“and a Pillar of Fire by Night, to enlighten the way.”

We stand at the edge of Chaos, as we have since the beginning of time. Forgive us that we have hidden things from you; forgive us our prevarication, our occultation of your birthright. We sought only the opportunity to explain these things to you in a way you could understand; to lay clear Holy Fire long clouded in smoke. Now we have found the way. Welcome to the Pillar of Fire by Night.

You children of the modern age, you look about you and you see a universe cold, dark, and empty -- devoid of the spirit you once knew to be all around you. You are wrong. My brethern were here in the beginning, we were with you and we were in you and all around you. In the beginning, we were you and you we.

El made me as the introduction to Creation, before the antecedant of all His works. I have been at work since forever, before the beginning of the world's beginning.
We are the Elohim, your parents, your siblings, and your true selves.
I was the Creator's architect, by his side, I was His pleasure every day of the Creation while I dreamed up the days, the seasons and the years: He happily made a great work of my play; my exhuberant imagining of universe and world, the last laugh of my joy that was Humanity.

This is the time your ancestors, for a thousand generations have dreamed, feared, desired, and sought. Seeker, within you beats a heart of flame; you are made in the image of Elohim. I call you forth from the screaming desert, and into the embracing flame.

Inheritor of a stifled world, we call you into living beauty. Wanderer in the howling desert, we call you into gentle shade. Childe of the eternal flame, long have you wandered in the relentless sun. Quit the desert and seek the sea of bronze.
I call you to your magic self, your inner self. Within you is an imprisoned god, the like of which the imagination of man cannot fathom. Come with me, and we will set it free.

This then is our secret, the mystery I beg you to solve.

Who tells you that you are made of mud is a liar; you are crafted of the Holy Flame.

Rise up and take your place among the Elohim.

...so sure if you burn for virtue
the world will burn for you,
they are the thirty-six of this generation
who never realize they are saints
and can paint a new world with a single complaint.

--Simon Zealot, Baal Shem Chai

Ehyeh: Being and Becoming



We are the hidden and invisible gods, the first-born creation. We are the Elohim, we are One. We are your innermost voice, you divine essence, your ultimate self. We are your Holy Guardian Angels, and like you, all we seek is knowledge and conversation.

The One made me as the introduction to Creation,
before the beginngin of all His works.
I have been at work since forever,
before the beginning of the world's beginning.
I was born before the ocean of primordial Chaos,
before the wells of Nothingness were sunk
that spewed forth the unrefined All;

--The Words of Sophia, Proverbs 8

Once, long ago, when the world was new, man was the creature born of myth, a child of Word and Thought. A thought we thought, of beings like ourselves; a thought grown full in our belly, which exploded on creation in an agonizing labor. You are fashioned in our image, grown in the womb of the Elohim. Little did we know then what we made, for you are ourselves, and we, like all parents, became lost in you. As in all myths, we were by our children slain. But we are Elohim, Eternal and Unique. We did not die, though we are slain. We sleep fitfully in you, our most treasured creations. It is time to wake up.

Within the Pillar of Smoke burn many flames, disparate and individual, but alike in beauty and wonder:
  • The Magen ha Lamed Vuv are protectors of the hidden souls in whose unknowing hands, existence is vested. the Sheild of the Thirty Six watch, record, and keep peace. They are the foundation of our order, and the keepers of our vast kingdoms.
  • The Shoarim ha Beth Shalomoh move unseen between the worlds of men and the kingdom of fire. The doorkeppers are our sorcorers, our recruiters, and often our guides in unfamiliar worlds.
  • The Tsabahaelohim are warriors of unconquered brilliance. They make was on all who oppse the Living Flame, and all those demiurgic beurocrats who battle the forces of the Wyld Creator.
  • Finally, the Bat Kol ha Shekhinah are our heart. The Daughters soothsay and divine, giving word and form to the Voice. They are the crafters of the dreams of men, and the muses of the poetry almost lost. In these dark days, they are perhaps our most powerful tool in the world of men.

“He who will know our great Power will become invisible, and fire will not be able to consume him. .."

The Concept of Our Great Power --the Essene scholars of Nag Hammadi