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Chris Deschene is the embodiment of Arizona's hardworking spirit. He grew up on the Navajo Nation and worked summers at his grandmother's farm without running water or electricity. Even though he went to a high school where expectations were low for him, when his high school guidance counselor suggested he take wood shop, Chris took chemistry, biology and advanced mathematics and earned his way into the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He served 10 years with the U.S. Marines as an infantry and special forces reconnaissance unit leader, and rose to the rank of Major. After returning to his home state, Chris simultaneously earned a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a law degree from Arizona State University.

Now as a state legislator, lawyer, engineer, and father of two, Representative Chris Deschene is running for Arizona Secretary of State. As we choose our second highest elected official, Arizona deserves a strong leader with a proven track record and a Chief Elections Officer committed to protecting the right of all Arizonans to have their voices heard on Election Day. If we want to move our state in the right direction, we need leaders who share our values and can make us proud again.

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