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Coulon Cemetery--Town of Parishville--PA025


Coulon Cemetery is on the Bullock Road (a gravel road next to a gravel pit), in the vicinity of Joe Indian Pond. From South Colton towards Sevey's Corners on State Highway 56, about 6.1 miles from the bridge in South Colton, you see a Joe Indian Pond sign and turn left onto the Stark Road. You will pass the Stark Cemetery (6/10th's of a mile from the Route 56 corner), and continue on this road for 6.8 miles until you see the Joe Indian Pond sign. Continue beyond the Joe Indian Pond road for 7/10th's of a mile and you will see the Bullock Road on the left. (This road is adjacent to a gravel pit). Turn onto the Bullock Road and just a short distance further there is a fork to the right and a steep hill, and at the top of this hill is the Coulon Cemetery.


There seem to be 25 to 30 burials, and the earliest seems to be 1885 and the latest 1998.


This cemetery is shown on the Sylvan Falls 7.5 minute topographical map and is also listed on GNIS. The listed and measured coordinates are 44 30 01 North and 074 44 42 West.


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