The Bridegroom of Wisdom:

The Secret Testament of Solomon

Translated and Annotated by Sophia Solomon, PhD

Chapter One

1: In the beginning of my reign, I went to Gideon, to the high places there, where Moses had built the house of communion.
2: It was not the ark I sought, for that had been brough from Kiriath-jearim into Jerusalem, brought by David, who was my father. It was the alter of bronze for which I had come, built by Bezalel, son of Uri, son of Hur.
3: One thousand offerings did I make, one thousand burnt on the alter of HaShem.
4: In the night, when darkness cooled the air, HaShem appeared, and He said to me “Ask, what shall I manifest to you?
5: And I said to the Name Ineffible, “You have been kind to my father, and me in my time. Let Chokmah and be my companion, bring me into Da’ath, that I might go forth and rule with justice, over a people beyond earthly judgment.”
6: And these were the words of G-d, in the high-place at Gideon:
7: Because you asked for the true desire of your self, and not for fleeting fancies of man, you have asked for true knowledge, for Wisdom for yourself, that you might judge My people, over whom I made you king,
8: Because of this I give Wisdom to you, and Knowledge, I will give you also riches, and wealth, and honor, such as no king before you has had, and as none after you will receive.1
9: And Wisdom came down, and dwelt with me, as a newly wed bride in her husband’s bed. And Wisdom taught me to know her, and I belonged to my beloved, and she was of me. This is what Wisdom taught:
10: Before the beginning of existence, I was at the hand of G-d, I was created, everlasting, from the time before my time, before the earth was created, before angel or djinni, or man. Before the depths were formed, before the wells of nothing spilled forth the created all, I was there. Before the mountains rose like violence, nor the hills like sweet breasts were brought forth, I was.
11: When G-d prepared the heavens, I was there, and when light took form and shape and wing , and sung His praise, I was there, and I heard. When the great fires were forged, and the Sun and Stars were set to motion; when YBLSh2, the streaming fire, and the rest strode forth smokeless from the flames, I was there. When he established the sky, and the waters below, I was at His side.
12: When he commanded the sea, that the waters might not pass Him by, when He appointed the foundations and the earth. Through all this I was with Him, as a lover by His side, and daily He delighted in me.
13: When he created man, and the sons of men, I was there, and these children were my delight and my sorrow. The lights3 encircled men, and grew within you, and you were their children. The fire of the LORD4 blew through you, and betwixt you, and would not bow down before you. In joy and freedom did the fires fly, and taught you and set before you wise instructions and freedom.
14: Wisdom spoke the names of the lights, each according to its function. She told the names of the flames, each according to its desire.


1 These chapters are almost identical in content to Second Kings, 1:1-6 2 The word is unknown in Torah, but might be a contraction of ybl (a stream or waterway) and esh (fire). Similarities to the Koranic demon Eblis, leader of the djinn rebellion, must be noted, although the likeliest pronunciation is yaw-blash. 3 The Zohar equates these lights with the angelic chorus formed in chapter *. 4 Some sufi sources, including Hassan al Muqhab, point to this as a Hebrew revelation of the djinn.