We’re vindicated –Anyim
Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photo: Sun Publishing

Former Senate President, Anyim Pius Anyim, has lauded the Senate on yesterday’s resolution to make Vice President Goodluck Jonathan Acting President.

Anyim, who is the leader of G41, a group of eminent Nigerians that came together recently to intervene on the lingering political impasse caused by the long absence of President Umaru Yar’Adua on medical grounds, said the Senate resolution was a vindication of the group’s stand.
In a telephone chat with Daily Sun, the former Senate President observed that “What we said is exactly what has played out”

He described the unfolding event as a replica of what happened in Israel recently when the Prime Minister Ariel Sharon took ill and the parliament had to empower the deputy to act.

His words: “it is exactly what has played out people thought we were not serious, when we intervened with the suggestion. We said it is the only solution. In the beginning, no one wanted to give it a serious thought. “I talked to some of them. I told them that when Ariel Sharon’s government collapsed in Israel, they used the model and mandated his vice to act.

Till today, Ariel Sharon is still on life support” Continuing, an elated Anyim explained that the furore over the application of section 144 of the Constitution in the matter was unnecessary.
“There is nothing to it, except that the President should notify the National Assembly. And it said once the National Assembly is notified, the Vice President steps in, and when the president comes back, he notifies the National Assembly and automatically takes over.”

He reasoned that since President Yar’Adua was not in a position to write a letter to the National Assembly is at liberty to take cognizance of surrounding circumstances and the fact that the president is not in a position to write it.
“Whoever has the power to receive notice, also has power to take notice of relevant facts.”
He alluded to the interview by Yar’Adua on the British Broadcasting Service, to further rationalize the position of the senate on the issue.

Describing the issue as thorny, Anyim reminded that his group’s advice centred on the need for the National Assembly to take concrete steps to uphold the Constitution.


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