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From the Movies

The Gungans of Naboo are a proud warrior species with a generations-long tradition of warfare. They have adapted their unique organic technology to the defense of their underwater homes and their sacred lands. Though the Gungans have not warred amongst each other in ages, they still maintain an immense standing army. The Gungan Grand Army contributed to the cultural tensions between the amphibious species and the human colonists of the planet, the Naboo.

During the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo, the colonists and the Gungans had to put aside their differences to defend their beautiful planet. While the Naboo boarded their starfighters to take out the Trade Federation's orbital forces, the Gungan Grand Army engaged the battle droid army in the open plains.

Gungans employed a variety of muscle-powered weaponry to deliver a specialized payload to their targets. Using the plasmic energy found deep in Naboo's porous crust, the Gungans have crafted a spherical grenade-type weapon they call a "booma," or boomer. These grenades are either thrown by hand, sling, or catapult. When they hit their target, their protective shells burst, releasing the liquid-like plasma and a powerful electric shock.

In addition to their boomers, Gungans also carry spears and lances called electropoles. This polearms can be used as missile weapons, or can be used as contact weapons that deliver an electric jolt.

For defensive purposes, the Gungans have adapted their hydrostatic bubble technology to form hand-held personal shields. These ovoid frames project a defensive screen of shield energy capable of deflecting blaster bolts back at the firer.

From the Expanded Universe

Since the Gungans haven't been involved in war in ages, much of their weaponry is ornamental, or for security purposes. Despite the lack of aggression between the scattered Gungan communities, there still exist dangers in their underwater environs. Occasionally, fearsome sea creatures wander too close to the cities, and members of the Gungan Grand Army are called to deter the beasts.

Behind the Scenes

Industrial Light & Magic created the unusual Gungan energy balls using the Sabre digital compositing system. The same system was used to give the Gungan energy shield its characteristic glow, and illuminate the lightsaber blades of the Jedi.

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