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Dubai Police Chief insists al-Mabhouh was betrayed from within Hamas
Posted: 04-03-2010 , 15:58 GMT

Dahi KhalfanDubai Police Chief on Thursday said a Hamas member leaked travel information about Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh into Israel�s Mossad spy agency. Al-Mabhouh was murdered on Jan.19 in Dubai.


In an interview with Al Arabiya TV, to be aired Friday, Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan said "Had we known who he was, we would not have allowed him in to Dubai. We do allow officials from Hamas� political office, but not members involved in secretive work "

According to Khalfan, the culprits also made several mistakes that helped in identifying them like the way they were disguised. "For example, one of them was disguised as a tennis player and it was very obvious that he is not athletic at all and that he never played tennis in his entire life. It was also not logical that he spends hours on end in the hotel lobby with the tennis gear instead of going to play."


Mabhouh was betrayed from within, stressed Khalfan. "Someone from inside Hamas and who was close to him leaked information about his whereabouts to the Israel."


As for a Palestinian man detained in Dubai for alleged links to the case, Khalfan refused to give information about his political affiliation. "I personally do not care whether he is from Hamas or Fatah, but the U.A.E. is not a battlefield for warring factions."


The police chief denied reports that Qatar proposed to mediate between Dubai and Israel to resolve the problem. "I don't think the Qatari prince would ask for such a thing and I did not receive any instructions from the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid in this regard."



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