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Dec 16, 2002 Contact: Press Office


Bill and Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Accounts to be Searched

Court Overrules Bush Justice Department Efforts To Block Search

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, reported today that a federal judge ordered Friday that Clinton White House email be searched for email related to the FBI files (Filegate) scandal. The decision, issued by The Honorable Royce C. Lamberth, ordered that the e-mail accounts of Hillary and Bill Clinton and many other Clinton-Gore White House officials be searched. Judge Lamberth overuled the Bush Justice Department’s efforts to block the search into the heretofore hidden Clinton e-mails.

Judicial Watch, which is prosecuting the Filegate $90 million class action lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and other Clinton officials on behalf of those whose FBI files were misused by the Clinton White House, first exposed the e-mail scandal in early 2000 through its client Sheryl Hall, a former top computer official at the Clinton White House, who testified that incriminating e-mail concerning virtually all the Clinton-Gore scandals had never been produced as they should have in response to document requests and subpoenas. Another Judicial Watch client, former White House computer contractor Betty Lambuth, also testified (along with others) that high-level White House officials threatened computer contractors to keep quiet about the hidden e-mail or face jail and firing. These threats occurred in the middle of the Lewinsky scandal. The scandal was the subject of an eight month evidentiary hearing that included the testimony of top Clinton White House officials. The court is in now considering whether to commence criminal contempt proceedings. A decision is expected in a few months.

As a result of Judicial Watch’s revelations, 1,844,242 e-mail from the Clinton-Gore White House were uncovered. This e-mail has never been fully searched in response to subpoenas and documents requests from Judicial Watch, Congress, and independent counsels. The e-mail were restored at a cost to taxpayers thus far of $12,066,346. The e-mail, which is in the custody of the National Archives, must now be searched pursuant to Friday’s court order.

“We look forward finally to obtaining this e-mail after years of stalling by both the Clinton and Bush Administrations. Hillary Clinton was the mastermind of Filegate. She will not escape justice,” stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

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