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Dubai Police name new suspects in al Mabhouh murder

The National

  • Last Updated: February 24. 2010 11:13PM UAE / February 24. 2010 7:13PM GMT

Dubai police this afternoon released a list of 15 additional names and photos of people they said were involved with the January assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud al Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel, including three Australians.

The team's various members travelled through more than a half-dozen nations and, according to police, visited Dubai on at least four previous occasions before the actual assassination.

Police said they were able to track some of the movements because of the use of credit cards by 14 of the suspects. The cards were issued by a US bank, officials said.

The new suspects' identities, according to police, are: Daniel Marc Schnur, Gabriella Barney, Roy Allan Cannon, Stephen Keith Drake, Mark Sklur and Philip Carr, all using British documents; Ivy Brinton, Anna Shuana Clasby and Chester Halvey, using Irish documents; David Bernard LaPierre, Melenie Heard and Eric Rassineux, using French documents; and Bruce Joshua Daniel, Nicole Sandra Mccabe and Adam Korman, using Australian documents.

Travel movements of the suspects in 2009

Travel movements of the suspects in 2010

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