Intro to Affiliate Marketing with “Affiliate Marketing 101″

Want to learn the secrets of affiliate marketing? Sure, we all do… but do you already have a grasp on the basics? Many affiliates are starting out in the industry quickly find themselves overwhelmed with too much information, and trying too many methods of advertising without properly understanding them. Are you already mastered in the art of Social Media, PPC, PPV and Media Buying? If not, Jonathan Volk’s new “Affiliate Marketing 101” guide is what you have been looking for.

Don’t worry about a hidden free trial or monthly billing costs… there are none! Jonathan has spent the time to create a short, but effective 17 chapter guide on affiliate marketing. Also, as a reader, you aren’t limited by having to read on a PDF format, it’s all online. What I personally like about the guide is that it doesn’t drag on, and provide you with wasted reading time. It’s a good read, and will keep you interested while learning.

Affiliate Marketing 101 - Here’s what you get.

Learn the complete how-to for PPC, PPV, Media Buying, And Social Media Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing 101 Learn the techniques I have used to personally generate over $4,000,000 in affiliate commissions!

In this guide I go over the who, what, where, when, and why of affiliate marketing. I then take you step by step to learn pay per click affiliate marketing, Pay per view (cost per view) affiliate marketing, social media marketing (facebook ads), and finally media buying.

Download your free copy of Affiliate Marketing 101 Now.

Be sure to signup to receive your copy of “Affiliate Marketing 101″ and also follow Jon at his “Ready. Set. Super Affiliate!” blog.

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How to Monetize 80 Million Farmville Users

How dumb is Farmville? If the concept of building a fake farm, planting seeds every few hours and trying to collect enough tools to build a horse stable sounds like a fun or silly idea, you are not along. Over 80 million users are now playing Farmville on Facebook, and nearly 30 million users are logging in daily. Zynga, the creators of Farmville are cashing in and making millions. While Farmville may seem like a dumb idea, it’s a massive cash cow and it’s no where near slowing down.

As reported by Mashable, “FarmVille’s daily active user count is currently 29.7 million — that’s almost 30 million people using FarmVille every day.” Even more amazing, is that FarmVille’s parent company, Zynga, was valued at 1 billion dollars late last year.

Zynga / Farmville makes their money from users completing offers to receive bonus cash for their in game play. To explain this best, it’s what affiliate marketing is all about. Farmville is simply pushing affiliate offers, and rewarding their users with game currency (no real physical product).

This is great for Zynga, but how can everyone else jump on the bandwagon and make some extra money. With over 80 million users, and growing by an expected 10 million every month, “Farmville” has become a brand you can piggy back off of. Here are just a few ideas on how you can start making money off the Farmville craze.

Farmville Facebook Targetting
It’s no secret that Facebook offers one of the best demographic targetting ad systems around. Targetting towards applications and games is no different. If you can find a products, game or sites that current Farmville users are interested, simply target this demographic and be seen.

Creating an Ebook
Gamers are hardcore about their success, and Farmville is no exception. I’ve seen a lot of “Farmville Advancement” ebooks and guides over the past several months, just like guides for getting gold and leveling on World of WarCraft have been around for years. With 80 million users, there isn’t much of a saturation point. See what’s currently out there, make it better and cheaper and compete.

Web Site with Information
Just like an ebook or guide, you can do the same process for creating a web site. Through a web site you can build up a mailing list, fans, push other Farmville ebook products and more. I have seen a fair amount of Farmville ebooks and sites for sale on Flippa, and have also heard of Zynga sending out C&Ds to sites using the Farmville name in their products and domain names. Be careful if you are choosing this path.

A Completely New Idea
Don’t be discouraged that you may be behind the Farmville trend, it’s still growing strong. Someone is going to come up with the next great Farmville idea and cash in big time. Whether it’s a replica app/game, or ebook/training site… there is plenty of room for competition and earnings.

In the end, there are a lot of different ang;e for you to tap the Farmville market place. Don’t forget, Farmville is the largest game on Facebook, but there are several others with millions of users. Take what’s working with Farmville and target it to a smaller crowed. Remember, you only need a very small percentage of 80 million users to take action or use your product to find success.

Do you Farmville?

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Prevent Banner Blindness with Ad Rotation

How exciting! You just had a graphics designer create ten new banners for your site. Next you wanted to see which of these banners drew the most attention. You quickly setup a few ad campaigns across facebook and a few high traffic sites. After pulling out the bad performers from the good, you now have an idea which banner you are going to use for your next ad campaign and media buying.

In the beginning your banner ads are doing great, then slowly tank off in the coming weeks and aren’t performing that well after a few months. But why? You spent the time to do the research, test different banner ads and see what people were clicking. The problem is your banner is becoming invisible to site visitors… better known as “banner blindess“.

I see this all too often. Not only on ad campaigns, but also from direct advertisers. If you are going to run a long ad campaign, it’s crucial to change your banner ad often and prevent banner blindness. One of the best ways to do this, is by setting up a simple ad rotation. Instead of providing the site with a hard link to your image ad, create a script that will rotate several of your banners instead.

I recently talked with the Director of Marketing at and he setup a new ad rotation for his banner campaigns for this site. Not only was I excited to see a new rotation of banners to drive traffic to his network, but also for the visitors of this site as well. As blog readers and visitors to any site, you want to see relevant content, but not always the same banner ads.

If you have any active ad campaigns, be sure to change up your ad creative or bring implement a new ad rotation. Wordpress has two ad rotation plugins that you can setup within minutes. Both are free and are called WPads plugin and Ad Rotator plugin.

For anyone not using Wordpress, when you search Google for “banner ad rotation“, you are given a wide variety of java scripts, self hosting and paid hosting solutions for ad rotation.

How many people have become blind to your banner?

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Win a Copy of Internet Marketing from the Real Experts

Earlier this week I received my copy of Internet Marketing from the Real Experts from Amazon. If you were at Affiliate Summit West 2010, you most likely already have a copy, as 4,000 copies were handed out to attendees. In short, the book is made from collection of articles and interviews from FeedFront magazine.

Internet Marketing from the Real Experts” was written by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, the founders of Affiliate Summit. For anyone who has never been able to make the event, picking up a copy of this book would give you a better understanding of what affiliate marketing is about, and who attends these conferences.

If you are already familiar with the industry, you will see many recognizable names in the book, including; Gary Vaynerchuck, Ted Murphy, Chris Brogan, Jeremy Schoemaker and myself… with three different articles in the book. Articles cover everything from social marketing, email marketing, and blogging to design. You won’t find a map to making money online, but you will find some inspiring and motivational stories to get your mind going. Each article is 2-3 pages long, so it’s a great read for anyone who doesn’t like long reading.

Affiliate Summit is always doing what they can to raise money for charities. With the release of their new book, another chance to raise money was on their mind. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

I just ordered another set of copies of the book through Amazon. A few copies for friends and family, and another eight to pass along to my blog readers. If you don’t want to wait, the book is  currently 32% off on Amazon, which brings the cost to $14.93. For those of you who are feeling lucky, enter this weekly contest where two copies will be given away each week. All you need to do is place a comment, or retweet this post… or increase your chances of winning by doing both.

How to Enter:
1.) Retweet this post on Twitter.

RT @moneyreign Win a Copy of Internet Marketing from the Real Experts

2.) Leave a comment on this page.

Winner Selection:
February 26th:
March 5th:
March 12th:
March 19th:

Rules: Simply leave a comment on the post, retweet this page, or do both. One “twitter” winner and one “comment” winner be selected each week, on the dates shown above. I will ship anywhere. No purchase necessary.

Good luck!

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New Business Cards from Print24

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Print24. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently had the opportunity to order new business cards through It’s always nice to try out new services, as over the past several years, I always used Vista Print for my printing. Here’s a review on the Print24 web site, what they have to offer and how my new business cards ended up.

Once you get to the Print24 web site, you are given a full menu right on the main page. Depending on what product you select, all of the pull downs and setup will automatically update so you can start customizing your print work. Instead of going with my current business card design, I decided to create a new one. If you have a pdf/jpeg or file for an existing design, it’s really simple to just import the file, then order cards.

Going through the actual design process and creating a new card gave me the opportunity to see what Print24 has to offer. As mentioned, I currently have my own premium business cards with front and back, high quality paper from a while back, but wanted to create something different. It’s always a good idea to order more business cards, even if you have them just as a back up, or for when you don’t want to give our your best cards, or your full information.

I went through the design section, picked the “business” category and went through their massive display of options. Next I fill in my text, changed the font design and added in my own company logo to the left of the card. I was skeptical in the beginning on how well the card would end up, but I think it’s pretty cool in the end.

Here is the design I came up with after playing around in the design section. Unfortunately my scanner would not display the best of quality / color on the design, but you get the idea.

Quality of Business Cards:
Once the cards arrived, they came back as designed and expected. When I created the cards on the site, I went with the basic paper quality they offered, and no design on the back. If I was to create more professional cards that I would be handing out for business, I would go with the higher quality and create a back design. With a new card design, I would probably order some additional stationary as well. Everyone likes having their own company paper!

250 Free Business Cards:
Print24 currently has a promotion for 250 free business cards. For anyone who attends conferences or exhibit halls, and doesn’t want to throw their high quality cards away in the prize buckets, this is a great alternative. Create a quick business card with your information and throw these into the prize boxes instead. It’s always good to have extra business cards lying around the office anyway.

As a customer of Print24, I would like to see the following changes to the site:
- Right when you get to the site, there are so many options thrown at your face that it can get overwhelming. The same thing happens along the design/ordering process. I really like how other sites break down the design process and span if over a page or two more.

- Ordering: I was disappointed when I got to the order form page and saw that Print24 did not accept American Express, the preferred card for many business owners. It may cost a bit more to process orders, but it might also be losing customers.

- Affiliate Program: Since we are in the affiliate marketing industry, I still find it amazing that some companies don’t take advantage of cpa business. I did not see an affiliate program form Print24 anywhere, but I think this could easily increase their business, and another option they should look at.

In the end, the order process and business cards received from Print24 was a success. I would have no problem with using their print services again.

Order a free set of business cards at Print24.

Visit my sponsor: Print 24

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