is a key component to living your dreams.

But you get very little from just believing you'll have success. You CAN, however, get a lot from working for success.

And that's what's changed. Once, to take your life and your future into your hands meant first building up a giant nest egg then being prepared to invest it in a business. But the Internet now means that you can start a business with nothing.

You don't need money to make money any more. You don't need to buy a website. You don't need to pay for equipment. You don't have to invest a dime if you don't want to.

You just have to be prepared to pick up the tools that Internet marketers and companies have made available and put them to use.

You have to put ads around your content and test them until they're working at their most efficient. You have to choose affiliate products and promote them to an audience of people who might want to buy them. You have to turn your knowledge into information products and offer them on sales pages. You have to build an audience and a market, and use all of the channels that exist online to extract revenue from that market.

None of this is rocket science. None of this is very expensive, especially compared to the costs involved in building a brick and mortar business. And none of it will happen overnight. But it can happen to anyone who's prepared to put in the hours, learn the skills and work to bring the results.

Times have always been fantastic for people who already had money. But now it's a fantastic time for anyone who wants success, and has only time and effort to invest to get it. That's an amazing change.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. JR Griggs Says:

    Sadly it has been tough to get many people to see this but it's true. Now more than ever you have so much opportunity to do something for yourself and even if it starts slow, it's better than unemployment. I decided 2 years ago that I was tired of working for companies with no clue who eventually went out of business. Best business decision I've ever made!

  2. Entrepreneur Says:

    Agreed - there is money to be made on the internet but it's only there for those internet entrepreneurs who have drive & are willing to put in the effort & commitment to succeed.

  3. Debra Matthews Says:

    This is so true Joel.

    It's also a great time for aspiring entrepreneurs to buy an existing web based business where they can apply their knowledge and experience to take it to the next level. There are some fantastic opportunities out there and now is a great time to buy while asking prices are still relatively low.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Joel,
    great article,
    one of the first product that ever bought was yours "Adsense" 1-2etc
    thanks to that, and your great tips I was able to get something in return:
    "adsense income"

    one of the choices that preople make to EARN

    thank you

  5. Sonia C. Says:

    I agree. With hard work and dedication anything is possible. I have been consistently researching and using affiliate programs, ads, content articles etc. on my blogs for many years and I wont give up. I have a passion and dream and I know that one day I will achieve all my goals. Positive attitude and mind frame are also key for me.

    Thanks Joel for sharing such a powerful post. It reminds me to never give up no matter what!

  6. Kevin Anderson Says:

    Great post. What people need to do is get out of the 4 hours a week, make a million a year mindset. Can it be done absolutely, will it happen right off the bat, no.

    Put in some time and effort, educate yourself, and IMPLEMENT what you learn. You most likely will fail a few times, and that is ok. Keep at it until you find the right thing for you. Like Joel said it is not expensive to get started and try things, but the reward for those who persevere is tremendous!

  7. Brad Fuller Says:

    Believing that something will happen for you doesn't cut the mustard unless you get up and make it happen. Believing that you can succeed if you put some effort out is what counts. I am retired but don't want to stop doing something to help with the retirement income. Using the internet is a natural way to accomplish that.

  8. Carlos Says:

    Lately I have been delving into and discussing all kinds of ways to make money over the internet with various internet marketers and while I agree with your basic premise Joel, for sure, I think internet marketing (or starting an online business) can sidetrack us easily into spending our time and effort in trying various techniques for success that do not involve the most fundamental technique of all.

    Providing value for people's money or time.

    Once someone makes the decision to start an internet business they can easily get caught in the trap of trying this or that technique to internet success that violates this basic principle of successful businesses.

    I am thinking of things like using automated tools that spit out splogs (what value do they provide to the end consumer?).

    Things like spinning the same article 100 different ways (what value does it provide to the end reader to read the same article spun 100 different ways?).

    Forum and blog posts that add no value and are made primarily if not entirely to get a backlink or to point to our sites.

    These types of techniques do not give real value to the end consumer of our information or services and as such they are destined to eventually fail.

    I've had to retrench my own efforts and ask myself...what value am I providing through whatever technique I am using? If I can't honestly answer that question I have to drop what is not providing value in my desire to achieve internet success and get back to the basics of good business. Give the customer good value in return for their money or their time.


  9. Coco Jackson Says:

    thanks to YOU Joel for teaching this info. I wish others would do the same so we can help those in Haiti and beyond. Peace & Prosperity, Coco House of Romance

  10. Aqif Says:

    Hey there Joel.
    I do agree with you that to start making money online is no cost. But most of the problem face by the individual is "How To" and applying it.

    Perhaps you can share some of your experience in your first making money through the internet? I'm sure that most of them will inspired and take action at least to see the same result.

    To your success Joel

  11. keek Says:

    This is so true...All the great artists have succeeded because of the times they were in, they were extra motivated. This is what is waiting for all of us...Good luck to you all!

  12. The Real IM Says:

    Joel, the biggest problem is that many people that like to be named as internet marketers in fact are not. Maybe they earn some dimes on the internet but what they really want is sell courses, videos, ebooks to the beginers.

    They are not telling the truth to the beginers. Many like Howies, Armands and other are saying that you can have a ton of traffic, the most important thing on the internet, for a penny and overnight.

    That is not the truth.

  13. Best Afiliate Niche Says:

    It's true, it seems like we've tradded time for money. You can start an entire Affiliate Marketing Business for the cost of a web-site ($10.00). There are now TONS of free tools you can use to help with keyword research. It takes time to write articles, but if you pick a niche that you're familiar with, you can go much faster.

    It just all takes time, and a willingness to succeed!

  14. Sammy Says:

    I love your posts Joel, hopefully one day I will be able to put all the pieces together and earn a living online like you. Thanks for your inspiration

  15. luis Says:

    Gracias Joel, muy cierto la informacion, he comenzado algunos emprendimientos pero niguno me ha funcionado, que hacer ahora?

  16. Johan Young Says:

    Thanks Joel, very inspiring and encouraging. I just started this field (internet marketing) February 2009, and thank God I've got the results, although not so much. But this morning, when I read your article, I was given a new spirit to motivate myself to get more back from the internet marketing.

  17. PP Says:

    Nice words Joel.

    You could put it shorter like this - "success is 20% knowledge, 80% action."

    It is nice to have a reminder once in a while sometimes about this stuff...

  18. Gillian Says:

    Yes, this is exactly how I feel, thanks for the reminder about testing which I tend to forget.

    I love the opportunities available on the Internet (with work and application) to anyone nowadays. Don't forget though, that in the majority of the world there is barely enough to eat and computers are a rare commodity. So lets be grateful for the lives we live right now and the good fortune that gives us the ability to work like this.

  19. Liz Says:

    Thanks fot this Joel.
    The agency I work for is closing at the end of the month and I was feeling a little despondent - wishing I'd worked harder on my two websites but overcome by inertia (if that's possible.
    Yesterday I got calls from two agencies offering me work and a definite instruction for this Friday, so things are not so bleak.
    However, what it's taught me, is that I should never again rely on 'outside' for income.
    I've resolved to work harder on my websites - starting now - on the basis that if I can earn $600 a month off them, I can earn two or three times that - they've been running on autopilot for a long time but now is the time to take the future into my own hands.
    I resolve to spend at least one hour a day writing for my websites - that way, I can become less dependent on others and wholly dependent on me.

    Thanks again Joel - it really struck a chord because what I do is precisely what you outline - write content, place ads and a bit of affiliate stuff and create eCourses for free download to drive more traffic.

  20. james richardson Says:

    With millions of people competing online, easy is an understatement. For a newbie you are faced with a blend of crap content and excellent content. Every where we look, there is a new and better product.

    Most of us have full time jobs, and have very limited time. For a experienced marketer it does probably seem easy. The online population gravitates towards experts that have proof through jv support, money amounts, first page listings, and outrageous you tube views.

    All of us beginners of frustrated marketers do not trust each other. We sub consciously know that we are all here to make money, and or get exposure for our site. A lot of people visit peoples pages just to leave a trail back to theirs.

    In this time, you have to out shine all of the beginners and newbies to see money. Product creation does seem like the best way to go. I am working on my first product creation. I don't have too much technical experience so I will need to outsource a lot of the work.

    Website design, sales copy, affiliate tools. That will probably cost over 10k right. I wish I could pay for seminar after seminar to network, but need that money for outsourcing.

    Make sure you digg Joel's posts. Joel is the real deal. Highly intelligent, well connected, experienced, honest with lots of integrity. Thanks for existing online...

  21. Michael Wilson Says:

    You've hit the nail on the head - the time is perfect for investing in yourself and your business ... with just time and desire.

    A small budget helps, but a big budget is no longer a requirement to getting into business.

    Let's borrow from Nike and take a step past the pure motivational speakers:

    Just Believe ... and ... Just Do It


  22. SEO Gnome Says:

    Hey Joel,

    I absolutely agree with this. I have been telling clients for the last few years that if they don't have an Internet presence, they are losing out big time on this extremely efficient way to grow their business.

    Sadly, there are a lot of people out there who still are under the false impression that if they build a website, the world will beat a path to their door. This is simply not true. Having a successful online business doesn't take much in the way of money, but there is still a LOT of work involved. Though probably still less than running a brick and mortar business.

    SEO Gnome

  23. David Cobb Says:

    Hi Joel,
    So true. The hardest part is in the actual doing. I'd heard of Adsense but couldn't get my head around the concept. I saw a current affairs report and added it to my original website and forgot about it.
    I have never promoted that website, but when I checked my Adsense account 12 months later, I had $9.90 in there.
    That's when I got excited. I already write articles for another site that doesn't have Adsense, and that site comes up regularly in the top 5 organic results on Google search. If I can do that for sites that show Adsense ads and people search find and click then the sky is the limit.
    Since then I've grabbed every book about Adsense and contextual advertising that I could find and I'm trying to follow them as much as possible.
    It's not hard but it does take a bit of work, however following in the footsteps of people like you that have already done it, makes it a whole lot easier.
    You are an inspiration, so thanks again and keep up the good work.

    David Cobb

  24. Demola Adegbola Says:

    Thank for this Joel

    I believe that life is all about success. One of the principles that guide life is the principles of success. That means that you have to go through a season of life, after which you begin to manifest.

  25. Robert N. Loss Says:

    After reading your post, your comments are spot on! Biggest problem people have is taking action - instead they worry about why things may not work and when someone takes action. They need to utilize all tools available to them through relationships they may already have and by leveraging their knowledge as well. The most important thing here is to "Just Do It".

    Bob - The Amwell Agency

  26. debra Says:

    Hi Joel!

    It seems so providental to have read this post just now. I was just talking to someone who shot down all my suggestions for building a site by using what is available. Even shot down my suggestion of creating content while searching for his ideal solution to getting a site on the web.

    I believe that if Internet business is the boat, then you need to use both oars to keep it moving: positive thinking AND action. Would I love to have the funds to pay for a whiz bang web site with guarantees in place? Of course, who wouldn't? But I don't. So I work with what is available to me, as well as studying stuff like your blogs/books, and am working faithfully at creating content. Action based on belief of success: that's having both oars in the water!

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