Cadet Programs

Lt Col "J.D." Ellis
Director of Cadet Programs

Office Symbol: NATCAPWG/CP

Capt James Brogan
Deputy Director of Cadet Programs
Office Symbol: NATCAPWG/CPA

Capt Max Sissman
Cadet Programs Development Officer
Office Symbol: NATCAPWG/CPD

Cadet Programs Mission

The mission of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program is to provide the youth of our nation with a quality program that enhances their leadership skills through an interest in aviation, and simultaneously provide service to the United States Air Force and the local community.

The Cadet Oath


"I pledge that I will serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly, and advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state, and nation."

Upcoming Cadet Activities

Cadet Advisory Council (click here)

National Cadet Special Activities

The window for the 2009 National Cadet Special Activities is open from 1December 2008 to 15 January 2009 (12:59:59pm Eastern Standard Time).

NatCap Wing Spaatz Award Recipients

Name Award Number Award Date
Richard L. Delanoy 77 3 January 1969
Leigh D. Johnson 78 3 January 1969
Michael J. Snedeker 134 31 December 1970
Russell A. Bell 141 5 April 1971
James F. Knauss 167 26 April 1972
John H. Campbell 229 2 August 1973
Jeffrey A. Hunt 245 28 November 1973
Keith E. Davenport 266 2 March 1974
Thomas Shedd 508 2 April 1979
Merrill D. Ballenger 659 29 August 1983
Mark Moran 733 3 January 1985
Kevin J. Reinstein 756 21 June 1985
Cynthia Harmon 1100 24 February 1992
David M. Rogers 1334 24 December 1996
Charles C. Stretch 1443 8 June 2001
Stefanie L. Burton 1712 9 December 2008
Robert J. Wilson 1713 18 December 2008

Web Resources

Leadership Feedback (using the CAPF 50)

Link to cadet achievement practice tests 

Drug Demand Reduction

Cadet Ribbon Bar Builders (version 1) (version 2)

Link to National HQ Cadet Programs Latest News and Resources

Online CAP Knowledgebase

Cadet Protection Program Training (sponsor members and cadets who turn 18 must take this course)


MER Supplement to CAPR 52-16: includes parental permission policy (PDF)

Cadet Staff Handbook (PDF)

Great Start: New Cadet Orientation Program (PDF)

Parents Cheat Sheet to CAP: Care and Feeding of Your Cadet (PDF)

Parents Guide (PDF)

Drill PowerPoint Slides (Zipped)

Gorilla Guide to Looking Good in CAP Uniforms (PDF)

Training in Hot Environments (Word)

Test Inventory Logs (Excel)

Cadet Progression Worksheet (Excel)

Squadron Information Management System (SIMS) fact sheet (Word)

CPFT Score Cards (PDF)

Encampment Training Manual (PDF)

Awards and Reports Due Dates

Month Day Item From
JAN 1* CAP Academic Scholarship applications Squadron Wing
JAN 1* NCSA applications Squadron Wing
JAN 1* IACE applications Squadron Wing
JAN 1* Cadet of the Year nominations Squadron Wing
JAN 1* Cadet NCO of the Year nominations Squadron Wing
JAN 1* Sorensen Award (Cadet Programs Officer of the Year) nominations Squadron Wing
JAN 31 CAP Academic Scholarship applications Wing HQ CAP
JAN 31 IACE applications Wing HQ CAP
JAN 31 NCSA applications Wing HQ CAP
FEB 15 Cadet of the Year nominations Wing MER
MAR 1 Daedalian Flight Scholarship applications All HQ CAP
APR 15 AFA Award to Outstanding CAP Cadet All AFA
APR 15 AFSA Award to Cadet NCO of the Year All AFSA
JUL 1 Appointment of Wing CAC Reps. Squadron Wing
JUL 1 Appointment of Region CAC Reps. Wing MER
JUL 1 Award of Wing CAC Ribbons Wing Squadron
AUG 15 DDR End of Year Report Squadron Wing
AUG 15 DDR Initiatives Program application Squadron Wing
AUG 31 DDR End of Year Report Wing HQ CAP
SEP 1 DDR Initiatives Program application Wing HQ CAP
SEP 25 Civic Leadership Academy applications Squadron Wing
NOV 30

USAF Academy Prep School applications

* Due by the January wing Commander’s Call