McKinney Grills Rumsfeld

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aarozonaJuly 22, 2006Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney grills Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the Pentagon's missing trillions, Dyn...

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  • canaan1967 "Enhanced our ability to respond" Fucking liar 3 days ago
  • poetryselite Wow... interestin... McKinney posed the most penetratin questions, yet the irony in no one not knowin the answers off the top is what gives me pause. I mean why would matters as great as these need to be researched if this is what these people are in position to know??? It's like they didn't want the truth to be broadcasted, therefore, they eluded to them researchin the info later and givin McKinney the answer to her questions. Hmm. 3 days ago
  • TheHipHopSpot this is fucking sicking, even when you slap people in the face with how the government is rapeing us they still dont care 5 days ago
  • sandythebear 9/11 inside job give me a fucking break 5 days ago
  • TheHipHopSpot @sandythebear ya just like the gulf of tonkin incident 5 days ago
  • pedro270569 rumsfeld should be executed as a war criminal and traitor he is 1 week ago
  • oldjoe5 Rumsfeld exposed as the low life child that he is 1 week ago
  • pwnurnoobazz Half the commenters here probably don't actually know who Rumsfeld, just trying to make themselves seem slightly intelligent. 2 weeks ago
  • FOIIAD funny to think that palin got more votes than her
    2 weeks ago
  • chinaownsusa fuck this!! they should shoot this republican prick!!!! 3 weeks ago
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