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  • 04:35 01 Mar 2010

Our Ambassador

Peter Carter Head Shot

Peter Carter was born in 1956. He studied at The Skinners’ School in Tunbridge Wells and at New College, Oxford University, where he received a degree in Modern Languages.

After a brief stint with Arthur Anderson LLP in London, Peter moved to Northern Italy in 1980.  There, he initially taught English as a foreign language, but in 1983 he became a self-employed consultant, and worked with individuals and local businesses in industry and tourism.

Peter joined the Diplomatic Service in 1984 as a Second Secretary in the Maritime, Aviation and Environment Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He studied Hindi for a year before a posting to New Delhi in1986, first as Second Secretary (Political) and from 1988 as a First Secretary.

In August 1989 Peter returned to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. He was assigned to South and South East Asia Department as Head of the Indo-China Section. From January 1992 he served as the Head of Recruitment for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in its Personnel Department.

In January 1994 Peter transferred to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the European Union in Brussels as a “temporary agent” in the Directorate General for the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy. From 1994 until 1996 he was responsible for the EU’s Middle East policy; from 1996 to 1998 Peter’s responsibility shifted to the management of the European Union’s political relations with the United States and with the countries of Africa.

Peter returned to the Diplomatic Service in September 1998, when he became Head of the North East Asia and Pacific Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. During this time he conducted the negotiations with the Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to establish diplomatic relations between the DPRK and the United Kingdom.
From May 2001 until September 2005 Peter was the Deputy Ambassador and Consul General at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel; and from April 2006 until November 2007 he served as HM Consul General in Milan and Director General for Trade and Investment in Italy.

Peter was confirmed as HM Ambassador to Estonia in December 2007.  He currently resides in Tallinn and works to maintain and strengthen the political, defence, trade and community ties between the United Kingdom and Estonia.

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