The Ancient World


Stairway To Nowhere

Though this book could fairly be placed in Underground Literature for its poetic and Jewish mystical content, this seemed on balance the best location. It contains translations of the poetic books of the Bible (Job, Song of Solomon &c.) and Faces of God, the classic study of the survival of Canaanite mythology in the writings of the the Hebrew prophets. A book of great interest to those concerned with the history, or the future, of Judaism.


Junkyard of the Classics

contains revised versions of two previously published books, Gaius Valerius Catullus' Complete Poetic Works (published by Spring Publications) and The Rotting Goddess (published by Autonomedia). The Catullus has been pared down to the best poems, and the Rotting Goddess re-written in popular, non-academic style without sacrificing content in either case. Also included are the infamous Priapus poem of Tibullus, and the classic A Psychic Geography of Masochism.

Isle of Fire Volume Five: The Book of What's In Hell:

definitive guidebook to the world of the dead:
"Let's Go" to Hell!

Isle of Fire Volume One:


The tour of the Egyptian further world in English and Hieroglyphics including the complete late Egyptian Contendings of Horus and Seth, the rudest and most amusing text to survive.


Buried Angels

Yakov Rabinovich: Discovery of the art of the earliest Christians, the "Ebionite" church of James, recovery of a passage from the "Q" Document.


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