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Research shows that most teenagers place a high value on having a good marriage and family life. But far fewer expect these outcomes for themselves.

The nationally recognized, nonprofit Dibble Institute helps put the odds in their favor.

We offer educational programs that teach how to build healthy personal relationships – with friends, romantic connections, and ultimately marriage partners. Teens learn how relationships work, as well as skills of communication, self awareness, conflict management, and much more.

Most important, Dibble materials have proven effective in schools and community settings nationwide. All content reflects current research and best teaching practices, without religious or political bias.


Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships:
Understanding Character and Consequences
A curriculum for health classes

By Charlene Kamper

New! Dating Smarts

Love U2 - Dating Smarts Practical dating skills for teens.
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New! Love Notes
Love NotesMaking a Love Connection for young adults and young parents. Getting real about romance, for at-risk youth.

Why buy the coeNEW! Why Buy the Cow?
(when you can get the milk for free!)


Myths & facts about cohabitation, based on research from the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University.

Connections - The Dibble Institute
Now with PREP ®:
• Connections Dating & Emotions
• Connections: Relationships & Marriage
Practical skills for success in dating relationships and in preparing for marriage.
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30 More Teaching Tools
Courses, activities, games, DVDs, books and more from numerous publishers.
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