The Size of the Treasure
  Over six years of work resulted in a massive amount of material. It was kept in over 4000 buckets, 1000 storage boxes and 20 large trash cans. These filled 10 storage units to capacity! Transporting it to the Processing facility required Seven Double Tractor-Trailer trucks, One 26 foot U-Haul Truck and One 15-Passenger Cargo Van. THE TOTAL WEIGHT EXCEEDED 525,000 POUNDS!

One of the Ten Storage Units Filled to Capacity


Piles of Unsorted Material (above and below)
Notice the Shaking/Sorting Machine in the Background.

The Sorted Material

Fine Material

The Small/Medium-Sized Material Before Washing

The Larger Material before Washing


The Trommel Machine Used for Washing the Stones


The Beautiful Stones After Washing

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