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Vehicle Safety Guide
How safe is your car? Get government crash test ratings for hundreds of vehicles.
Auto Advisor
Find the right weather-ready vehicle with the help expert advice.

Auto Advice & Safety Features

Cars vs. Mother Nature Slide Show
Amazing photos, including a car on top of a house courtesy of Hurricane Katrina
Can a Hurricane Flip Your Car?
Dr. Lyons shows the exact wind speed it takes to flip your car or minivan (hint: get a minivan)
43 Children Died in Parked Cars Last Year
Slideshow of how fast your car turns into an oven, don't let your child become a statistic
Safer During Tornado: Car or Ditch?
Dr Forbes gives tips and weighs in on controversial changes from Red Cross
Green Your Ride to Save Money
Check the MPG of all makes and models before you buy your next car

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