Timeline: The Life & Times of Chris Sanderson

Christian Smith Carmack and his wife Sara Kram settle in Port Providence, PA.

July 10, 1856
Hanna Carmack is born in Port Providence, PA

June 17, 1880
Hanna Carmack is married to Robert Melville Sanderson of Mont Clare, PA at the Methodist-Episcopal Church in Port Providence, PA

January 7, 1882
Christian Carmack Sanderson is born in Port Providence, PA. in his Grandfather,Captain Carmack’s home where his parents are living. Baptized March 2, 1882

April 10, 1882
The Sandersons move into “The Little Brick House” in Mont Clare.

September 12, 1884
Chris’s younger brother Robert (Robbie) M. Sanderson, Jr. is born.

January 29, 1891
1891 – 1895
Sanderson’s live in the “Little Stone House” on Port Providence Road.

October 31, 1895
1895 – 1899
The Sanderson’s live in a large brick house in Mont Clare.

April 26,1898
Chris’s father dies of Typhoid Fever. Chris is 16 years old at the time of his father’s death.

February 18,1899
Mrs Sanderson moves to her “Sunny Side” house in Port Providence.

June 20, 1901
Chris graduates from West Chester Normal School (now West Chester University) with teaching degree.

September 2, 1901
Starts first teaching job at the Garwood School in Montgomery County

Teaches at Port Providence School

June – July 1903
Chris travels by boat named “The Allegany” to Savannah, Georgia on his way to visit Uncle Bill Sanderson in Birmingham, Alabama.

August 1904
Travels with friends to the Worlds Fair in St. Louis

September 4, 1905
Chris starts teaching at the Chadds Fords School at a monthly salary of $45.00. He rents a room with Dr.and Mrs Samuel Anderson in the village.

October 11, 1906
1906 -1922
Chris and his mother Hanna move into the eastern half of Washington’s Headquarters at Chadds Ford.

1908 – 1909
Chris teaches at Locust Grove School at Corrine (now West Chester – Pocopson),PA

1909- 1912
Chris teaches at Lenape School in Denton’s Hollow (now Pocopson area of West Chester). Briefly boards with the John Williamson family.

January 1911
The N.C. Wyeth family rents all of 2nd floor of the large serpentine home “Windtryst” next to Washington’s Headquarters and become the Sanderson’s neighbors.

Chris acquires his first camera- a Kodak Brownie #2.

Chris teaches at the Dilworthtown School (Between present West Chester and Chadds Ford)

May 5, 1913
Chris received letter from Georgia Wade McClellan, sister of Jennie Wade-only civilian killed at Gettysburg in 1863, to meet her at the 50th Anniversary of battle at Gettysburg.

July 3, 1913
Chris attends 50th Anniversary of Gettysburg and meets with Georgia Wade McClellan who gives him the small leather Jenny Wade purse.

July 12, 1917
Youngest son, Andrew, is born to Chris’ friend, N.C. Wyeth.

Teaches at Brinton’s Bridge School

1920 – 1924
Chris accepts position at the Glen Mills School, in Glenn Mills, PA at a salary of $111.25 a month.

December 31, 1921
Chris and his mother are notified by the Atwaters that they must vacate the eastern half of the Washington Headquarters by April 1, 1922.

April 3, 1922
Chris and his mother move to “The Wigwam” on Prices Annex -the western edge of West Chester

June 12, 1922
Acquires Ole Bull violin from Jefferson Shaner of West Chester for $125.

Teaches at Green Tree School in Willistown, PA.

1925 – 1929
Teaches at Oak Grove School in Elsmere, DE. Boards at Roselle, DE

Spring 1927
1927 – 1937
Chris and his mother move to “Sentinel Pines” in Denton’s Hollow, Pocopson Township (West Chester), PA.

September 10-11,1927
Chris helps celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine.
75,000 attend “reenactment” on historic Sandy Hollow, then the Bennett Farm in Dilwortown.

September 16,1931
The Washington Headquarters on the Brandywine Battlefield is destroyed by fire.

January 21, 1936
Andrew Wyeth and Chris begin working on Historic Map of Chester County

March 12, 1936
Andrew Wyeth and Chris take completed Chester County Map to printers in Philadelphia.

March 4, 1937
At the urging of his friend N.C. Wyeth, Chris and his mother begin the move into “The Little Gray House”,the rear section of house owned by Horace Quimby, on Rte 100 in Chadds Ford.

April 1937
Andrew Wyeth paints large portrait of Chris Sanderson.

July 23, 1938
The Sanderson’s receive electricity for the first time in any of their homes.

May 26, 1940
Owners of Lafayette Farms pull down the walls of the remains of Washington Headquarters, thus destroying all chance of the home being restored to its original specifications with the original walls.

December 25, 1943
Hanna Carmack Sanderson dies
Andrew Wyeth makes preliminary sketches for “Death on Christmas Morning”

October 19,1945
Chris’s good friend N.C. Wyeth (both were born in 1882),is killed along with Wyeth’s grandson when their car is hit by a train near the Kuerner Farm.

June 29, 1949
Chris is taken to Chester County Hospital, critically ill, in a coma.

September 7, 1949
Chris leaves Chester County Hospital for Dunwoody Home in Newtown Square.

October 4, 1949
After over 3 months, Chris returns home to Chadds Ford.

The blacksmith Willard Sharpless, who rented the front portion of house, now owned by Lottie Eachus, passes away.

September 11, 1959
Chris’s friends and neighbors procure main front wing of house for Chris, as he sets up his Museum in two rooms in the front of the house.

January 6, 1962
Chris’ 80th Birthday is attended by 710 guests at the Downingtown Motor Inn.

August 1962
Chris takes a rail tour of the West with Richard Barsby, brother of Phoebe Booth and visits the Grand Canyon, the Seattle Worlds Fair and Disney Land.

February 22, 1963
Chris receives Leadership Award of the Freedoms Foundation in Valley Forge, PA.

September 28, 1966
Chris enters Chester County Hospital with virus cold

October 9, 1966
Chris moves to Dunwoody Home in Newtown Square, PA

October 29, 1966
Chris is admitted to Bryn Mawr Hospital.

November 19, 1966
Chris Sanderson dies in Bryn Mawr Hospital.

January 1, 1967
Andrew Wyeth forms founding Board of Directors of the Sanderson Museum and the clean-up begins.

Museum opens its doors to the public