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Indy Jeep History


It’s been less than a month since IndyJeepBlog.com has been “Officially Launched”.  What started out just a few months ago as indyjeep.wordpress.com has grown into a small niche blog.  The last month has given me a lot of “Firsts”.

It was the first time Indy Jeep has received over 400 visitors in a day, thanks to FBLife.com for picking up my article on the Jeep 2500.  It was also the first time we’ve used the domain IndyJeepBlog.com.  And last but not least:

Today we recieved our first subscription to our RSS feed.  That’s right.  Google Analytics has informed me Indy Jeep has 1 official subscriber to this blog.  So to whoever you are, thanks.  I hope more people will subscribe and support Indy Jeep as I attempt to bring you all things Jeep XJ in one place.

Alrighty, so I’ve received some more information from a few different sources.  I’ve had a lot of interest in my earlier article on the Jeep 2500.  Especially and ironically from China.  The forum over at FBLife.com picked up my blog about how I liked the new body style.  Long story short, their whole forum thread was exactly the opposite.  They really like the ‘97 Cherokee body style from the United States and whish they could have them imported to China.

In any case, I drummed up some new pictures and some specs.

Manufacturer: Beijing Jeep Corporation

Model: 2500

Specs (All in metric sorry) 

  • Engine: 2.5 L  Inline 4 Cylinder
  • Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
  • Transfer Case: TTS 1354
  • Front Suspension: Double Wishbone w/ Coil Spring
  • Rear Suspension: Leaf Springs
  • Top Speed: 145 km/h
  • Power: 78 / 4800 (kw / rpm)
  • Torque: 180 / 3000 (Nm / rpm)
  • Gas Tank Size: 76 L
  • Length, Width, Height: 4300mm x 1794mm x 1700mm
  • Wheelbase: 2576 mm
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 180 mm


  • 16″ Aluminum Alloy Wheels
  • Power Steering
  • P225/70R16  Tires
  • Heater and AC
  • Electric Rear Mirror
  • Keyless Entry, Eletric Locks
  • Power Windows
  • Defroster Wipers
  • Fully Adjustable Front and Back Seats
  • Drive and Front Passenger Airbags
  • CD and Radio Sound System
  • Central High Location Brake Light

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Jeep Cherokee Performance Chip

Alright, I feel that it’s my duty to provide a rip-off report due to the fact that I was ripped off by such a product many years ago when these first started surfacing.  The classic Jeep Cherokee Performance Chip.  Do a quick search in eBay on “jeep cherokee performance” and no doubt you will see the page littered with claims of ‘100 Horsepower’ and ‘+40 MPG’ all of which seem to be too good to be true.  And what’s your gut tell you?  Steer clear, but then the little performance hog in you wonders if it could actually work, even though the product is only $20.

Well your gut was correct.  These products are ripoffs.  Here’s how the creators of these high performance chips claim you increase your horsepower OR get better gas mileage:

“The way our Performance Modules work is by sending a modified signal through a factory sensor in the engine compartment, called the IAT sensor. This signal alters the computer and the computer then reprograms itself for a more efficient air/fuel mixture. Your vehicle from the factory may come too rich or too lean - meaning too much fuel (rich) or not enough fuel (lean). You may see cars and trucks on the road blowing a lot of black smoke out of their exhaust pipes. This means that their motor is running rich and they are throwing money away and wasting all of that gas and hurting the environment as all of that black smoke is raw, unburned fuel.

By modifying the air/fuel mixture to a more efficient mixture, you are tapping into hidden performance, and by gaining performance in your vehicle, you do not have to push the gas pedal down as hard to get up to speed, so therefore the fuel savings are enormous!” - mindblower_performance


Wow, that makes sense right?  Well don’t start typing your PayPal email address yet.  Let’s be honest gains of 100 horse power out of a $20 module are completely unrealistic.  And as I said before, I purchased one with the hopes that it just might work.  Well, I can reassure your gut instinct, these claims are 100% false.

Product Descrption:

So how does this high performance chip work?  It’s quite simple actually, actually a little too simple.  The ‘module’ wires in between the cars IAT or MAS sensor and the cars computer.  It ‘tricks’ the car into thinking it’s running too lean thereby adding fuel or ‘horsepower’; or into thinking it’s running to rich thereby using less gas or ‘improved mileage’.  So what is this absolutely amazing module?  It’s a resistor.  Yeah, like the ones you can buy at radioshack for a quarter.  That’s how it alters the signal, it adds resistance.  A simple trick into making your car run leaner or richer.

Will It Work At All?

It could possibly work a little, but you are altering a signal sent by OEM equipment.  You could possibly end up failing smog or ruining your engine.  If your looking for a performance chip look into JET Chips.  These are real performance chips, but not at the low low price of $20.  There are much better ways of increasing your horsepower.  Take a look at my article that deals with exhaust and intake modifications.

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Product Summary

Rubicon Express 2" Budget Lift

Manufacturer: Rubicon Express

Product: 2″ Budget Lift Kit

Price: $230 - $260

The Good:

It seems to be cliche for this class, budget, of product, but it doesn’t go without saying that this is a great price.  Most people I’ve talked to about this lift kit from Rubicon Express say they can’t get over the price.  And they’re right on with this lift coming in in the mid $200 range.

Unlike some budget Cherokee lift kits, one benefit to the Rubicon Express Budget Lift Kit is that it comes with shocks.  Unfortunetly, theres a lot of ‘budget’ kits out there that are either poor build quality or lack even the few necessary components to perform the simple lift, like shocks.

Even though it’s a budget kit, it is of the highest build quality.  The Rubicon Express Budget Lift Kit comes with great installation instructions that can be found on Rubicon Express’ website here.  I wouldn’t say installation is a breeze, because every install has it’s problems, however, installation is very straight forward and with those instructions provided by Rubicon Express, it makes installation just that much easier.

The Bad:

I can hear you saying it now, “what’s the catch?”.  Well, while this offer probably doesn’t sound like it’s too good to be true, it still has its catches.  For one, the ride’s definetly a bit rougher and stiffer than stock.  This is mainly do to the add-a-leaf stiffening up the back suspension.

Also, don’t expect to be able to throw 33″ inch tires under your XJ after you’re done with your install.  You’re looking at most at a 30″ tire with decent articulation.  (Checkout my article on Lift Kits and Tire Clearance)  Obviously because this is not a complete suspension kit you’re not going to get quite as much articulation as you would with say a 3″ suspension kit.

The Bottom Line:

The price speaks for itself on this one.  If you’re looking for a little extra clearance and don’t want to break the bank, then you should definetly consider this as an option.  If you’re looking to throw 33’s under your Cherokee, you should probably look at something a bit bigger.  Without the risk of sounding completely redundant, if this fits your budget and into your plans it’s a good deal.

Kit Includes:

  • 1.75″ Coil Spring Spacers
  • Add-A-Leaf 2″ Half LE
  • Replacement Center Pins for Leafs
  • 18″ Brake Line
  • 4 Twin Tube Shocks

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Indy Jeep has moved!

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to moving indyjeep.wordpress.com to it’s new domain: indyjeepblog.com.  I’m very excited to be able to offer more now than I was before.  I’m taking new article suggestions now, so please let me know.

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