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Allen Steve
Arden, Elizabeth
Armstrong, Louis
Arnaz, Desi
Autry, Gene
Ball, Lucille 1/12/98
The Beatles
Black, Hugo 2/25/00 
Brecht, Bertolt 9/30/99
Chavez, Cesar and United Farm Workers 7/9/99 
Darrow, Clarence 10/29/99
Dies, Martin 1/28/00
Donovan, William J. 8/31/99
DuBois, W. E. B. 8/31/99
Einstein, Albert 1/28/00
Fard, Wallace D 6/3/98 
Ford, Henry 12/17/99
Jackson, Michael Joseph -- 333
Kennedy, John F., Jr. 8/17/00
Kennedy, Joseph P. 11/30/99
Kennedy, Robert F. 8/31/99
King, Martin Luther, Jr. 01/15/04
Lennon, John 6/3/98
Levison, Stanley 10/29/99 
Lewis, John L. 11/30/99
Lindbergh, Charles  11/30/99
Little, Malcolm X 11/30/99
Marcantonio, Vito 1/28/00
Marshall, Thurgood 6/3/98
McCarthy, Joseph 1/28/00
Monroe, Marilyn 2/15/01
Muhammad, Elijah 10/29/99 
Onassis, Aristotle 1/28/00
Presley, Elvis 7/24/97 
Purvis, Melvin 10/29/99 
Robeson, Paul and Eslanda 6/3/98
Robinson, Jackie 7/24/97
Rogers, Will 6/3/98
Roosevelt, Eleanor 4/28/00 
Rudolph, Arthur 12/17/99
Rukeyser, Muriel 2/25/00
Sinatra, Frank 4/18/01 
Anna Nicole Smith (a.k.a. Vickie Lynn Marshall; a.k.a. Vickie Lynn Smith) -- 147 pages
Spellman, Francis Cardinal 6/3/98
Steinbeck, John 9/30/99 
Von Braun, Wernher 7/30/99
Wilkins, Roy 1/28/00
Winchell, Walter 7/30/99 
Windsor, Duke and Duchess 12/9/02
Wright, Richard Nathaniel 12/17/99
Zwillman, Abner "Longie" 4/28/00