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1820, "temper" (usually in a hostile sense), from L. animus "soul, mind, courage, desire," related to anima "living being, soul, mind, disposition, passion, courage, anger, spirit, feeling," from PIE base *ane- "to blow, to breathe" (cf. Gk. anemos "wind," Skt. aniti "breathes," O.Ir. anal, Welsh anadl "breath," O.Ir. animm "soul," Goth. uzanan "to exhale," O.N. anda "to breathe," O.E. ešian "to breathe," O.C.S. vonja "smell, breath," Arm. anjn "soul"). It has no plural. As a term in Jungian psychology for the masc. component of a fem. personality, it dates from 1923.