Lineage data of the 32nd Wolfhounds

32nd Pursuit Squadron (interceptor)22 December 1939Constituted
 1 February 1940Activated
32nd Fighter Squadron15 May 1942Redesignated
32nd Fighter Squadron (Single Engine)10 February 1944Redesignated
32nd Fighter Squadron (Twin Engine)13 January 1945Redesignated
 15 October 1946Inactivated
32nd Fighter Day Squadron9 May 1955Redesignated
 8 September 1955Activated
32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron8 July 1958Redesignated
32nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron8 July 1959Redesignated
32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron1 July 1969Redesignated
32nd Fighter Squadron1 November 1991Redesignated
32nd Air Operations Squadron1 July 1994Redesignated
 1 November 2005Inactivated