WELCOME! Thank you for visiting me on my website. Many of you may remember me, some may have heard of me and, others will know me very well. For those of you who do not know or do not remember, I appeared in twenty six motion pictures including the Academy Award Winners, “The Apartment” and “On The Waterfront” and the Las Vegas International Film Festival winner, “Gina & Me”. I also made hundreds of television appearances including guest starring in the recurring role of “Lt. Carl Reese” with Raymond Burr on the ‘Ironside’ Television series for six years and, with Jessica Walter on ‘Amy Prentiss’ for one year.

I was born in the Bayridge section of Brooklyn, New York of Italian parents, Marie & John Fetto. I had no brothers but I did have five wonderful sisters: Lillian, Terry, Connie, Dolores & Jean. I was a member of the Boy Scouts of America, one merit badge shy of becoming an Eagle Scout, and was a boy soprano until the age of 14. The voice got much heavier so I turned my interest away from singing and toward acting. I graduated from Lafayette High School in Brooklin in the summer of 1943 and then served two and a half years in the Army during the second World War with the 187th Gun Battalion and also appeared in USO shows while in service in the Phillippines.

I met a girl, Edith Patricia Piselli. I knew this was my soul mate so I married her on October 8, 1949 before she could get away. We had two wonderful children, John Anthony, an attorney in Oakland and Laura Michelle, a Flight Attendant with Delta Airlines. I worked in New York doing plays and live television. Those were really exciting days because in television, you couldn’t afford to make a mistake. There were no retakes in live television.

In 1958, Universal Studios brought me out to Hollywood to do four television shows, ‘Mike Hammer’, with Darren McGavin. I finished the shows and went back to New York and did ‘The Last Mile’ with Mickey Rooney, and guest starred in the first ‘Naked City’ television show with James Franciscus. I was fortunate enough to get great reviews not only for ‘The Last Mile’ but, also for ‘Naked City'. So the following year, 1959, Universal Studios brought me out to Hollywood to do another six shows. Meanwhile I had written my first play, ‘Salvage’ and my first two television shows, ‘El Gato’ and ‘The Leprechaun & His Friends’. This time in 1959, when I came out to Hollywood, I kept going from one show to the other. Edith & my two children were now living in our home in Wantaugh, Long Island. I called her and said if she ever wanted us to be together again, she should put the house up for sale, pack up the kids and join me in Hollywood. That’s what she did and in 1959 I did 45 Television shows and two pictures, ‘Guns of the Timberland’ with Alan Ladd & Gilbert Roland, and 'The Apartment’, with Jack Lemmon & Shirley MacClaine. The rest is History. Life has been good and I can afford to do all the things I enjoy like, Gardening, Golf and all kinds of fishing, ocean, lake and especially fly fishing.  
Now I would like to make you an offer you cannot refuse. If you desire, you can order an autographed picture, personally signed by me, with me along with the greats like, Jack Lemmon, Billy Wilder, Mickey Rooney, Phil Silvers and me alone, on the set or in a straight shot. Sorry, the other fellows did not affix their signatures to these photos.
You might also want to order an audio cassette of me professing a lost love, “Scotch On The Rocks, A Dash of Soda and a Lemon Twist Please”. When a woman listens to this tape, she will bet her life’s savings that I am talking especially to her. Or, if you’re interested in something educational, “What’s In A Name” might be perfect for you. Thirteen famous names on one tape. I feed you hints as to who they are but, do not tell you the name until the last second. A tape that is fun, as well as being informative.
  Then you might be interested in my 26 minute video film on VHS, “Gina & Me”, which won the Las Vegas International Film Festival Award in 1980. It comes with an autographed color photo on the box as well as a copy of the award.

Lastly, but certainly not least, available for sale are, Academy Award nominated screenplays. I have not written any of them, nor do I appear in any of them.

Click the links to find your pleasure. Enjoy your buying spree and have a great day.


Johnny Seven

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