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Quick reads are bite-sized books by bestselling writers and celebrities. They're ideal for regular readers wanting a short, fast read, and for those who have lost the reading habit or find reading tough.

On World Book Day 10 new books are being released. BBC raw brings you exclusive recordings of the first chapters and you can also download and preview the first chapters now. Books are available to buy, but don't forget to try your local library or workplace for copies to borrow for free.

  1. Buster Fleabags - book cover Buster Fleabags
    by Rolf Harris
  2. Last Night Another Soldier... - book cover Last Night Another Soldier...
    by Andy McNab
  3. Doctor Who: Code of the Krillitanes - book cover Doctor Who:
    Code of the Krillitanes
    by Justin Richards
  4. Hello Mum - book cover Hello Mum
    by Bernardine Evaristo
  5. Life's Too Short: True Stories of Life at Work - book cover Life's Too Short:
    True Stories of Life at Work
    Foreword by Val McDermid
  6. Money Magic - book cover Money Magic by Alvin Hall
  7. The Perfect Holiday - book cover The Perfect Holiday
    by Cathy Kelly
  8. The Perfect Murder - book cover The Perfect Murder
    by Peter James
  9. Traitors of the Tower - book cover Traitors of the Tower
    by Alison Weir
  10. We Won the Lottery! - book cover We Won the Lottery!
    by Danny Buckland

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