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Posted on November 15, 2008 8:00 AM by Joel Comm

What would you say if I told you that you can boost your profits by typing just 140 characters? (That's about the length of this paragraph.)

If you're smart, you might say "Which ones?"

If you're really smart though, you'd say "I know."

That's because the power of Twitter isn't a secret any more. CEOs are using it. Bloggers are using it. Marketers are using it. Everyone's using it (including me) and not only are we having a ball, we're making money too.

We might not be getting paid for ads in our tweets -- the little 140-character messages people on Twitter send. And writing a sales message in 140 characters is neither easy nor a good idea.

But Twitter is having a huge impact on users, communities, teams and customers.

The idea is very simple. You get a tiny amount of space to announce what you're doing now. Anyone can read it and you can update it as many times as you want. People can also reply to your tweets and there are all sorts of apps and add-ons that make the whole process very easy. You can even tweet from your mobile phone.

And it turns out that you can do a surprising amount with such a little post.

The most obvious thing to do is to let people know that you've uploaded a new blog post. Twitter does let you include links, so each time you add new content, you could let your followers on Twitter know. That should bring you a burst of targeted extra traffic.

You can also use it for idea generation. Because people can answer your tweets, you can ask questions and get tons of useful replies. Ask people what they want to read about in the next few weeks, for example, and you could give yourself blogging ideas to last you a month.

But where Twitter really makes a difference is in its ability to bring people together. The constant twittering really does make people on Twitter feel that they know each other. People become helpful and friendly. They answer questions, offer advice and chat freely.

Suddenly complete strangers in different parts of the world start to act like a real community of friends.

It's an amazing thing, and when that community includes the people who love your site or help you to build it, you can imagine what an effect Twitter can have on your productivity.

If you're not using Twitter yet, you should be.

Download my free twitter report to get started right away.

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8 Comments For This Post

  1. SharonLD Says:

    If it wasn't for Twitter I wouldn't be HERE :)

  2. Carol Deckert Says:

    Joel, you are so right in everything you say. But you know, it all comes back to the very same, primary issues - people do business with people they know, like and trust. Twitter provides a great way to get to know people, learn more about their personal life by following what they are up to, and of course, reading their blog posts. Twitter is, in my personal opinion, the best networking tool ever created!

    Happy Netweaving,
    Carol Deckert

  3. David King Says:

    I know there is marketing in twitter... i'm just trying to figure it out still!

    it's a process like everything.

    I will get quite a few twitter followers soon though!

    I know that twitter is generating traffic to my blog... and I like it!

  4. Campbell Says:

    Twitter forces the issue of "get to the point". Makes you think more concisely and get rid of the TMI (too much information) Love it!

  5. Kevin Puls Says:

    I use Twitter to let followers & readers of my Facebook profile know my thoughts if I came across an interesting article that I like to share.

    I'll shrink it down to a "tinyurl" so as to save space for more text.

    We especially tweet when there is a new story posted to out blog on our first, original site. The site has been up for six weeks and we have five stories.

    Using Twitter is a great resource to have. It makes one think in short, concise sentences.



  6. Shannon D. Denniston Says:

    Twitter has already been responsible for generating new sales at (I am the creator of the Income Buddy Mailing List Service). People like seeing who is active online, making things happen instead of standing by the sidelines watching. If you want action in your business, follow people who generate action in their own business and do what they do to attract response.

    Expect Success,
    Shannon D. Denniston, Creator
    Income Buddy Marketing System

    Launching Soon... First-to-Market
    Fractional Real Estate Ownership

  7. Play Games Win Prizes Says:

    I still don't understand Twitter. It's hip and I see everyone using it including seeing Twitter links on TV. My opinion is that it's just reliable to get a quick message across and the accessibility of it is very very good. People can pretty much use it anywhere without lag or problems.


  8. Free Investment Advice Says:

    Well, it just strikes me that people are so info hungry and such natural followers. Twitter is such a deceptively simple concept but it uses the need for people to want to be 'in-the-loop' to full advantage.

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