What Should I Do With FamilyFirst.com?

Posted on February 19, 2010 2:07 AM by Joel Comm

I've been creating content-based websites since 1995.

My first site, WorldVillage.com, was one of the first 25,000 sites on the web. My team is currently working on a fresh design that should be ready to launch early March.

My bargain-hunting site, DealofDay.com, has been around since 1999. One of the first coupon code sites on the web, it has recently gone through a redesign and continues to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.

But not all my sites are up to date. And I am seeking your opinion as to what I should do with it.

FamilyFirst.com has also been online since 1999.

For many years, the site featured a daily review of a family-friendly website. It was kind of a "cool site of the day" for sites that would be appropriate for families.

The bad news is the site has not been updated much for over a year and the current design is nothing special.

The good news is that the site gets tons of organic search engine traffic. There are over 3000 pages that receive approximately 1300 unique visits each day.

I've received a number of offers to buy the domain over the years, but I've wanted to hold on to it. I really like the domain and have always believed that the site has great potential.

We're going to be taking a very close look at FamilyFirst.com in the next couple weeks and trying to determine what direction we should take it.

I would love to have your opinion.

What would YOU do with FamilyFirst.com if it were yours?

Click Here to View FamilyFirst.com

Be creative. Think outside the box. In fact, demolish the box.

Leave your ideas for me in the comments below.

Let the creative juices flow!

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  1. jason l. baptiste Says:

    hey joel,

    Ramamia is doing something pretty interesting things in the family space (new version launching in March). I have some good ideas if you're open to listening?


  2. Scott Dennison Says:


    My first thought is to convert this into a WPMU application and market it to families as a low cost way to share their family news with friends. So I could have my own low cost (maybe free) family site like, http://familyfirst.com/commfamily.

    A place to post my pics - updated "Christmas letter" sort of copy but ongoing throughout the year and even pull in my tweets if I want to share those with family.

    For you - it'd be a powerful source of links to whatever you choose...

    Just my $.02 anyway...


  3. taural Says:

    Hi Joel!

    I couldn't help but notice that there was no content about things like family friendly social networks or about family friendly multi-media sites.
    Those might be some neat topic areas to add....

    ...however, if you'd like to radically change the site, I'd suggest coming up with a regular (multimedia?)guide for parents and children using and enjoying the web together. There are already lots of sites out there to help warn parents about the dangers online, but very few that empahsize how to positively enjoy the web TOGETHER with their children.

    ...anyhow, best of luck with this one!

  4. Doug Champigny Says:

    Two routes I'd consider, Joel - One is to break it into sections and invite hobbyists/related website owners to edit the site for the prestige. Let those with a passion for the sub-niche handle the contents and reviews. Keeps it updated without tying up your time or requiring any further financial outlay.

    The other option I'd think about is taking it high-tech, switching to video reviews of the sites. It doesn't take any longer to do a screen-capture video of the site, commenting as narrator as you navigate it. Gives access to the media directories while giving enhanced content to your visitors.

  5. Brad Says:

    With a name like family first I would think building/adding features related to the family would be best ... family vacations, kid friendly resorts, family activities, resources for families in need, parenting information, information for teens, reviews on family friendly products, etc.

  6. Bobby Says:

    I don't know about your faith or belief. But seeing something about Family first makes me think of relationship in the family.
    So probably if you are liberal, include or touch on relationships in the family, religion and family or faith and family.
    The statistics around the world prove that families are having problems and even crumbling - Look at the divorce rate.
    Church and religious or faith leaders are inclusive.

    I'd think that would be an interesting area

  7. Leslie Montgomery Says:


    My Tip of the Day would be to Change the Background Color to the blue family...a color between the Caribbean and the Pacific.

  8. Kushal Says:

    I think this website has great potential for regular monthly revenue. I own a content writing and translation company, and we would love to put up good original articles on this website on a daily or weekly basis.

    Since you're the Adsense guru, I think you could make great use of the content I provide on it for free. We could split the revenue.

  9. Savon Pools Says:

    Change the "Ugly Green" to "Pleasing Blue" -
    Each catagory should have two subcatagories:
    Articles & Links = current content
    Products = Affiliate Store Fronts
    by Pop shops, Golden Can Etc.

    You already have a PR5 Ranking, but not very well montized-

  10. Colin Says:

    Hi Joel,

    I had a quick look at the site im really busy at the moment but one thing which really annoyed me about the layout was the 300x250 adsense add in the top right because when you click on "All" in the nav bar the ad shows in front of the site links so you cant read half of the links. Could be just my IE browser?

    Ill have a look again later to see if i can think of something for you!


  11. Tim Says:

    Well Joel,

    Let me see now. At first glance of FamilyFirst.com I would mostly likely change it's color scheme, that particular shade of green can be a little rough on the eyes.

    And the 3 column layout doesn't do much for showing your content, just appears a little too busy. Now I understand as you mentioned above that you haven't done much with the website it quite some time, any reasons why?

    And yes thinking outside the box (a matter of fact destroy it entirely) and give it more family orientated look. Give your logo a bit of a face lift too.

    From a reading perspective, it's poor, giving more white-space will make reading easier. And definitely update your navigation.

    Heading colors, font sizes and colors could use a serif font preferably 14px or even larger. Or incorporate a font size control to make it easy on your readers.

    I noticed that this site appear to be static HTML pages or a different type of cms (content management system). I'd port it over to Wordpress or Joomla for ease of use on both you and your readers.

    But I can see why you have as many readers as you have. The content is fantastic and covers a wide variety of content. Kodos to you on that.

    That's about all I can see at a quick galnce. Don't Sell.
    Thanks for letting me ramble.

  12. Chris Says:

    Somehow the main page loads fine but the Adblocks on the Post pages seem to load a little Slowly. This can mean that the people see the ads rendering and they have time to know that it is an Ad meaning a little extra caution before clicking that's the first thing I would do with the site.

  13. Jay Says:

    Joel, lots of things come to mind--I prefer more images to enhance the text. Also, if this is a site for "family" I hardly think the double ads for Volusion webhosting are a profitable use of your real estate. The topics are scattered so I have a tough time focusing on anything in particular. Why not categorize the interest levels? Who comes to the site--women, or both parents. What appeals to the ones who read it the most and what were they looking for? How does the content here find a connection with the household that is reading it?
    These are observations from outside your box and as always IMHO.

  14. chris jones Says:

    Hi Joel,

    How about teaming up with a bank or mortgage lender to offer 'house deposit savings plans'. If you visitors have kids of 1,2,3 or 4years old, just think how hard it will be for them in their twenties to have a deposit to get on the property ladder. It's tough now but what's it going to be like in 20 years from now? However if they started saving now over the longterm, the investment should show real growth, plus the bank or mortgage company would show them preferential treatment because of their longterm loyalty. Even in these troubled times it is still the dream of most people in the free world to have the security of owning their own home. Longterm planning for the family may not seem very exciting but it makes a ton of sense. Please note that I do NOT sell financial products. I have more ideas so contact me if you wish. Chris Jones North Devon UK

  15. Jeroen Says:

    Hi Joel,

    How about posting tips, ideas and reviews of nice things to do with the family; attractions, restaurants, holidays etc. Target busy businessmen/women etc.


  16. Cigdem A. Kobu (aka Ms. C.A.) Says:

    First of all, the site looks too crammed. The design is cluttered and the navigation is tiring. The site definitely needs a new, simplified look. I’d go for three columns with one wider column on the left and two narrower ones side by side on the right. I’d go for the Thesis theme and optimize it according to the redesign of the content modules. That’s what we’re doing at WebRescueSquad.com.
    Green is not the right color for such a site. If you’re keen on green, I suggest a subtler, pastel tone. On the other hand, bright colors are better. Yellow and orange symbolize joy and warmth. They’re the colors suitable for a cozy living room full of family functions, nice conversation, shared activities, joy, discussions and plans for the future. They’d go well with a family theme. But they shouldn’t cover the background. They should accentuate and vitalize it in different ways. Or as an alternative, you can use a sweet tone of blue with some red (but not too much red).
    As for the categories and themes, the same problem exists. There’s a little bit of everything and not enough of anything. No subject is treated in depth. Every page is screaming ‘PLEASE BUY SOMETHING HERE!’. The concepts of ‘relationship marketing’ and ‘permission marketing’ have been neglected. I’m sure the site attracts lots of organic traffic and AdSense revenue. However, I don’t think the site has a dedicated group of visitors that keep coming back just because the content lures them. I’d rather have a smaller but high-quality, loyal group who enjoy a sense of belonging. I’d also want that group to consist of not freebie-and-cheapstake lovers but people who have higher education, well-paying jobs and who are determined, repetitive buyers. Thus, after such a group is organically attracted, I’d decrease the ads, put and propose higher-value information products or paid fixed-term online ecourses suited to the needs of such an audience.
    To be able to develop such a dedicated audience who opt in, I’d first make sure that the content is enriched. The categories should be simplified.
    All the other categories can turn into subcategories. Or if you want to simplify even further, I’d try to place each post into one of these categories without creating additional subcategories. Tags would do.
    Each category can include news about freebies, tips, tricks, site reviews, product reviews, etc.
    I’d put an Amazon Search link or box with my Amazon Associates tag. When people visit such a site, they’d also go to Amazon.com afterwards to find out about stuff mentioned in the articles. Why shouldn’t they go there through my affiliate link? Plus, specific Amazon affiliate links can be placed in the posts in the form of anchor texts.

    There are not enough graphics on the site. The only graphics are those that appear as part of the ads. You don’t feel like spending too much time on the site. I wouldn’t want to give my email address and become a member to this site. As a website visitor, I feel forced to ask, ‘What’s in for me?’ Why should I spend time here when there hundreds of other similar sites.

    I’d definitely have the logo redesigned. The guy looks slightly frustrated to me. The subliminal message that goes to the visitor isn’t a positive one.

    I’d rather have a site with less ad revenue but a better visitor profile. I don’t and would never run a site just for the sake of receiving ad revenue. I’d rather earn less but have a site I enjoy developing – a site that I’m personally proud of. The Internet is full of crappy sites. But the trend is changing fast. Bad content, hard sell tactics, solely ad-oriented SEO won’t work that well anymore. Of course, only if you want the ‘Crème de la Crème’ type of long lasting, high quality, paying visitors and customers.

    Long story short, this is part of what I’d do with this site if it were mine :)
    I think this site could turn into a bombastic one with some TLC, simplicity, higher quality content and less emphasis on ads.
    There can still be ads but they shouldn’t give the feeling it’s a ‘site for the sake of ads’. People are tired of such sites.

  17. debra Says:

    Hi Joel!

    This is a good site with lots of info. What I liked about the site is the amount of information on it: it's kind of one-stop shop for family ideas. A bit about me: I am a nine year college student who has done a lot of Internet research for classes. This site is the type I would bookmark in order to reference and get ideas. I would probably know what kind of information I was looking for when I got there; this site seems to be set up for that type of user. But what I would like is a type of index page, easy to find on the homepage. Example: one site that was invaluable to me as I took my art classes is the Web Muesem of Art (http://www.wga.hu/)
    It remains a fave site, because I used it so frequently.
    Because of the amount and variety of FamilyFirst, I think it would be good to take in the direction of a reference site. Since what is there seems geared towards parents, I think it's one parents/educators could bookmark. I'd also focus on the homeschooling crowd: they are always looking to add idea inspiring sites to their resources.

  18. Internetsalsa Says:

    I would rather come up with a site myself if I had some nice idea rather than spilling. Yes I know then will have to build a traffic, etc but that can be done.
    I think thats what goes in this arena. Don't you think???
    Nobody will share their honest opinion in this field. Correct me if I m wrong.
    I am not sure you will approve this comment but thats my opinion.
    No offense Joel..

  19. Robert Ramos Says:

    Hi Joel,
    The first thing I thought of when viewing the site, is What am I looking for? So I would say is to have a centralized theme. Highlight a product and allow navigation to flow to it. Three clicks before a person becomes disinterested. Especially if they are just browsing. Too busy. Find the central niche to family first. Go back and see where the traffic has focused their attention the most. I don't completely agree with the ads by google approach. I think affiliate links can be placed as I am sure they are, more conspicuously. So I would keep two columns up. The left side should be two columns wide and the ride remains the same. Putting the opt-in box on the right. The search engine in the header top right. and replacing what is on the left with what is on the right. Of all the articles you have listed, take one to highlight and expand upon. So for example it could say Recreation: camping. then you describe a camping trip with all the cool gadgets and places you went. Then at the end place an affiliate link. For more recreation click here and it goes to the recreation navigation of the site with other stuff offered. Be sure to interlink the website. I am primary a newsletter layout person. So I am viewing as a newsletter. this is how I would set up my front page.

  20. Jay Says:

    Geez your clever Joel, im taking note. Nice trick.

  21. Anna Says:

    Something like "Chicken Soup for the Soul". I'll help.

  22. Randy Says:

    I'd put a slogan in the headers graphic. Something like "Simple and economical tips and hints for the entire family". I have no idea what the site is about. Yes, there are category links, but they look like the adwords links just below them. For that matter, the article listings look too close to adwords themselves.

    The first page is way too busy. I like the free offer, but I'd offer something in addition to a free subscription. Perhaps a compendium of "All-Time Top 100 Great Ideas for the Family".

  23. Debra Matthews Says:

    As a business broker if I were presenting this site to a new owner, I would recommend adding an affiliate book store & movie review page allowing readers to submit their family friendly book and movie recommendations.


  24. Maria Mekus Says:

    FamilyFirst should be about real-to-life family issues, stories, challenges, solutions. One example that comes to mind - what is it like to be a stay-home-dad. Would like to see more emotion - real pictures of kids and family. Include a forum where parents could talk to each other about kid, family issues.... and get great answers. More family stories - how to work at home with little toddlers all around. How to adjust your entrepreneur desires to also having children time. Maybe some cool games, ideas on what to do with kids. Or romantic ideas with your other half.
    Maria Mekus

  25. Tim Says:

    I think I would do what you are doing and solicit great advice from everyday web surfers before deciding to revamp it. If it were mine, I might even hold a contest to see how many creative suggestions I could get. I might even selectively open it up to guest writers to add a fresh, new spin to the site.

  26. Leo Says:

    Hello Joel,

    I am from Philippines, and I start blogging last Nov. 2009. I've recieve your emails more than once, I've downloaded some of your PDF and watch your video from youtube.com.

    You really encourage me of making a blog for money, and to tell you honestly this is my fist comment to other blogs, so please be patience on me.

    FamilyFirst.Com is a cool site, for me I think you need to add more content, may be that's all I can say.

    I almost bought a domain for my blog as you suggested one of your emails, but one thing holds me is that I need to furnish my site, I keep on searching for cool template.

    I really loved to blog to make money as I'm envolve in internet marketing for more than 6 years now and as you know email marketing is now a difficult task as spamming grows worst.

    Thank you very much...

  27. Glad Says:

    OMG! My very first website in Oct. 2000, when I had no knowledge of html and barely discovered email was a kids art site "Scribbles"...you gave me a family first award!!! I had no clue it was your site until now. It looked so different back then though...now to me the home page seems too crowed.

  28. Medical Writer Says:

    Hi Joel

    I would agree with the previous comment about an Adsense revenue sharing setup but for families. Would be a neat way for families to earn a few bucks to fund the winter vacation away from home. Each family could set up their own little mini blog and share their finds on all those topics. It would allow for a more global feel as well because a family in Sweden may have different tastes to a family in the US. Instead of learning and developing content for each nation or culture, just let the families do it. Best of all it strengthens the family unit - rebellious son and hard a$$ dad in one family orientated endeavor where all will benefit.

    The other recommendation would be to develop it more towards a family health blog - these always do well. Ok, maybe I am biased as a medical writer but a health blog can appeal to the entire family. Kids health, teen health, women's health (mom) and men's health (dad). This can then include other aspects that affects the family - mental health (divorce, depression, etc) and addiction. Health generally covers every member of the family.

    Anyway just some ideas. Whatever the case I'm sure you will do well with it. Good luck!

  29. Tina Cahill Says:

    I am a mom and I would add an education forum to the website. I studied child sociology so I understand what child needs in the different development stages. However I see a lot of battles going on with parents and children as young as five years old because a parent just doesn't understand what a child needs are. Parents are always looking for ways to help their children.

  30. Tina Cahill Says:

    I just came up with the greatest idea! How about we have a family build a business together online! The program should allow a family to come up with a common business and they all have to fill roles of the business. This way sometimes the children get to be the boss. Maybe go so daring and make it so they can make real money!

  31. Marian Says:

    As the domain name suggests, it should be geared towards just that "Family First." So, strengthening the family should be the focus of the articles that should be included in the site. Also, blue would be more appealing than green.

  32. Crystal Says:

    Hi Joel!

    If this site were mine I would make a ton of changes. I would change the colors to bright and energetic colors. We want the kids to be as excited about this site as the adults. It should be a place where families can look over different topics together. Over all the site would be geared towards building strong families.
    I would create the site with three columns. The left column would be ideal for the subject tabs. They would be vertical. This would allow for larger tabs and would could allow for graphics for each of the subjects. A roll over with the mouse could allow for a short description of the tabs. This will be great for people who are first visiting the site.
    I would change the subjects for each of the tabs. Focus on the challenges that families deal with. Provide solutions for these challenges. Some examples:nutrition,how to provide cheap nutritious meals kids will eat. Entertainment, show families there is more out there than chuck e cheese and the movies. Innovative products for families. Pets- a huge % of the population have pets.
    Overall the site should feature a separation for each of the age groups. They all provide unique challenges. Toddlers and teens have different needs. Toddlers would enjoy free printable coloring pages and teens would like to get info on new gadgets and current events that relate to them.

    The center column would feature 4 to 6 featured articles. Keep in mind that the graphics will make a site look less like a chore to read over. I would like to see these change or rotate each time the page is loaded to allow for fresh content every visit. So if someone goes to the site 3x a day they see different articles written.
    But I would only use about a third of the current text on the landing page. Look at the way the Yahoo does their main page.
    The third column would be be for your google ads as well as other quick fun links to other sites. Also the search option. Alot of what is in the third column now is good.

    The header I would make larger and bolder. Eliminate the ad to the right. A row of ads below is fine.

    I would keep the background white and avoid the rectangle in the center. It makes it look small.
    Work your coupon site into a scrolling link updating with new coupons available.
    And a foum wouldnt hurt. People love to talk about their kids. And parents are full of advise they can share with each other.

    Just a few idea. I could come up with them all day.


  33. Mark W Says:

    Hi Joel,

    Greetings from 'Down-under'.

    Your domain name really caught my attention:


    Might give you some ideas.


  34. Richard Says:

    Joel, since you are one of the few people that I have learn't a lot from and have been able to make money from what you taught without holding back. What I suggest you should do is to turn it into a site which mainly focuses on family matters and tips where people can share family related tips and concerns such as child raising, educational matters, legal issues, and other form of family related matters. I hope these tips will provide you with ideas on what you could do with the site.

    Thanks once again Joel for restoring my trust in internet markerters.


  35. Russell Says:

    Howdy Joel,

    If it were mine to do with as I pleased, I would maintain the current content as well as converting it into THE premier family friendly social networking site.

    Once you have a number of families socializing there, you can let them do the reviews which were the original purpose of the site. Have a page where they can submit reviews of family friendly sites... your staff just has to go through and choose one that is well written each day.

    Maintain the backlog of user submitted ones, and no matter what you do with the site you will soon have months worth of reviews in the queue.

  36. Matthew Says:

    You need some family involvement, or pictures. My wife is great with pictures and design. We could be part of your team from a small town in California.

  37. Red Reporter Says:

    Hi Joel

    First, thanks for allowing us to drive you in the direction we want to go - it's refreshing!

    OK A quick glance at Quantcast's results for your sites reveals some cool information.

    1) 64% of your traffic comes from people over the age of 35 (equally split between 35-49s and the 50+) which would equate to parents and grandparents looking for online stuff to do with their children/grandchildren
    Although 13% comes from the 13-17 age group which could imply teens looking for games to play.

    2) Your site seems to attract almost 50% more people in the lower price bracket ($0-30K) when compared to other comparable sites - which would / could reinforce the 'free' aspect.

    3) 86% of your visitors have no to some college.

    Nothing else seems to spring from Quantcast's results apart from the estimated visits of 6.7K per month.

    Color change - most certainly
    Logo change - It's about family so get a family up there.
    Navigation - change tabs to age groups ( is there a 'family friendly' logo/stamp available - if so, only advertize those websites)
    Change font size - it's kinda small

    Personally, I'd reduce the number of adsense blocks, it's an information site - if it needs to make income then affiliate market some products that you write up as tests. (admittedly I currently do not use adsense - thus I can't really comment)

    Add forums for different age groups (come down heavy on bad attitude / language / spam etc)

    Photo album area for family snapshots (or is that too risky?)

    user generated content - story wall, video, their own tricks n tips

    I think that about covers it.

    Can't wait for the revamp

    Thanks Joel

  38. Chuck Says:

    You can use it to get rid of most of the crimes in America like murder, rape and kidnapping. It will also get rid of a lot of misery that comes before the above crimes. Teach people the right way to raise babies. This is the described in The Baby Book by Dr Sears, M.D., his wife an R.N. and 3 MDs that are their kids. This approach is called attachment parenting and includes baby wearing. It is also taught in the book decades ago called The Continuum Concept. This is the way children have been raised for many hundreds of thousands of years.

  39. Ronald Evans Says:

    I'd develop your familyfirst.com site as a family gift-giving website that puts family members (with imminent birthdays and Christmases etc) first. Family members can develop their profiles, post their gift-wishes and body measurements etc. Other family members who live remotely to the family can secretively (unseen by the future gift-recipient) check what gifts are being planned and accordingly give useful gifts. In this way, wasteage and useless gift-giving is reduced significantly.

  40. Emer Says:

    Hi, Joel. Thanks for the great info that you sent (still reading it); & allowing me to give feedback about FamilyFirst. Whatever you do, don't sell your domain. It would present a unique opportunity for you & anyone who visits.

    The layout & content seem rather impersonal - cramped text & excessive advertising. How about setting this up as a way to share family experiences (starting with your "family first")?

    Each family could be independent contractors, as well as the "topics". Considering the current state of our economy & skyrocketing unemployment, your site could create new jobs by helping them to monetize their experiences - "job creation" via social revenue sharing.

  41. Ricardo Weatherly Says:

    If the site has been around since 1999
    with a loyal following; I would turn
    the website into a paid membership.


  42. VA Mortgage Guidelines Says:

    I think the overall structure is brilliant and is probably why you get high volume traffic. The link structure is impressive too.

    Three columns on the home page is distracting and the color is not so good. The content might be a little "hipper" as I would focus/target parents and kids ages 9 to 15. That age group is really advanced thinking and it is just before they get out of hand.

    Honestly Joel, other than the color and the three columns on the home page it is a great site! If it's not broke, don't fix it.

    I do want to thank you for this experience. You are always teaching. I have looked at my sites and now I know they really suck! Good Grief!

  43. Connor Ferster Says:

    Hi Joel,

    I agree with Scott Dennison (one of the first comments) on building it more like a social networking page for families where families can create their own little site to share family news.

    The fact that you are getting ~1000 visitors a day is really nice. How many of those are repeat visits? How cool would it be to multiply that number by having all of those visitors using your site regularly by having it become more of a 'family hub' type of site? With 1000 visitors/day, you could really make an explosive social networking site. You would be spending a lot more effort building the thing but I think it could pay off in spades in ways that go way beyond Adsense revenue.

    Best regards!

    p.s. Thank you so much for the Secret Classroom DVD set I purchased when it was first released in 2007. It has helped me and my business SOO much and I constantly use it as a 'desk reference' for whenever I'm working on a new project. The Secret Classroom, along with Perry Marshall's Renaissance Club newsletter and the SYSTEM seminar are the single most useful pieces of information that I have ever purchased on internet marketing. I just wanted to take the time to say, "Thank you" as it was worth every penny of the original ~$700 purchase price.

  44. Kevin Puls Says:

    Something this aged should be held onto, since it's built, and has content.

    So, you want honesty, right?

    Well, here is my BRUTAL honesty- ready?

    A redesign is in order...

    1- Opt in on the RIGHT side (above the fold, of course), not where it currently is (on the left, near the bottom of the fold).

    2- Colors. I'd add some blues and subtle oranges to accent- the green is overwhelming. Think color psychology.

    3- If you plan on keeping this as a branded, Infomedia, Inc, portal- have a video squeeze page of you. Followers of you know that you are Christian (not like you hide that, not in these blog posts, right?) and they know what you stand for.

    4- The pages look a little too busy. Green rectangular blocks separating each post... Need so soften in up, make them (maybe) elongated/rectangular ovals.

    5- I know that you mentioned in this post that the site hadn't been touched in a while. Is there any way to automate your updates? I have some software (again, me with my shameless plugs- ha, ha) that COULD help in that aspect. For example, I know know that I have left my two blogs collecting dust, but only since this past holiday. However, I had a friend of mine send me a request asking me to rate his own site. Had two months worth of posts- May & June of 2009... What the heck? As you know frequency is vital, especially if you wanna sell it (or, just hand it over to me & I'll work it- ha, ha, ha).

    6- Under the people tab/page... how about interviewing prominent people in the "family" niche? You have a big enough brand, so getting their attention won't be hard. Heck, it took me over six months to interview you for my own blog.

    7- Rearrange the tabs/pages, since it's name id Family First, I would put "People" tab/page closer to the Home tab/page.

    8- Engagement... How about adding a blog so folks can contribute their opinions & maybe get to plug their family-friendly goods, products & services? heck, even just a simple video submission option.
    Just a thought.

    9- One last idea... use IFP to survey the site's current visitors & see what they want out of the site, increase your (great) tool's sales. I'm not saying this because I am an affiliate (which I am), because I have NOTHING to gain from this suggestion.

  45. Tandrea Says:

    familyfirst.com needs a redesign and my family based content

  46. Josh Says:

    Take one of the offers and then focus your time [and that newfound money] where it can be better spent in the core of your business and what you do best. Often we get caught up salvaging old projects when we should be either moving on to bigger and better things or focusing our energies on the things that are working well for us. It's the entrepreneurs curse I've heard it called Entrepreneurialitis and I personally call it MIS - Multiple Idea Syndrome. MIS-use of time, MIS-use of energy and MIS-use of money.

  47. Colin Says:

    Hi again as promised! I have had a good look at the site now and i have a design idea for you. I was looking at infomediainc.com yesterday and i was thinking that the big sliding rectangle would be a cool feature if you were to use it for familyfirst website (You could have all the new content from each category slide along but have ads in every 3-4 slide mabye). When a user get to the site they can instantly see whats new in each category without clicking anything!! I think the navbar would work best directly below this.
    Ive read some of the comments above and i agree with a Blue colour scheme
    Best of Luck Joel,


  48. Kate Says:

    Ah, Joel, would that I had a site up with which to connect...My mission is kid content that I create based on my many years experience as a teacher!!

    I've got Secret Classroom & the Internet Bootcamp, so thank you for helping me get closer & closer to my dream!!

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