December 11th 2009

Obama administration calls for open access to research

White House looking for public discussion on open access policies.

The Office of Science and Technology Policy has announced earlier this week that the Obama administration is looking for public discussion on open access policies. This follows from the plans to grant public access to federally-funded research, as a part of the President's Open Government Directive.

The model proposed for forming the future federal data policy is the open access model used by the National Institute of Health since 2008, which obligates all researchers funded by them to provide open access to their peer reviewed work no later than 12 months after the official publication date.

Such policy is expected to increase the return on research investment by enabling easier and cheaper use of taxpayer-funded research for researchers, students, educators and physicians and accelerating breakthroughs in science and Technology.

December 1st 2009

Sciyo introduces a groundbeaking business model - usage -based author royalties

Sciyo becomes the first academic publisher to pay author royalties rewarding best quality academic work.

Researchers publishing with Sciyo in 2010 will be the first to receive annual author royalties based on the number of downloads of their work. For every 10 downloads, 0.2 euro will be accredited to author's account exactly one year after the date of the online publication.

Author royalties will be deducted from the usual publishing fee, which goes towards the publishing costs. Author's funder or the institution usually cover this fee, however, the royalties will be accredited directly to the author's account. The exception are royalties under 100 euro which will be deducted from the author's publishing fee head on the next time he or she decides to publish with Sciyo.

This model of open access publishing is built around Sciyo's belief that high-quality academic work deserves to be rewarded. Sciyo's main priority is to ensure sustainability of Sciyo's publications and its business model and at the same time acknowledge the fact that scientists creating research outputs add most value to academic publishing.

To this date Sciyo's publications have been downloaded over 720 000 times, with the top papers receiving over five thousand downloads. Since Sciyo expects a rapid expansion of its publishing platform in 2010, the number of downloads is expected to grow exponentially.

Each author will receive an information pack prior to online publication outlining ideas and strategies for increasing the visibility of his or her work to ensure that every author has access to tools for promoting his or her work.

November 20th 2009

Sciyo forms an intentational scientific advisory board

World's leading academics gather to advise Sciyo's managerial team

Sciyo is pleased to announce the formation of an international Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of world-renowned scientists within the fields of Science and Technology. The purpose of the advisory board is to provide high-level insight and guidance on the issues pertaining to Sciyo's strategy and keep under review the overall approach and framework regarding Sciyo's peer reviewed publications.

The structure of the board consisting of 21 members from 19 countries reflects Sciyo's international character. By gathering this group of leading academics, Sciyo is reinforcing the ongoing commitment to quality of its publications.

One of the key roles of the Board will be keeping Sciyo connected with the needs of the scientific research community, providing different perspectives and valuable insights in order to develop best practices in science communication on a continuous basis.

See the full list of Board members here.

November 20th 2009 introduces live author support system - unique in academic publishing

Authors get an interactive publishing experience through real time communication with helpful Sciyo staff

As of today, authors publishing with Sciyo will be able to communicate with Sciyo team through live chat. By initiating a new chat session, they will get instant support from an actual person in English, German, Italian or French. This will facilitate the publishing process, saving time and providing ultimate convenience for the authors.

Live chat option will be available during the usual working hours - 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. GMT. Outside these hours, communication will be enabled through offline messages, which will be answered within several hours. Online/offline status within the chat box will indicate whether the staff member is available at the moment.

By integrating this option into the website, Sciyo is establishing a more personal communication with each of its ten thousand publishing authors from across the world, providing guidance and answering any question or concern within the shortest possible time frame.

The aim is to make Sciyo's authors feel like they are visiting their publisher in person and create a more open and engaging publishing experience, focused entirely around authors' needs.

November 20th 2009

In-Tech changes name to Sciyo

After five years of publishing superior quality academic resources, In-Tech continues its operations as Sciyo

Effective today, In-Tech is changing its name to Sciyo and continues publishing using a new website, The name Sciyo reflects more accurately the company's focus on innovative scientific communication and highlights its commitment to needs of the scientific community.

The intent is for Sciyo to become a collaborative space for the scientific community and home for everyone interested in science. In that sense, the new brand and domain name are more in line with the company's values and services, what it does and where it is headed.

New web platform,, was designed to represent visually the company's innovative approach to scientific communication. It has a significantly enhanced functionality and a collection of new features:

  • New manuscript management system enabling the seamless flow of the publishing process
  • Live author support via live chat option in English, German, Italian and French
  • Enhanced search function displaying related content
  • Community profiles featuring published work and biographies
  • Tools for connecting and communicating with fellow researchers
  • Possibility to upload and tag videos highlighting published work
  • Social bookmarking tools for easier sharing across the Internet

The company ownership and management remain unchanged. The content of the old website, has been transferred to the new domain where the new content will begin to be published as of today.