Who’s Talking About You and Your Sites?

Wouldn’t it be great to know when others are talking about you or your web sites? Sure, blogs have pingbacks, but unless there is a link, you won’t know about it. Thanks to Google Alerts you can get a daily update whenever your personal name, business or site url is mentioned anyway. I’ve been using [...]

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Want Your Own $100,000 Media Buying Coach?

As marketers, we all learn to adjust to what’s making the most money. In the beginning there was email marketing, many focused on search marketing… and the latest craze is media buying. The reason why you have seen banner ads all over the place for weight loss ads and rebill offers, is because the most [...]

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Been Scammed by a Local Search Agency?

One of our clients was approached by a snake oil SEO vendor—wanting to charge obscene amounts to list them in a directory that has no traffic. Below is our analysis with the charlatan’s name removed. You’ll probably think you know them, but that’s just because there are so many of [...]

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My Google Adwords Account Was Banned!

This guest by Jonathan Volk, a 20-something super affiliate who makes over $300,000 per month using pay per click advertising platforms. Feel free to check out his blog for killer information on all things that deal with Making Money Online.
This last week I must have had 10 or so people contact me on AIM letting [...]

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If Today Was Your Last Day

What would happen to your business if you were gone? Being an entrepreneur (especially with an online business), can hold some tough realizations about how the “day to day operations” were to run if you were no longer around. Unlike regular 9-5 jobs, or careers that can be trained into, we’ve spent our lives being [...]

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