GIROUX  for Governor Nov. 2010      

Welcome to Rhode Island Governor 2010. 

The Rhode Island Governor is the only public office from which policy change can help the people of Rhode Island.

    It's Time To Make History !!
                                                      Rhode Island needs immediate help !!  

The 2010 RI Governor must be Of the people and For the people ready for Immediate Action to Public Policy and Inspire a Generation towards  Benevolent Programs of Heart, Community and Business.  

We Can    Encourage Economic Stimulus Models for Employment, Housing and Foreclosure !
      We Can    Create Policy to bring Federal Stimulus, Lender, Business and Citizen together without burdening the tax payer !  

RI Governor Candidate 2010                                                              
Todd Giroux, Bristol RI                        

    Homestead Foreclosure Protection without bankruptcy. Emergency Statewide Undue Hardship.

    Support Health Care for all citizens with Preventative Testing and Life-cycle Protections.

    Human Resource Management. Work programs for Professionals and Labor.  A New Model for Growth.

    The work to employ thousands in each trade and professional capacity quickly must be jump started by a series of forums at the civic center taking new information from the unemployed and the foreclosed.  Established help teams to fast track individuals through the legal progress of home affordable with creditors, process commitments to repay and to re-enter the workforce through Green Works Projects business units that include the necessary members of a work unit to be matched with private business and consumers willing to fund projects in exchange for tax incentives to spend and no state tax penalty for one time access to  IRA, 401k or Stock Market, CD or Financial Instrument.

    The Consumers are Patriot Sponsors and there will be Patriot Lenders providing the State of RI flexibility to offer 2% Loans to participants in Back to Work - Home Stead Affordable program.

    Policy to provide the greatest consumer confidence knowing the work project is a self contained process guaranteed for completion to standards with reputable Ocean State Businesses. A win for businesses that need work contracts, a win for unemployed, a win for property owners looking for solutions to energy and major component upgrades performed with leadership, safety and to support the skills training to the business and people of Rhode Island with green projects. 

    The most creative way to provide necessary community services without involving the tax payer and provide the unemployed with daily work income while the state will collect taxes upon economic activity from work projects.

    Emergency City & State Purchasing and Labor Authority. 
    The singular efforts of our cities and towns has revealed the high cost burdens of collective bargaining and purchasing essential services.  The continued duplication contributes to higher taxes and exhausted municipal resources. We can lower taxes by completing the difficult work to consolidate district budgets and purchase services uniformly. Through these methods we can continue to proudly pay our Teachers and Civil Employees union wages with vigorous stability.   

    New State Revenue other than taxes. Graduating Student Incentives to reside in RI to operate Green Business.

    New RI State Tax Opportunity -  5% tax rate every 26 days per alphabet per last name to lessen over the border shopping in the short term and long term. Incentives for Industry, Business and Individuals to relocate to RI.

    New  Ideas Institute for Public-Private Work Projects and Human Resource Management. 
    New Developments Center and Forums Groups for University - Private - Public - Business and Services collaboration.    

    Stabilized and Reduced Tax on property, Individual and small Business.    

    Foreclosure Relief - Federal Programs custom tailored to help RI Citizens in Need
    Our administration will seek to stop all residential and foreclosures in Rhode Island through mandated participation by lenders in the Obama Federal Home affordable program and/or  Economic Development policy providing all to qualify status for homeowners seeking to remain in their homes. 

     Low interest programs still return income and only the Giroux Administration promises to attract returned TARP funding and 
     Patriot Lenders to fund and protect optimistic, hardworking Rhode Islanders
    in their moment of need. 


Foreclosure Relief Continued..

The real estate market is so severely damaged the property only sells when the investment class buyer knows the best price is the bottom price of the foreclosed..

The private lender holds the foreclosure status of the loan until the sweet spot of profitability determines the market price over the principle default. The result is a foreclosed homeowner with no place to call home, still owning the bank the money.. the bank gets a bailout to collect upon the homeowners mortgage insurance and the banks makes profit as the ‘victim’.

Decades of Policy encouraged home ownership. Banks earn Tremendous compound interest and refuse to budge in the timing of a few thousand dollars.. The mutual commitments to 30 years loan must include life-cycle provisions for imperfect years. Perhaps the payee on the mortgage insurance should be the citizen always able to cover their own share as with payment insurance on a credit card for job loss major life event.

The Process of change is not easy.. see it through full cycle..   VOTE !

Your early commitment to support on Monday will inspire others on Tuesday.  Its happens that simply.. Todd Giroux is the only Candidate for Governor with the courage to speak for the people.

The work to rebuild the economy and jobs has yet to begin..  Giroux understands the pride of daily work and something to do. Thousands of people need work and relief. Work projects create management, secretarial and transportation jobs. We must embrace change and new policy to begin recovery for Individual, Community, Business and Lender.

We must provide continuity of services in private-public sector and avoid further economic collapse of Business, Community and Household. People need beds and balance sheets do not fit on beds.    

During this Holiday season we must reflect upon recent years and realize our shared  responsibility and continued vigilance to maintain our community.  

I ask you to print this announcement and place it in public locations. Share it with your neighbors. Engage the difficult conversations knowing your vote for Giroux will fix RI sooner than later.

If we make best use of 2010 and show help to people, The next election will include the most thoughtful and optimistic from each community who bring solutions to the RI community as quickly as possible..

Thank you,  Todd Giroux                                                                                Candidate for Governor of RI 2010

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