The KaChing Button App for iPhone and iPod Touch

You’ve seen The Easy Button.

You’ve seen Woo Button.

And you may have even seen The Hallelujah Button.

But you’ve never seen anything like The KaChing Button!

Everybody love’s KaChing… it’s the sound that is made when money is on the way!

Did you sell a product?

Push the KaChing button and celebrate!

Did you just get your paycheck?

It’s KaChing, baby!

Did you come up with a million dollar idea?

That’s big time KaChing!

The KaChing Button will make you smile every time you hear the sound of cash pouring down like pennies from heaven.

And best of all the App is now FREE!


  • Customize the button to show one of 4 different currency symbols.
  • Hours of fun.

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