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Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts

This 35,000-square-foot facility is the country's first and only fully digital training center, which includes the Electronic Arts Game Design Lab.

In addition, the Zemeckis Center is home to Trojan Vision, the university's student-run television station, which offers courses for credit to undergraduate and graduate students from all schools and programs at USC. Trojan Vision programming and production offices include a sound stage, a broadcast-quality control booth and suites for digital sound and picture editing. Trojan Vision brings together students from several academic units to produce four original strip-series and 17 weekly half-hour series.

Representing an unprecedented collaboration of studios, agencies, corporations and individual leaders throughout the entertainment community, the facility that was once only the dream of alumnus Robert Zemeckis is now a reality.

Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts

Stone Stanley Patio

Creative Artists Agency Reception Center

William Morris Green Room

Dave Johnson Green Room

The Melvin & Helen Prop Heller Prop Shop

Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks Lighting Control Room

Avid Edit Labs:
Individual Editing Lab (Red Lab)
(31) stations Xpress Pro vers. 4.6 on dual proc 3.4 GHz HP 8200s. 15 stations have NetMix via server access, and the other 16 stations feature Sony DSR 1500A decks for DV capture/cut

Gene F. Martin Editing Room

Group Editing Lab (Gold Lab):
(13) stations Xpress Pro 4.6 on dual proc 3.03 GHz HP 8000s
(8) stations Xpress Pro 4.6 on dual proc 3.4 GHz HP 8200s
(2) stations with Sony DSR 1500A decks for DV capture/cut
(1) station Xpress StudioHD 5.1 on HP 8200
(1) station XProHD 5.2 on HP 8200

Advanced Media Classrooms

Warner Bros. Advanced Media Classroom

John Wells Advanced Media Classroom

William Wyler Advanced Media Classroom

Steven Spielberg Advanced Media Classroom

Overhead projectors for both video and computer

Touch-screen consoles for playback control of VHS, DVCam and DVD

Avid Xpress Pro Editing Stations Classrooms

Prologic Sound

David Kirschner Family Visual Effects Studio:
(2) Final Cut Pro High Definition Editing Systems
(15) Dual Processor G5 Macintosh Computers
Software: Avid, Maya, Boujou, Shake, After Effects, Photoshop
Sony HDW-F500 HDCam VTR
Sony High Definition Video Monitor

Vicon 3-D Motion Capture System

Ron Howard Screening Room:
48 seats
35mm, 16mm, Super16, 35mm DTS, 35mm Dolby Digital Sound Film Projection
Digital Track Interlock
5.1 THX Sound (equipped for 10.2 Surround sound)
NEC Digital Cinema Projector (1280x1024)
Video playback in HDCam, HDV, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, NTSC & PAL VHS,
Laser Disc, DVD and DVCAM

Ajura Kurosawa Stage (Studio E):
2,250 square feet
100 Strand lighting instruments
Strand dimmer and lighting board
Hard Cyclorama

Stanley Kubrick Stage (Studio D):
2,250 square feet
100 Strand lighting instruments
Strand dimmer and lighting board

Note: Stages D and E are adjacent, with a removeable sound-proof panel that allows both stages to be used for a single production.

Studio A:
David Geffen Stage

Scott Sassa Family Television Control Room
1,600 square feet
(3) Sony Digital Studio Cameras
(30) Mole Richardson lights
Strand dimmer and lighting board
Grass Valley 110 switcher
Mackie audio board

Studio C:
900 square feet
30 Strand lighting instruments
Strand dimmer and lighting board

Audio Post-Production:
Pro Tools HD audio station
Kurzweil/Studio Logic audio effects system

Edit 1:
(4) Avid editing systems

Edit 2:
Sony Digital Linear BVE-9100 editing system
Master onto Digital Betacam
Sony DVS-2000C digital video switcher
Sony DME 3000 digital video effects generator
Pinnacle Deko 500 character generator
Apple G5 with Adobe Photoshop CS

Apple G5 with Aja IO video/audio box
Apple G4 with Targa 2000 video card
Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe AfterEffects, Apple Motion

Trojan Vision – Student-Run Television Station:
Multi-camera stage with:
Four Sony digital studio cameras
Grass Valley 4000 digital switcher
Pinnacle Deko character generator
Yamaha O2R digital audio mixing board
(3) AVID Xpress Pro with Mojo
Portable multi-cam production unit

Production Equipment For Student Checkout:
(2) Sony F900H/3 (HD Cameras)
(17) Sony DSR-PD170 DVCAM camcorders
(50) Sony DSR-PD150 DVCam camcorders
(100) Sony DSR-PD100 DVCam camcorders
(30) Sony DSR-PDX10 DVCam camcorders
(11) Sony TRV-900 DV camcorders
(9) Sony VX-1000 DV camcorders
(8) Sony DSR-500 DVCam cameras
(5) Sony Betacam BVW-D600 cameras
(40) boom kits (with mics)
(27) Mole Richardson lighting kits
(20) Lowell Kits (DP light, Omni Light, Pro Light, w/chimera)
(10) Lowell DP lighting kits

Universal Studios Motion Control & Performance Capture Laboratory

Tokyo University of Technolgoy Digital Systems Laboratory

Interactive Media Labs:
EA Game Innovation Lab (3 sections):

Alucid Custom Usability Lab
Separate observation room and subject rooms
Hi-res dome-enclosed video monitoring system
Integrated audio monitoring and intercom system
PC/Console/Wireless device capture capabilities
Hi-res VGA to video converter
Sony VAIO control PC running UsabilityWare 4.0 User Research Software
Video switcher
Digital video mixer
Audio mixer
(4) Sharp Aquos test feed LCD monitors
Digital editing & archival system for test footage

Subject Room
Sharp Aquos 37” Flat Screen
Game consoles
(3) semi-private work areas
(10) Dell Workstations
(10) Planar PX191 Flat Panels
(3) Dell Monochrome Printers
(3) 8x12 Wacom Tablets
Complete Adobe/Macromedia, Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, Microsoft software

Projection & Brainstorming Area
Polyvision whiteboard
HP color inkjet printer
Mitsubishi projector on 10' wide automatic roll-down screen
Extensive board game, digital game and book library

Zemeckis Media Lab (2 sections):

Media Lab
270+ degree (5+4+5) surround projection
14 NEC ceiling-mounted projectors
AMX multi-input video/audio routing touch panel system
5.1 Surround Sound with Mackie speakers
(5) Apple G5 workstations
(5) Dell workstations

Conference Area:
42" Plasma screen
5.1 Surround Sound with Sony speakers
Canon scanner
Digi 002 Audio Rack
Kurzweil K2500XS Keyboard

Twentieth Century Fox Lounge and Conference Room