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This feed has been established to help us inform as many people as possible when civil defence emergencies occur.
Click here for more information.

Many householders not prepared for natural disasters
See Statistics NZ General Social Survey 2008 information released this week.

New CDEM sector vacancy listed

Exercise Tangaroa
Exercise Tangaroa is a national, multi-agency exercise that will be held on 20 October 2010. The exercise will focus on the national response to a distant source tsunami event.
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Download the latest newletter (PDF 500kB)

Tsunami Advisory and Warning Plan
This plan describes the procedures to receive, assess and disseminate tsunami notifications at the national level. The plan has been extensively revised. Click here to download the revised version.

E-Sponder selected for EMIS project
E-Sponder has been selected to supply an electronic emergency management information system (EMIS) for use in the National Crisis Management Centre and by civil defence authorities.
Download more information (PDF)

Competency Framework: New role maps now online
Final versions of the Public Information Manager and Recovery Manager roles maps are now available for download.
Role maps for Lifeline Utility Coordinators and Controllers are also available for consultation, with feedback closing 26 February.

Latest influenza information
The Ministry of Health is the lead agaency for New Zealand's response to a pandemic outbreak. Visit for the latest information on the current influenza pandemic.

Preparing for emergencies
Two videos have been produced by Canterbury Civil Defence outlining how you can easily prepare emergency food and water supplies for your family.

Preparing food
Nutritionist Bronwen King provides helpful advice for ensuring you always have enough suitable food at home for emergencies. (Link to external site)

More information about preparing a household emergency checklist

Preparing water
We can live without food for a few days but we cannot live without water. Dr Alistair Humphrey, Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, provides tips and advice to make storing water easy. (Link to external site)

More information about storing water
More information about preparing a household emergency checklist