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MTV Philippines channel to cease airing starting February 16

MTV Philippines has been displaying this ticker since yesterday:
“This channel (MTV Philippines) will cease airing starting Feb 16, 2010. Further updates to be announced at a later date”

The network’s official twitter account confirmed the news yesterday:

*The network originally started broadcasting on January 2001. In 1992, MTV Asia started broadcasting in the Philippines thru STAR. From October 1996 to December 2001, MTV Asia was being broadcasted on Studio 23. The network was relaunched in March 2007 by All Youth Channels, Inc. (headed by Francis Lumen).

There is some speculation that MTV Asia will replace the channel when it ceases airing next week (I hope it’s true). Let’s just wait for further details.

RIP MTV Philippines


MYX and Channel [V] nalang ang natitira.

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