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Yearly Summaries

Jack's PR consultant Carmen Mesta was murdered and everyone was a suspect! Still reeling from the loss of Cassie, Nick and Sharon found solace in the arms of others. Brad's true history was revealed sending shockwaves throughout Genoa City residents, and much, much more!

It was the crash heard around Genoa City! Cassie's death left an impact that shattered lives; Sheila's return proved diabolical for Lauren and Michael; Terrible Tom dropped a bomb -- literally; Brittany left town; Lily and Daniel formed a forbidden relationship; Nikki was kidnapped by the mob; and so much more!

Sharon started the year off with a bang by hitting Cameron with a champagne bottle and presuming him dead; Jack was headed further into a downward spiral when he and Phyllis called it quits; J.T. pursued his rock star dreams and headed out to the West Coast; Nikki was forced to re-live the tragedy of her accidentally shooting a little boy at her 5th birthday party; Jill's birth father Arthur returned to town; Alcoholism hit Kay very hard; Malcolm shocked everyone with his return; Michael and Kevin's mother Gloria came to town; Phyllis's son Daniel moved to Genoa City.

Nick catches Victor and Sharon kissing! Sharon leaves town; Chris returns. Jill finds out Kay is her mother! Brittany strips. Ashley is in a devastating car crash. Neil and Dru wed.

Mac and Billy broke up, and Billy started dating Danielle on the rebound. Phyllis suffered severe side effects from her fertility drugs, and had no choice but to discontinue the treatment. Victor decided he needed to go on a soul-searching journey before formally asking Nikki to be his wife once more

Billy realized that staying pals with Mac while dating Brittany was doing Mac more harm than good.

Megan's wedding day ended in tragedy when Tricia hit Tony on his motorcycle while backing out of the driveway.

Victor won his divorce from Diane by agreeing to award her a seat on the board of Newman Enterprises.

At Tony's urging, Grace revealed to Sharon that Cassie was the daughter she gave up for adoption.

On New Year's Eve, Danny surprised Phyllis by proposing marriage and she quickly accepted.

By the start of 1996, Amy Wilson had recovered from her mental trauma.

In early 1995, while on a date with Sharon, Matt Clark trapped her in his car and raped her.

Victor Newman and Nikki were shocked to learn that the daughter, Victoria, and Cole Howard had eloped to Vegas in early 1994. Upon their return, Victor revealed that Cole was his son, which forced an annulment.

In court for a sexual harassment suit at the beginning of 1993, Michael Baldwin shocked Chris by submitting an illicit photo of Danny with Rebecca. Michael then proceeded to suggest that Chris and Danny were experiencing marital difficulties.

As 1992 started, Molly Carter continued to be a threat to her daughter, Sheila. Things got worse for Sheila when Paul Williams started snooping around the hospital, asking questions about a baby-switch.

As 1991 began, Cassandra Rawlins slipped Brad Carlton a potent drug that rendered him unconscious. She then flew him to Las Vegas, where a groggy Brad married Cassandra in a quickie ceremony.

In 1990, Jack Abbot decided to get revenge against Victor Newman for buying Jabot by marring Victor's ex, Nikki. Jack's first order of business was to take Nikki's mind off of her current boyfriend, Jim Grainger, and put it on himself.

While Lauren and Jack were on a skiing getaway weekend, Lauren noticed Brad's ex-wife, Lisa. Suspicious of Brad's prolonged disappearance, Lauren, on a hunch, followed Lisa and discovered that she was holding Brad prisoner in a cage in a remote cabin.

The mysterious Faren regained her memory and arranged to reconcile with her first husband, Evan, and to be a mother to their daughter, Betsy. Evan's housekeeper and lover, Janet, felt rejected by Evan because he had promised to marry her.

Lauren placed a personals ad in the newspaper, which was designed to discover Faren's true identity. Thanks to the ad, a man showed up, who introduced himself as Evan.

Shawn Garrett forced a pregnant Lauren to divorce Paul Williams and move in with him by threatening to have Paul killed by a professional hit man. After moving in with Shawn, Lauren tried to contact Paul and let him know she still loved him.

After discovering that the mob, headed by Mr. Anthony, had a contract on him, Tyrone Jackson disguised himself as a white man named Robert. Tyrone also used the disguise to infiltrate the mob so that he could obtain valuable information about their dealings and ultimately destroy them.

After a spiteful Alison revealed that Victor Newman was the true father of Nikki's baby, Nikki's husband, Kevin, left town. Meanwhile, Nikki continued to be in the dark about the real paternity of her daughter.

Nikki resumed stripping at The Bayou, which was hurting for business. Her husband, Kevin was outraged, but Nikki continued stripping.

In 1982, Jill became romantically involved with Andy Richards, a handsome physical education instructor. But the more Jill got to know Andy, the more she wanted to change him.

After Julia Newman became pregnant, Victor began taping his wife's conversations with her lover, Michael Scott. When Victor's suspicion that Julia and Michael were lovers was confirmed, he trapped Michael in a bomb shelter in the basement of his ranch home.

Victor Newman, sensing a closeness between Julia and Brock that went beyond friendship, became jealous. Julia agreed to stay with Victor, provided he commit completely to their marriage.

Although Katherine was once again living as Derek's wife, she worried that he would eventually leave her. To keep Derek tied to her, Katherine appointed him head of Chancellor Industries.

Newlyweds Lance and Lorie quickly sped through the honeymoon stage of their marriage and found themselves saddled with a major problem. Surprisingly, it wasn't Vanessa and her jealous feelings towards Lorie.

Lance Prentiss found a summer home for his mother, Vanessa, in Genoa City. Vanessa wore a veil over the lower part of her face, supposedly to cover a horrific scar that she had received while rescuing Lance from a fire five years earlier.

The Brooks family desperately tried to locate Leslie, who was still tucked away as "Jane Doe" in the New York mental hospital. Lorie, however, wasn't shedding any tears for her missing sister.

On the night of a major piano concert in Detroit, Leslie Brooks received a devastating blow. Anxious for emotional support from the man whom she loved, Leslie sent word to Brad, inviting him to attend.

Chris Foster was still traumatized by her rape and refused to have sex with Snapper even though she loved him very much. Snapper showed a great deal of patience and respect for Chris, offering her emotional support but finding his own sexual pleasure with Sally McGuire.

Fantasies of starting over with a completely new life are rarely fulfilled, but Dr. Brad Eliot was swept into his without forethought. Distraught because the son of his fiancee, Barbara Anderson, died while he was operating on him, Brad Eliot walked away from his medical practice as a psychiatrist and neurosurgeon.