Kick Off a Major Success

From the "Rally in Barre" with over 100 Vermonters--to nine other campaign stops along the way--Deb kicked off her campaign for governor by showing Vermonters she will create jobs and end "business as usual" in Montpelier.

WCAX Poll: Markowitz leads Dubie

Secretary of State Deb Markowitz leads the Democratic field-- the only candidate to beat Republican Brian Dubie.

We're with Deb!

Farmers in Franklin County to small business owners in Burlington. Democrats, Progressives and Republicans.There are thousands of Vermonters across our state supporting Deb's campaign for Governor.  Click here to join them!

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Governor Kunin: "Deb has a New Vision for Vermont"

25 years ago I became Vermont's first female governor. I know now that we need a second.

Today, I'm endorsing Deb Markowitz for Governor.

Kick Off a Major Success
WCAX Poll: Markowitz leads Dubie
We're with Deb!
Governor Kunin: "Deb has a New Vision for Vermont"

Secretary of State Deb Markowitz offered her vision of a jobs and energy future for Vermont, recognizing that the closure of Vermont Yankee provides an opportunity to plan for growth in a cleaner, safer direction. Last month, Markowitz called on the legislature to hold a swift vote to close Vermont Yankee.

Taking $40-$80 out of Vermont families' paychecks shouldn't be on the table, neither should increases for small businesses; cites need for fresh ideas and pursuit of aggressive economic recovery plan

Get ready for an avalanche of political advertising that will cause more bitter partisan fights that further manipulate and divide our country. Hardworking, everyday American citizens will be outspent at every turn and face an uphill battle getting their views heard. No one will be able to compete against the deep pockets of corporations. And the very real danger is that elected officials will be more and more beholden to the corporations who put them into office, and will prioritize corporate interests over the concerns of their constituents.

“In 1985, I became Vermont's first female governor. I know now that we need a second,” Kunin said. “We need a new vision for Vermont. We need someone to look at the challenges we face with a fresh set of eyes. Someone that will listen to all sides, but also has the executive experience to implement tough decisions. We need a governor that will have the imagination to do things differently in Montpelier to improve our economy. That is why today, I'm endorsing Deb Markowitz for Governor.”

MONTPELIER—Secretary of State Deb Markowitz launched a media campaign today to highlight her track record in office and her unique brand of leadership as her campaign for governor continues to gain momentum. The video was released to campaign supporters by email and asks each of them to send the video on to other Vermonters as a sign of grassroots support.

Montpelier--Secretary of State Deb Markowitz announced Paul Tencher, a native New Englander and campaign veteran, will manage her campaign for governor. Markowitz said Tencher's experience at the state and federal level will be an asset to win the governorship and provide the quality leadership Vermont needs.

March 11, 2010

Vermonters, young and old, proudly displayed their support, Monday, for Secretary of State Deb Markowitz as she kicked off her campaign for Governor.

Her promise, she says, is to get Vermonters working again. Markowitz said one way to do that is by creating capital investment funds for businesses. She said the funds would ensure that businesses could get the loans they need to meet payroll, buy inventory, or invest in equipment.



March 11, 2010

Democratic Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz projected confidence while wooing voters in Bennington Tuesday, a day after officially kicking off her gubernatorial campaign in Barre.

March 11, 2010

"I am here to tell you today and to tell all Vermonters I want to be your governor," Markowitz said, quickly punctuating the declaration with her trademark smile. She spoke to 80 supporters in an overheated hall at the Barre Civic Center. "I am ready to lead this state, and together, with lots of energy, lots of smarts, lots of hard work and a little luck, we can jump-start Vermont, change Montpelier, grow jobs and build a strong future for our children."



March 11, 2010


Vowing to tackle partisan gridlock in Montpelier and get affordable high-speed Internet to all corners of Vermont, Secretary of State Deb Markowitz - one of five Democrats hoping to succeed Republican Gov. Jim Douglas - kicked off her gubernatorial campaign Monday.


March 11, 2010

Vermont Secretary of State Deb Markowitz kicked off her campaign for governor by telling supporters she's in it to win.In a noontime rally before a crowd of about 80 supporters in Barre, the 48-year-old Montpelier resident vowed to end what she calls political gridlock at the Statehouse and to bring high-speed Internet service to all corners of the state.

March 11, 2010

Whoever becomes Vermont's next Governor will inherit this financial crisis. But there is no shortage of candidates. Monday, one of the five Democrats running officially entered the race.

"I'm running for governor to get things done for Vermont," said Deb Markowitz.


March 11, 2010

Vermont Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz has recorded six consecutive electoral victories, but has high hopes seven is her lucky number.

Markowitz kicked off her official campaign for governor Monday in Barre before more than 80 supporters, vowing to "change the way we do business" in the Statehouse.

February 18, 2010
January 26, 2010

By DEB MARKOWITZ - Published: January 26, 2010

Vermont needs bold leadership now to secure our energy future – without Vermont Yankee. Our legislative leaders should vote now on the relicensing of Vermont Yankee. A vote now will enable a responsible transition for the plant employees and provide a safer, and more prosperous energy future for Vermont.

  • A Special Video from Deb about the Campaign Kick Off Rally

    On Monday at noon in Barre, I’ll officially announce that I am running for governor -- to create jobs and bring new energy to Montpelier. For the last couple of days, I’ve been working on an announcement speech to set the tone for the exciting campaign ahead -- and to present our vision for Vermont’s future. 

    We’ve got to get this state back on track with good jobs, a green energy future and schools that don’t leave any of our kids behind.  I am also going to talk about the important things -- family, community and the values we share as Vermonters.

  • WCAX Poll: Markowitz leads Dubie

    We always knew. Now, we have some numbers to prove it.

    Deb Markowitz is the best candidate to take on Republican Brian Dubie and make the changes we need in Montpelier.

    Last night, Burlington's CBS affiliate, WCAX released an independent poll showing that if the election were today, Deb would beat Brian Dubie by two points. The only other Democrat to come close to Dubie would lose by five points.


  • The Year in Review

    The results of this election and the future of Vermont depend on you.