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Note that most of the D-Bus API descriptions in this wiki are only relevant for 3.x versions of BlueZ. Right now the best reference for the 4.x API is doc/*-api.txt and the python test scripts that come with the source

Specific DistributionDiscussion should be held on their specific pages/mailing list.


This section contains mainly things relevant for people developing BlueZ or applications which use the BlueZ D-Bus interface.

BlueZ D-Bus API description and examples

  • Architecture: BlueZ D-Bus architecture overview
  • Security: Passkey/Authorization agent registration
  • Manager: Default adapter management and service listing/activation
  • Adapter: Adapter properties setup and remote information
  • Database: Service record registration, authorization requests and external service registration
  • Services: Profile implementations using the Service framework
    • Audio: HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP profiles
    • Input: HID and "fake input" devices
    • Network: PAN servers and connection management.
    • Transfer: OBEX Object Push, OBEX File Transfer
    • Serial: Serial Port service


Google Summer of Code

  • PulseIntegration: Integration of audio service with pulseaudio (João Paulo Rechi Vita)
  • bluez-python: High level python binding to bluez.(Li Dongyang)
  • PBAP?: Phonebook Client (PCE). (Larry de Oliveira Lira Junior)
  • HFPEmulation?: Handsfree profile emulation. (Firas Assaad)
  • BIP: Basic image profile support. (Tadas Dailyda)
  • GSoCAPP2009: Google summer of code application.
  • GSoCTemplate: Google summer of code application template.
  • GSoC2009: Google summer of code proposals for 2009.
  • GSoCApplicationGuidelines: Guidelines for GSoC Applications(for students).

BlueZ D-Bus Python API


BlueZ developer meeting notes

Other documents


Feel free to add information worth sharing, including things like:

  • Questions on the FAQ. Hopefully, someone will reply once for all and keep it distribution agnostic and current status + plans.
  • Service&Profiles and ExternalResources you can find on Bluetooth that could help either 'NewComers?' and Developers?.
  • The list of programs UsingBluez. You can also add relevant informations about them or host your project wiki here.