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Above (L. to R.) Category B grant projects in North Hero, Greensboro and Eden.

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Better Backroads:  Clean Water You Can Afford

The Better Backroads program has been working with towns, planning commissions, nonprofits, and lake and watershed groups to correct road-related erosion problems to save towns money on road maintenance and improve water quality since 1997. The Better Backroads program is a collaborative effort that promotes erosion control techniques and practices through technical and financial assistance. So far, 324 grants have been awarded to 154 towns and organizations. Two types of grants are offered:

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Category A: Erosion inventory and capital budget planning (PDF 57 KB)

Maximum award: $4000, 25% cash or in-kind local match required. “Category A” grants offer towns and organizations a proactive approach to addressing road-related erosion problems through planning. These grants require that an area (town, watershed, etc.) first be inventoried for road-related erosion problems (inadequate or damaged culverts, eroding road shoulders, culverts in need of a header, etc.). Once inventoried, erosion problems must be assessed for cost-effectiveness and prioritized. This priority list may then be incorporated into a capital budget plan so that each problem area can be systematically corrected over a number of years. Your grant project may be a variation of this idea, as long as the end result is budget planning for correction of existing erosion problems. Please contact the Northern Vermont RC&D for sample Category A projects.

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Category B: Correction of an existing erosion problem  (PDF 57 KB)                                                                   

Maximum award: $10,000, 25% cash or in-kind local match required.                                 Orwell culvert outlet

“Category B” grants are offered to towns and organization to fix locations of ongoing and persistent erosion. Examples of past projects include installing stone or grass lined ditches,  installing, replacing or upgrading culverts, lakeshore or streambank stabilization and backslope stabilization.  Projects must apply the techniques and methods outlined in the Better Backroads Manual and show how they will have a positive effect on water quality.



 Picture in Stowe                             

Please take advantage of on-site technical assistance, which is available

free of charge. 

There is one field technician dedicated to assisting towns with road erosion issues, and members of the Better Backroads Steering Committee are also available to assist towns with road issues in their area of expertise.  Assistance is available to help identify solutions to road erosion problems, develop and plan projects and get through the required paperwork.  Give us a call! 






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